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Transformative Power of Accessories … A Panama Hats … 8 ways

Continuing my 
Transformative Power of Accessories 
today it's all about one of most go to pieces
Panama Hat.

Panama hats have been a favorite of mine for years.
But never have I loved one as much as I do 
my current
Montecristi Panama
that  I got on my
to Napa
in Yontsville.

This version is more of an investment 
than some of the lesser quality versions
but this one is worth every cent!

You can even order  yours online
the best part
get one in your perfect size!

I wear mine so many different ways!

In a traditional manner
with nautical stripes and a maxi
for a sunset picnic.

I love juxtaposing it with my silk Chines jacket
for a day in 
LA's Art District ...

or to a trip to the flea market
basket in hand 
for ready for a  fabulous treasure hunt.

Another twist on the juxtopositioning
with my blaze red kimono
from LA's Little Tokyo
on a trip to La's Silverlake District.

A Panama always pairs with denim.

A Panama even pairs perfectly
with my 
Palm Spring brights!

Nothing easier than pairing a Panama 
with neutral
for some quick polish running errands!
Better yet
a quick alternative to doing your hair!

It seems I am always choosing my Panama 
for travel
be it by plane, boat
or even our Airstream trips up the coast!

but I think my favorite pairing 
was the perfect juxtaposition
of Panama, sweatshirt
ball skirt!

I think of any hat I own
a Panama
is the most perfect classic piece
to finish off so many different looks!

Have you given a Panama a try?
If so
what's your favorite way to wear one?

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

linking with
Visible Monday


  1. You wear your hat so well....I have a black felted Fedora that I have owned for years but am so reluctant to wear it out....I just think hats suit certain people and I have yet to perfect wearing them. One day I will get the courage ! Enjoy seeing all your outfits with the hat...which just proves how versatile it is.

    1. I think hats are for everyone! It just takes some getting use to wearing one! I wore hats for years and years … stopped for some years … and begin to think I was too old for not only hats, but fashion as well! Then I came across Iris Arpel years ago … and had my love of fashion revitalized! Hats and fashion are for all of us … all the time! I urge you to give yours a try my dear … you might just be pleasantly surprised! xo

  2. My husband has one but I haven't tried one idea why! Thanks for the encouragement. Will definitely investigate. Yours looks super duper in all of the outfits. xo JJ

    1. Oh you must try one! They make life so much easier … as well as stylish! Good luck finding one you love my dear! xo

  3. I'm having fun catching up on your posts Tamera. I especially loved hearing about the wedding venues and seeing all those gorgeous photos. Even if they're outside your budget I bet your collecting all kinds of ideas along the way.
    And only you can wear a hat and look this good. The only hats I wear are visors when I'm running hahaha--not very glamorous.

    1. Hey darling … so lovely to have you visit! How goes your massive remodeling?? I must come over and visit your blog and catch up as well! Still waiting for coffee with you my dear!

      Our wedding journey is such a joy! I am relishing each and every moment in the journey to the big day! I have no doublt it will be a magical and soulful event!! xo

  4. A Panama hat worn as only you can,stunning every way with what ever outfit.Hats are so much fun to wear.

    1. Why thank you my dear for your kind words … form one hat lover to another! I so appreciate your collection and panache wearing them! Happy Weekend my dear! You are always so ahead where you live! xo

  5. Lots of lovely looks in your Panama, Tamera, and you really know how to wear it well. I think I want one too :)
    May favourite look is with the blue ball skirt, which is divine. xx

    1. Oh Patricia, give one a try! They come in all sorts of price points … you might want to try an inexpensive one to get your Panama wearing feet wet!

  6. And you show us how to wear it so well!! Great looks, all.

    1. Thank you Pam! So enjoying your sneak peak reveals of your LA trip!

  7. Tamera I can see what a staple accessory this great Panama hat is in your wardrobe. It is fabulous with everything you wear! I would love to have one now!!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. My Dear, you just ooze chic!! I love all of these looks and what a great item the Panama is!! I have never owned or wore one, but would once my hair grows out a bit.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!! Muah!!

  9. Very chic, Tamera...and great photographs, as always...I do love a husband looks wonderful in one ;)
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  10. Beautiful pictures here, you also have great style
    Laurie x

  11. That's a great, versatile hat, Tamera! And your kimono is one of the prettiest I have seen. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  12. Why don't I own a Panama? I have no clue. I see them and I just haven't made the purchase. Alas, this will be the year! Each picture you look stunning. Aren't we California girls lucky to have such wonderful places to see and explore. Please tell me you had the opportunity to see the Louis Vuitton exhibit on Highland in L.A? The exhibit was called Series 2 and it was superb.
    Have a wonderful week,

  13. All your outfits, pics and settings are beautiful. I just packed up all my winter clothes a week ago and pulled down my summer ones including my beloved Panama hat. It's time I switch out my heavy black fedora, don't you think?