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Late Summer Decor … and … Savoring The Beauty Of My Everyday

For me
One of the gifts of aging is learning to appreciate 
my everyday.

No longer do I feel the need to 
race to 
be more
do more
acquire more.

I have enough experience and wisdom 
to appreciate my everyday

Because I know my everyday
won't even  always be what it is today.

My youngest son
won't  always be returning from a very early shift at UPS
home for breakfast
before leaving for another day at college.
Making  his breakfast 
spending quality time in that hour
is an everyday event 
that I am now old enough and wise enough
to cherish.

I plan my days around this opportunity.

I am cognitive
of the blessing it is
that I can 
drive over and visit my parents.
I am ever so cognitive of time.

I am grateful
for my conversations with my girl
after her day at work
the luxury of spending time with her
in her new city.

I am happy for Friday night dates with my husband
 coming full circle 
to going out together once again.

I still have days where loneliness
my old life
as a full time mother
come thundering in.
So very often they seem out of the blue.
An aching and sadness
that can take my breath away
in an emptiness I never saw coming.

But I have learned
to stop
acknowledge the grief
let it runs its hard pounding  currents of grief through me
because I have learned by now
it will pass
denying it's existence
only expands it's visit.

I realize it is another grief
that can't be packed away
in a box to be checked
taken care of for good.

I have learned to make a place for grief
because sometimes it is in the darkness
we find new lights.

I try to encourage  griefs departure
by refocusing
on the good
in my everyday

To focus on gratitude
for even the flicking summer light and breeze.

I am savor time working in my gardens ...

how hopeful is planning and planting
for what is yet to be.

I am even savoring house chores
always so grateful
for this little house that  I cherish.

I had decided this week 
to take a week off from work
have some summer fun.
And every time
I thought I could go out and do …

I realized how much of a luxury 
it can be to stay home
be fully present 
in savoring my day to day.

Some days savoring 
the simple, slow aspects of my life
can be a truly beautiful thing.

And by doing so
I realize how much new  joy
I  can  get out of my  new everyday.

Taking the time to be present
makes me so very grateful
of my everyday
Just as it is.

The older I get
I realize
it is truly the small moments
that are the big moments.

It is truly savoring
time with family and friends
with no agenda or expectation
being together
where so much of my life's riches come.

it is often time alone that  is just as important
to reflect
be grateful
for my day to day.


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a beautiful human being you are ! I wish I had your wisdom and sense of what is important !

    1. Why thank you my dear! I so enjoyed your Normandy travels and visit with the racing horses! Thanks so for stopping by! xo

  2. A lovely and thoughtful post~

  3. So beautiful and serene. I feel like I just visited a spa. Oh the beautiful bumpy ride that is life......

    1. Thank you my dear for your sweet, sweet words! And oh yes … to the "Beautiful bumpy ride that is life"!

  4. A wonderful post, which brings a lump to my throat, Tamera. You put into words so many things which the less articulate me cannot do, and I thank you. The images of your home are a treat, but your wisdom, even more so.

    1. Thank you dear Patricia for your words. They touch my heart!! xo

  5. as always, some pictures absolutely wonderful.

  6. Your home is so lovely. There is serenity within those is the way that you have decorated I think. Choosing soft and natural colours and adding such simple and interesting extras...shells, driftwood, limes. It could be in a magazine or be in a coffee table book. Your wise words are icing on the cake!

    1. Thank you very much my dear! I do like my spaces to have a serenity and calm to them … a nice respite from life's business.
      i so appreciate your visit and your sweet, words! xo

  7. Thank you for being vulnerable. It is truly a thing of beauty even when the topic brings pain. There is Beauty in all of life. In gain and loss. I will remember and treasure your words. I too grieve daily my children gone but also grandchildren I so long to be with.

  8. Love this post and it makes me sad when you are sad. I wish we lived closer and could meet for a drink and a chat x

  9. I know exactly what you mean about savoring those moments--the breakfast with your youngest, the talks with your daughter, the visits with your parents. I think it's one of the blessings of our age that we can see the preciousness of these times. I feel similar about my time with my sons who are suddenly back home for the next semester. I'm taking a drawing class with my youngest and I've been able to get my oldest to go to an occasional yoga class with me. And I'm aware that this will probably be the last time we're all together under the same roof for awhile which makes it quite sweet. This was such a lovely post, Tamera thank you for the glimpses of your home too. The photos are so calming.

  10. A lovely post. I am a young vibrant 72 and see our days change and become so very different. The children grow up, the grand children grow up but we see the joy each stage brings us. The kids become companions. We learn and experience new adventures with one another. We must keep studying and trying new things. We ponder words like yours and challenge ourselves to remain vital. Love when you have a beautiful new entry!

  11. As always, your words and images have joined to add beauty to this world. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.