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LA Art District

I needed to make a run to LA 
for some design supplies on Sunday.
So as per our usual Jeff and I decided to go explore
a new to us area of the Art District.
It was the perfect outing for my new splurge
Celine sunglasses!

I also thought my new shirt 
by Fanny and Advanced Style
would be a fun piece to style an outfit around
for our little exploration in the Art District.
I was quite delighted how engaging the shirt
always ends up to be
with young and old alike!

We discovered the sweetest little coffee/cafe venue.
Both buildings had been built on a curve 
creating a most wonderful courtyard.

With great care being taken to protect 
a tiny mural.

The block on Industrial Road
even had an urban  herb garden done
by another little cafe.

In the Art District there is a lot of redevelopment
still underway 
so one block might be absolutely charming
another not so much at all.

The largest redevelopment on the block
is the old 
National Biscuit Company (Nabisco)
which has been turned into some fabulous lofts
with the notable
Church and State restaurant on the ground floor.

We came to the area in search of 
The Little Bear Cafe
for brunch.

My husband was compelled to try one of their 
signature hand crafted cocktails
the Naturalist
One must have a strong appreciation of rosemary to enjoy!

Across the street from Little Bear is a most charming 
upscale market with  enviably large cheese and meat departments.

Outside tables await customers of their
on site barbecuing.

Even the market has murals.
For those of you in SoCal
looking for fabulous walls
LA's Art District
has them in a myriad of colors and designs!

Even though it an advertisement
this is the mural  that resonates most with me!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Breathtaking beautiful pictures dear Tamera! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Finally the spring and beautiful sunny and warm days arrived here in Germany, so I can also enjoy to wear some nice spring outfits and enjoy to spend a lot of time outside in the sun... like you! :)

    have a wonderful time
    see you soon
    Dana :)

  2. LOVE everything about this post! Great job!

  3. What a beautiful post. You look fabulous, the sunglasses are to die for, and the area you visited looks like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. Wow Tamera, wonderfull post, pictures and outfit. I love this shirt. You look great!
    thanks for posting, best wishes, Tina

  5. what wonderful photos and what a great place that looks. So many interesting spots to explore. Love that billboard!
    Julie xx @bohomumma xx

  6. So jealous! I want to go for a visit on the weekend.
    I will have to find our art district...hmmm.
    Loving the curved walled courtyard! xo JJ

  7. Love the hat and statement necklace.