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Easy Fall Decor Styling

Welcoming fall into my home
here in Southern California
is one of my favorite styling ventures!

It is so easy! 
Especially this year since I decided to leave in all of my blues and creams
just drop in natural elements.

I wanted to keep things clean and straight forward
with a nod to the changing season.
Especially since it's still quite warm  in SoCal.

My succulents are still going strong!

I am enjoying mornings in the garden 
while trying to add green tea to my mornings.

My tepee has only a few more weeks left
before it comes down for the winter season
but  some pumpkins out front 
says fall is here!

I'm still enjoying alfresco  breakfasts!

I added a few more pumpkins to our round table.

My tomatoes this season actually did great!

We have made great use of our home grown beauties to be sure!

My dahlias are still going strong!

As are my Stargazer hydrangeas.

This summer I actually finally finished  'mosaicing' my succulent wall!
It had been one of those projects that had just gone unfinished for so long!!

Inside the house
I added textiles for a cozier feel.

I added apples we picked  to my dining room centerpiece.

I once again used pumpkins in iron urns
on my mantle.

For the living room centerpiece
I used a vintage tray filled with candles and more apples.

I am so enjoying my simple fall flourishes!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Beautiful! I love your view of the mountain tops

  2. I love when you feature your beautiful and distinctive home. Thank you for giving me joy today!

  3. My goodness. It is so lovely and serene in Tamera's world. Your personality is always shining through.

  4. A delightful tour!!! Haven't been able to do much here so I'm enjoying your wonderful space. Thank you. xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful, thanks for sharing your delightful home and those stunning mountains in the background. xx

  6. Your simple but elegant touches are so inspiring! I love all of the pumpkins, and especially that centerpiece with the apples.

  7. I just love everything about your home....I'm always marveling at all the attention to detail. Honestly, I think your home could be on the cover of Architectural Digest. I have always wondered if the silver-colored door next to the fireplace leads to the outdoors or is it storage? Did you install it yourself?

    1. Catherine thank you for your kind words my dear! The silver-colored doors actually hide out entertainment system. And yes, my husband installed them … as I wanted to hide what was behind, so not to disrupt the visual calm I wanted to achieve. Thanks so much for asking dear!

  8. Wow! I just discovered your blog (I've been out of the loop for about a year!) Your backyard is simply amazing. I love tents, so love seeing how you staged it all. I am so inspired! ~Delores (Vignette Design)

  9. Your Fall decor is enchanting - what a beautiful and stylish way with pumpkins and apples. Beautiful!

  10. Tamera your home looks absolutely beautiful. So warm and cozy and with your unique artistic eye adding that very cool bohemian vibe. That tent! How fun.

  11. Very nice inspiration, beautiful decoration.

  12. Tamera, happy to see you enjoyed your trip to Death Valley. I am 68 and when I was 15 we lived in Panamint Springs on the Western side of townes pass that goes to death valley. My father worked in the State Road Yard at Panamint. During our stay there, we went to all the wonderful places you visited and enjoyed them thoroughly. We danced to washboard music on Saturday nights at Furnace Creek, visited Scotties Castle, we bottle antique digging in all the mountains and mines along the muntains. We even had two wild burrows. Althought I am definately a city girl, those are memories I will never forget.

  13. ahh- this is what I miss about living in San Diego- the weather!!! And- all the charming, wonderful, enchanting things you can do in a compact yard & garden! (sigh). Tamera, did you do the mosaic work on the fireplace surround? If I remember correctly, I saw another photo within your blog of your kitchen counters....mosaic as well? I love that look!! Thanks again for the inspiration!

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