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Road Trip To Death Valley

Last weekend Jeff and I hit the road early for a 
Road Trip to
Death Valley!

For us it had been one of those destinations
we had heard about for years
but never veered off  over the years
on our main drive to Mammoth Mountain.

We thought it would be an interesting drive 
for an over night stay at the Furnace Creek Inn.

Located in the heart of Death Valley
it is one of our great National Parks.
It's  so named because of the scorching summer heat.
Death Valley boasts the highest temperature ever recorded
in the history of the world
134 degrees.
But this time of year the temperatures are much more manageable.

I thought the desert would offer some fantastic backdrops
for the most recent ensemble I put together.

I found a beautiful high low maxi at Target in
The Who What Wear Collection
that was the perfect compliment to a kimono
I purchased last year.

I paired both with some new black pants and ankle boots 
also from Target.

It made for the perfect opportunity to 
pile on my necklaces and cuffs!

The scenery on the way out was spectacular
taking new roads into nature is always exhilarating!

One of my favorite parts of our 
Road Trips
is taking the long 
less traveled road
taking the time to poke around.

After a lifetime of
trying to get the most done in the least amount of time
the ability to have the luxury of time
is an exciting gift.

And definitely another gratitude of
an empty nest.

We stopped in a quaint history museum
to learn more about the area.

I packed a  new to me pair of  vintage cowboy boots
that a dear friend had gifted me
when they ended up too big for her.

Taking these boots out on the road
with my new dress
was part of the impetus for our chosen destination.

I very often put an outfit together
then try to find the perfect destination or occasion to where it.
For me outfits are compositions
that come to life
when worn.

And these vintage boots deserved an adventure 
off the beaten path.
They were literally the perfect 
real life grounding piece to my ensemble.

I was so happy with the styling addition of my sunglasses.
Pulling my hair loosely back under
 the hat
gave  perfect framing 
for these embellished glasses from ElseWhere Vintage in Orange California.

My antique basket used as a purse
was the perfect finishing touch!

We discovered Amargosa Cafe
about an hour and a half outside of our destination
located in Death Valley Junction.

Only recently reopened
it had all of the charm of the past ...

With a fresh new redo
that captured the best of the old and the new.

But it was Travis who was behind the counter
who brought such a friendliness and passion
for the area
that reminded me of the richness to be found in a life
slowed down.

We continued on our way
to our destination of 
Furnace Creek Inn
in Death Valley.

I will be back in my next post 
to share what a fantastic destination
Furnace Creek Inn
actually turned out to be!

I had not idea you could find historic luxury
tucked away in the middle of such an unforgiving desert!

And of course I will be sharing what I wore!

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Perfect, perfect outfit for this road trip--and elsewhere, I imagine.

  2. As always, an absolute delight to come along with you on your excursions! And the idea of the antique basket as a purse... Brilliant! xoxox, Brenda

  3. This brings back memories of driving through Death Valley way back in 1983 in a VW Campervan, though I was nowhere near as glam looking as you. Maybe next time , I am trying to convince John that its time for a revisit to the US, hope your gorgeous shots will do the trick.Glad to see you are enjoying the benefits of the empty nest.

  4. Funny. My husband and I was ten miles from death valley while driving through Nevada. My husband asked me if I want to see it. I said no because I had seen enough sage brush and sand. Lol. Glad you had a great time.

  5. Love seeing you in those autumnal colours

  6. Incredible trip. I cannot imagine this desert country, living in a busy town in Europe.... And you are like a model in The middle of this incredible viewing , rude, soy, sand, sun, desert.... I am really under charm of you, so well dressed and charming Into this area so wild. You are a beautiful woman full of fantaisy, I feel like in a adventure book. Sorry for my English (i am French) whaouh how lucky you are to live in California. Here its cold, raining, wet.....

  7. Breathtaking pictures, Tamera, and how fabulous is your outfit? Love the hat, jewels, sunglasses - every thing! Thanks for linking up, xox


  8. Fabulous post again Tamera: the backdrop, the outfit, those sunglasses and all of that wonderful jewellery. No-one would try to mimic you my lovely - you're unique! I love that you take us on a journey with each post, and every step is beautifully considered to deliver the best of the story. Thanks be to you!
    Anna x

  9. You really know how to team old with new clothes, fresh it up with accessoires and wear it at the
    right place

  10. I'm just loving this outfit!! (and the scenery photos throughout your blog, btw!- I used to live in San Diego back in the late 90s...and I still miss it!). Thanks for visiting my blog- yes we have a lot in common- homeschooling, same age and all! My wish is to be braver with fashion, you've given me great inspiration! oh - what a treasure trove of great ideas you've posted! I look forward to the adventure of each post!