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Laguna Beach Saturday At The French Basketeer's

It was another magical afternoon at
 Laguna Beach home
for her 
French Food Camp!

The table at Andrea's French Food Camp
 was set once again by the fabulous
And yes,
I was fan grilling all over her tabletop once again!

Mary had organic heirloom roses flown in from Northern California 
intermixed with dogwood branches and grapevines.

Which were the perfect accompaniment for 
the drool worthy 
Astierdevillatte dishes and glassware
which can be bought though Q Strret.
I am definitely making my starter list of pieces to collect!

I sat there for the longest time
just taking in here masterful tabletop composition.
Everything Mary does is pure artistry!

Including this utterly chic wrapped gift she had for me!
Every detail was done so perfectly
right down to the silver wax stamp on the back of the envelope!
It was almost too gorgeous to open!

But I did open it
to find these absolutely stunning linens inside!
They will most definitely be making into the decor 
of my daughter's upcoming wedding in May!
Thank you ever so much dearest Mary!

Besides the most perfectly adorned table
the French Baskeer 
once again brought her always A+ hostess game!

This time there was champagne tasting all afternoon!

And just look at this cheese spread! 
So remarkable!!

The coffee station with
the spring sunshine streaming in!

After lunch there were birthdays to be celebrated in 
French Basketeer fashion!
Which means not only cakes with the most amazing candles …

But a violin serenade as well!
Isn't Andrea an off the charts hostess!
Not only that
she is able to gather the most Amazing Guests!

So as I said before …
If you ever get a chance to attend 
You will be so glad you did!

If you want to see more of Andrea's 
fabulous gatherings you can go 
I have been recording each one of the magical events!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Stunning.
    I am speechless . . . and . . . pinning madly. Thank you ever so much for sharing this, Tamera.

  2. :-) Beautiful!
    So, so beautiful. I'm lost for words.
    Love your styling and the care you do it with - as always.
    Have a very HAPPY week, dear Tamera :-)

  3. You captured this exciting afternoon so beautifully Tamera (I PROMISE to pronounce your name correctly embarrassing!). Your gift from Mary was beyond special. She truly possesses this amazing artistry that only few have. God's gift! I always feel so fortunate to be with you all and I'm grateful for Andrea gathering together (in a way only she can) us together. Such talented people and I'm always in awe. You are one of these people xox

  4. What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon!


  5. An afternoon and evening I will always remember!!! I am so grateful for so many lovely guests.. and it would never be the same without La Belle was a magical gathering and I am so happy to have set the scene....much love!

  6. Your photos are breathtaking, as usual. I am amazed by your new succulent crown and the gathering that you attended. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!