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Sunset Cocktails On The Beach

I broke out my latest vintage hat for 
Sunset Cocktails this weekend!

I found this beautiful chapeau at a recent flea market
a fresh steaming brought it back to life!

I paired it with earrings I designed
new sunnies from Forever 21.

I was all packed for a trip to the beach to take in
a beautiful SoCal sunset.

This spot is my meditation.
It is my connection to a higher power.
It refreshes my soul
cleans my heart.

It is my exhale where I know everything 
will be alright.

So it was the perfect place for
sunset cocktails this weekend.

All I kept thinking …
How glorious is this.

 why don't we do this more often.

I brought our Michael Aram goblets
in a basket I always keep packed for just such occasions.

I wore my beloved Catherine Robinson wrap.
And the moments were so perfect.
The luxury of great cashmere at the beach
with wine and my husband
was just the soul pick me up I was yearning for.

After spending so much time lately
worrying  about so many things …

Taking the time
to just be grateful
for the beautiful life I do have
relish  being there in the spectacular view
filled my soul.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. A beautiful ritual, Tamera, an gorgeous outfit as well. You look serene and lovely; thanks for sharing, xo


  2. I agree, the beach is such a restorative place. Something about water and all that cleansing. I think any water feature can be good- rivers, lakes.......
    By the way, you have wings in these photos. Lovely.


  3. I have been spending a lot of time worrying too recently and I always bring myself back by feeling so grateful and remembering that it's such a privilege just to be here. I remember Paul Newman saying that once and I've never forgotten it.
    Thank you so much for 'showcasing' my gorgeous cashmere wrap so beautifully and with so much elegance, I really do appreciate it, Tamera. Sending you lots of love from London xx

  4. That last picture makes me want to move! It looks so inviting and yes a great place to leave your worries on the beach!

  5. Gorgeous pictures of a magical life, and I love how you portray it and enjoy it (and I know you lovingly work at it). When my children were getting older I didn't fret about them being on their own. I had done my work of raising them and truly, I relished the idea of being alone with my husband again and the special moments. It all fell apart soon after and what I miss most is holding somebody's hand. Happy to see your love through the lens. Thank you for sharing the beauty of it all. They are wonderful visualizations for my next go round with a wonderful relationship (fingers crossed).

  6. Viewing your photos is a meditation! What a great spot to get in touch with gratitude!

    Love your vintage hat! A little steaming is all it needed, and it tops off your outfit with perfection. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!