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Another Magical Laguna Beach Afternoon.

It was my favorite Saturday of the month once again!
An afternoon at 
I say it each time
but this culinary class was my most favorite ever!

That's because there is the most amazing collaboration 
going on now 
The French Basketeer 
Q Street
The  most magical pairing ever!

Mary of Q Street 
is a true artist
whose medium is florals and vignettes
with a specialty in doing  new and fresh every time.
I was looking forward all month to see what she what
art installation in the form of a table setting she was going to do.
I had high expectations
 I was still blown away!

It was her luxurious use of grapevine that took my breath away!
From meandering all through the tablescape
to being strung through the logia chandelier.

The colors and textures played perfectly together
creating the perfect balance of luxurious simplicity.

The table was set with  
Astier de Villatte
French ceramics
which you will soon be able to order from Mary.
I had to sit down 
truly experience the artistry of composition that is 
the signature of Q Street's work.
(If you want to see more of Mary's work she is qstreetqvale  on Instagram).

Mary wove her signature grey grograin ribbon throughout the tablescape.

Even the eggs that The French Basketeer's
are an art worthy capture.

Hailing from three of Andrea's favorite ranches
we were told to pick out three eggs
for an omllette we could customize
then Andrea showed us the insiders secrets
to cooking it perfectly.
She is truly a master
I must say good eggs make an amazing difference.

Oh just look at the truly artisan  bread that was there!

not only had their bread to be tasted and purchased
but  the owner as well.

I must say I was amazed by Jonnie
who is a gorgeous Laguna native
with an iconic boho style
an infection passion for the artistry she literally 
brings to the table.

I was able to purchase a gorgeous loaf …
but I just couldn't cut into this beauty!

Deserts abounded as per usual!
Always presented with such French flair!

This time Andrea even had wares to sell as well!
She knows as much as I absolutely adore her classes
the likelihood of me really cooking at home are slim.
That's why I was so excited to buy 
some of her syrups and vinegars.
I was missed out on the homemade lemon curd.
Next time I will be more on top of my shopping game!

I  was able to buy some of Q Street's organic roses and grapevine
ensuring I could bring home some of the magic of the afternoon.

Waking up the next day to these beauties
had me reliving the magical gathering once again ...

And has me knowing I just have to plant some grape vines 
for the foliage alone!
At almost a week out in water
they are still as fresh as the day they were cut
from Mary's mother's vine.
Yep …
that magical afternoon
had the most amazing story.

I still don't know if my words and pictures
can do this afternoon justice.
Every since I was young
 first heard of the gathering of artists
during the French Impressionists era
I have dreamt of being able to enter a gathering 
of artistic souls.
I finally got my wish.
Andrea is a master at many things.
But I believe her biggest gift
is in the gathering of artistic souls
 the connections that come of it.

Thank you French Basketeer
for yet another magical and memorable Laguna Beach afternoon.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. So lovely. Looks like such a special, beautiful time.

    1. An afternoon at Andrea's is always a magical experience!

  2. Oh My! Whose home is this!? It's like rediscovering my home each time, seeing it through your eyes and your camera, Tamera! I'm so glad you enjoyed the I did, immensely. And you know what I say, a Party is only as good as its was a treat to have this group f ladies all together in one place!! XXOO and see you next month for some bubbles~

  3. It all looks so beautiful, and a fantastic day too. Good food, beautiful weather, and friends sounds like my kind of day
    Laurie x

  4. Tamera you always have a most gorgeous recap of Andrea's events. I am so excited to be there next month!!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. Tamera this sounds dreamy. The table is so gorgeous and your post reminds me that I keep forgetting to get on Andrea's website to check out her events. Maybe I can go next time, I'd love to see you.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a posh afternoon.


  7. So gorgeous to see this all again!! Loved every pic!!

  8. Simply stunning! The table decor was the most imaginative I have ever seen! Mary and Andrea make the most amazing pair! I'll be pouring over these photo's again to pick up every tiny detail. Have a great weekend!!

  9. Your childhood wish came true, Tamera!! The images are just awe-inspiring. You have such a way of focusing in and capturing the beauty with your unique lens. Lovely afternoon and lovely post! Thank you for sharing your stylish posts in the Lifestyle LinkUp with Jennifer and myself today--isn't it fun to make the connections? Happy weekend lovely friend!

  10. Wow looks beautiful. I do love the tablescape too. Who knew grapevines could be so beautiful? Love everything Andrea does. Sounds magical! Hope you are doing well Tamera. Happy weekend! xo Kim

  11. I love it when you go to the French Basketeer! The grapevine looks so lovely - now I want one too :) and aren't those blue eggs adorable?? Everything is wonderfully pretty and stylish, Tamera. Have an extra special weekend...xx

  12. what an inspiring afternoon which you pictured so wonderful and b.t.w. you look fantastic in Stella's dress.

  13. Amazing, Tamera!
    All of it!
    You have captured the beauty and magic of The French Basketeer. Andrea is a dream builder and life changer.
    That pottery! I sent Mary a request to follower her on IG.
    Always, thank you for your inspiration!

  14. Marlena di Blasi books are another good read that bring different types of people together around the table..........
    I think YOU would enjoy as she has more style then you and me put together!
    The first book 100 DAYS IN VENICE
    The second book 100 DAYS in TUSCANY
    The third I cannot recall the title............
    Then there is the fourth that takes you far away to the land of enchantment!
    Look her UP.
    Truly a beautiful setting at ANDREA's...................and I adore how she has collaborated with florists and Baker's........and egg MAKERS!!

  15. Oh, what a stunning table setting!! Those eggs look superb, and I'll bet the omelets were 5-star productions!

  16. OMG what a fabulous table and afternoon. Thank you for sharing with Stylemindchic!