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Hello Gratitude

Hello to learning to focus on the good in life.

As someone who feels life deeply
I have come to realize we get more in life
of what we think of most.

So much of  our life can be affected
how we choose to see it.

One of the gifts of aging is
all of life is made up of peaks and valleys
happiness many times is an intentional act.

There are daily decisions to be made
to focus 
on the good and beautiful.

For me
Intentional Gratitude

I have long known I have a predisposition
to worry and anxiety
but I know now letting that be the driving force
of how I see my world
can suck the joy right out of life.

So I have over the last few years
taught myself
to focus on the beauty and the good in my life …

now I see and have so much more beauty 
in my world.

I have soul connecting times 
riding in nature
stumbling along the most beautiful sights.

I am ever so grateful to do this with friends.

My heart is so grateful to  also hike with friends
in such majestic areas of nature.

At this time in my life
my heart is full of love and gratitude
for great friendships
which add such a beautiful depth to life
make traveling life's peaks and valleys
a grand adventure.

My soul is always 
beyond grateful
for the privilege of being here.
For me
it's  always where I feel closest to God.

The sheer beauty that abounds.

I am ever so grateful that
I can integrate the beauty of our natural environment
into my home decor.

Sprinkling a little int the backyard …

I have brought it into my candle arrangement
that I light every morning with my coffee 
gratitude reflections.

I am grateful I have slowed down my life enough
to make health and nutrition a priority.

I am grateful for the time in the garden.
Trimming for me is a lot like sculpting
cutting back
to find the most beauty. 

One of my favorite recent moments was
sitting in my backyard
during a gentle rain
reveling in the gift from above.

I have found joy this week 
even in tidying and cleaning my house.
Being grateful all the while
for the joy of it all.

I have been stopped in my tracks this week
marveling in the beauty of the sun filtering in ...

just highlighting magnificently the beauty in 
a single bloom.

This is  all not to say my life is perfect …
but only
I have learned 
focusing on the beauty in life
gives me the courage
to continue on the journey
to the next peak.

Life takes courage and conviction
to make the very most of it all.

Intentional Gratitude
makes the travel
of life
all the more beautiful.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You always seem to know what my heart needs right at the moment. Life's been a bit crazy here, I so needed this reminder. Thank you, my beautiful, thoughtful friend.

    1. Aww, thank you my friend … for your gift of words! xoxo

  2. Beautiful and Inspirational
    Senior Style Bible

  3. We're really focusing on teaching an attitude of gratitude to our kiddos!

  4. Tamera, we seem to be on similar wavelengths lately. This post is why I feel such a connection with you. Your words here truly captured my own feelings today. Intentional gratitude. I embrace this wholeheartedly although being a natural worrier I must fight my old tendencies. One thing I'm so grateful for today is my physical health which is coming back to me. I forget the blessing of health until I lose it. ...
    I so appreciate reading your inspiring words.

  5. You know how they say there are no coincidences, well, your post is exactly what I needed to hear I love your phrase intentional gratitude. I need to learn to remind myself to focus on my blessings more and less on my worries. Your photos are beautiful.


  6. A beautiful, thoughtful post, Tamera, and what I needed to read today too. I know I have that natural tendency to worry or be anxious - my blog is part of an attempt to focus on the beautiful and rest my soul. Thank you for reminding me, so beautifully.
    PS - love a peek at your lovely crowns :) xxx

  7. Your words and photos offer inspiration! I agree that gratitude changes everything. Your images on nature and your home decor are equally beautiful!

  8. Loving the natural decorations and the captured light.
    You really touch my heart because I too am not a natural optimist but I know gratitude and play can really help change a mindset.
    All the best in your walk. Xo Jazzy Jack