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Taking The Train To The San Diego Wedding Show

Last Sunday
 I was up bright and early
to take the train down to San Diego
for the big wedding show at the convention center.

I am fully invested in savoring the journey
of planning the wedding 
with my daughter.
So going by train
was a perfect way to 
add a little romance 
to this weeks wedding adventure!

I got Ellis a ticket from her home
near La Jolla
so we got to travel together
into downtown!

The day would be all about traveling by foot
from the train depot 
to the convention center
then to Little Italy for lunch.

So not only were comfortable shoes a must
but also an outfit they would take me all day!
The perfect accessory
was my canvas and leather back pack
that kept me hands free all day
 was the perfect way to carry my jacket as the day warmed up.

Birks would not normally be my first choice
for a walking shoe in the city
but after going out dancing Friday night
I was left with few shoe options
so Birks for the day it was.

Traveling by train from South Orange County
where I live
down to San Diego
is absolutely breathtaking!
Sometimes the train is literally a stones throw
from the shore!

As many times I have traveled these beaches
being on the train 
adds a whole new dimension and vista 
to seeing our phenomenal coast!

The ending train station
lets you off in the center of 
stunning San Diego!

Ellis and I chose to walk along the 'boardwalk'
to the conference center
which is less than two miles away.

There is such beauty to take in all the way down.
It's very easy to understand why the city is
a top destination for conferences and tourism!
Beauty and perfect weather abound in San Diego!

Once inside the Wedding Show
Ellis and I made our initial first go round
then it was champagne to watch  the fashion show!

Being a very large show
there was a wide variety of looks and products
we did find some gems 
some new ideas
some trends
some fabulous sweet treats!

Something I had never seen before
a photo booth in a VW bus!
Probably one of the most popular photo booths at the show!

If we were having a beach themed wedding
this would definitely be
a must have!

Marque lighting a big trend still
the idea of custom signage
has us thinking!

This videographer
raised their work to an art form to be sure!
I am beginning to feel
how many, many decisions will have to be made!

Ellis is interested in a couple of venue feels.
One being an urban loft feel
so this new venue
already now has an appointment set up for this weekend!

I am interested in the possibility of making these 
wonderful chargers for the reception …
but like everything else involved
they are still venue dependent!

Such a luxe arrangement of color and texture here!
is one thing Ellis has picked
pale pink and golds
have been chosen.

The show had an abundance of cakes to sample
these were definitely the the best to see!

Our very favorite find of the day

A company owned 
by two beauties
Teanna and Jen.
They are passionate 
about their pure artistry and creativity
when it comes to 

What you can't tell by these photos
is that they make
mini macarons too!

Little bites of French perfection
in a huge palette of 
colors and flavors!

If you live in the San Diego area
they will be at 
the Little Italy Mercado Farmers Market
on Valentines Day!

With a find as precious as 
mini macarons
a photo shoot was a must do!

soon as we finished our last round at
the wedding show
we set out for a perfect
San Diego backdrop!
(it was also a perfect opportunity
for me
to get some great pics of my
photo resistent 
gorgeous girl!)

Aren't they the most precious macarons ever!

Ellis is also working on starting
her own new blog
which I can't wait for!!

A picture of my beautiful, beautiful girl.

Lunch was next on the agenda!
Ellis always knows the coolest places
so we were off to Little Italy!

Any restaurant
with one of my very favorite
life mottos
crowning it's roof
definitely my first pick for lunch!

When I pick a restaurant
I am always
most drawn to 
the atmosphere and ambiance!

had these  in spades!

they even have 
a most perfect backdrop wall for photos!

The day of our first wedding show together
proved even more magical
than I had imagined.

It was such perfect mother daughter time
reminded me once again
just how proud I am  of
 my girl 
the woman she has become.

Saying good bye to her
as she got off the train
at her stop …

Saying bye to my girl …
never gets easy
for this momma's heart.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love it that you rode the train!! And what a special time with your daughter. We were not able to do this together before my daughter's wedding and your post made me really wish we had. Happy Weekend!

  2. Love this! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  3. It looks like such a beautiful day with your lovely daughter. Thanks for taking us along for the journey!

  4. I sometimes take the train from San Diego up to LA to visit my daughter. It is such a pretty ride. Your daughter is so lucky to have you to help plan her wedding. It will be stunning. I just know it will.

  5. What a very special excursion, and what a beautiful wedding you two will plan. Sometimes I find it difficult to plan an all-day outfit, but you do it inspirationally! Thank you for the descriptions of San Diego; my daughter has suggested we meet there for a holiday some time and I was unsure if I would like it. But now I feel tempted...

  6. So lovely to enjoy the process, with the train and the show.
    There are so many decisions aren't there. And so many people's tastes to keep in mind.
    I'm sure you will navigate it and have a joyous day.
    Lovely to have a peek at San Diego. Has inspired me to do a post about my town! Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Your post brought back so many beautiful memories of the time my daughter and I were planning her wedding. I remember the day we went to the wedding show still, vividly as we drove to Cape Cod, where she was to be married and where the show was. No matter the circumstance I always feel bittersweet saying goodbye to my daughter even though she has a wonderful life she is always returning to. You always remind me of the joy of having a daughter. Thanks you so much.
    Accidental Icon

  8. Hi Tamera, Not sure if my last comment posted so I will try again!
    I have not been to San Diego since I was a small child (like 7 or 8) and would love to visit one day. It's not that far from here - maybe 1.5 hour flight? Looks like you and Ellis had a wonderful time. Those little blue macarons are adorable!
    xo, A