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What I Wore … Bloggers in Napa Valley … A Recap

I have returned from an absolutely amazing trip
with Bloggers in Napa Valley.
There is so much to tell about this fabulous adventure
but I am going to start with a recap of 

What I wore

What worked 
What I will do different next time.

If you have been following along
you have already seen my post on
I invested quite a bit of time prepping and packing for this trip
so here are my notes on what I was happy with
what I will do differently for my next trip.

I loved wearing this outfit to the cocktail party at the
 Andaz Terrace
 our first night.

Here I am with
La Contessa of 
whose personal  accessory style I just adore!

I loved wearing this outfit of mine
because it was the perfect mix of
casual and opulent
with a denim tunic and sequined pants.
The best part of this simple pairing
it made for the perfect backdrop for 
my  major accessory love!

I also realized on this trip that was always filled with
loads of picture taking

to sit forward for a picture.

Being comfortably seated
does not make for flattering photos.
This is my first note to self
for the next trip
always for that matter :))

I will have to say I have mixed feelings
about my travel outfit.

Besides sitting forward for photos
I am going to remember to

Try on all outfits
before the trip.

I was almost in a panic 
when I put on my carefully chosen ensemble
at four in the morning
 getting ready to leave for the airport.

The original pieces had looked great on the hanger
but the fit left something to be desired.
I had a rather mad scramble of trying and tossing 
similar pieces to get the comfort I was looking for
even after all my planning.

Second note to self

Try on all travel outfits
before the trip.

I was so happy to see 
Adrienne of 
meet me at the airport!
She planned our adventure for over four months.
Seeing her there in person was  such a surreal moment to be sure!

My travel outfit  also functioned well
for our initial lunch at Redd.

Being together with
Heather of StyleMindChic
Jennifer of A Well Styled Life
felt like a walking dream.

Our second day was spent wine touring
with the fabulous luxury of being driven by 
That beautiful adventure 
is a story to follow.

Knowing it would be a full day of touring
I chose some sporty pieces
including my anorak for J Crew.

The bag I chose for the day
is part of Levi's 
Made and Crafted line.
What I enjoy most about this bag
are the backpack straps on the back side.
When photographing on the trip
I was hands free of the bag
to really concentrate on getting great shots!
It is a dream bag for a blogger!

Now to the part of the outfit 
I am not so happy about.

This  infinity scarf …
which again looked great hanging with the other pieces
but because I wore it down
the scarf just ended up looking sloppy.

The outfit would have looked cleaner sans scarf to be sure
or at the very least 
wrapped twice.

I am loving my newest Panama hat 
Montecristi Hats 
in Yountville.
I have wanted one of these true Panama hats
every since I read about them on Adrienne's blog!
It was such an exciting treat to visit a store not only filled with
so many versions of Panama hats
sizes as well!
They are even able to customize your hat to fit!

My flats served me well
but I did rather tire of them by the end of the trip.
Even though I would have liked to have brought 
more shoes
that was a packing concession.
My suitcase just barely made it under the airline weight limit
as it was.

But this trip I actually even used my work out shoes
that I always bring
during an early morning 
exploration of beautiful  Downtown Napa.

Most of my separate bag packing shown above
 worked very well.
Things just came out of order a bit
I always forget 
which bag goes into my suitcase
and which bag goes into my carry on!
I just need to always remember to

leave room in my suitcase for 
my skincare and toiletries!

One thing I did this packing trip 
that worked extremely well was 

pack some cozy pretties 
for lounging in the room!

Our trip was jam packed with 
exciting outings
being able to come back to the room to
 lounge even for an hour 
was absolutely refreshing!

Speaking of rooms
our rooms at the 
were truly amazing!
I can't wait to share all of the
stylish details with you in my next post!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Napa looks stunning definitely on our radar now.
    I am so envious of Adrienne's height - wow! You are utterly beautiful as are all the others on the trip, what a great ad you've all been.

  2. Your hat is fabulous and I love how you accessorize.
    Napa sounds like a wonderful place to visit....I am going to suggest that my husband and I take a road trip south and explore those vineyards and shops.

  3. SOOOO Jealous...looks like an amazing time and I love your first outfit so much...of course, the accessories! What a great group of women to spend time with in a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing your trip and what you learned with packing.

  4. Gorgeous setting and five very beautiful women! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox

  5. I love your description of the Napa trip...can't wait for more...
    Could you please share where you found the gorgeous Levi Made and Crafted bag?...

    1. Annie I found the Levi bag at Juxtaposition, in Newport Beach, California.

  6. It all looks completely breathtaking and exciting to me. And, let me just say, you look fantastic in every given photo. I have also learned that one secret, I always try on my clothes first before packing (although this does get some wierd looks from Par). And, I, too still come home and make notes on what to do differently the next time. You are one incredibly organized lady! So happy you had such a wonderful time.

  7. You look stunning in all the pictures, your jewellery is amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful time, hugs! Beata xxx

  8. I think it would be so exciting to get to meet up with other bloggers! You look lovely in your photos. Love those stylish flats. I have to have flats so I appreciate nice looking ones. You are rocking some great accessories! Debbie @

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your instagram pics. Thanks so much for sharing! I think the outfits look great, love the leopard shoes. It's great to hear your feedback about what worked or didn't work. This is good information to have as packing is always and ongoing challenge, isn't it?

  10. Like Holli, it's been fun seeing you all on Instagram! Having just had a blogger meet-up myself, I know how much fun that can be. Everyone one of you look lovely, and I'm looking forward to checking out the other blogs. XXOO

  11. Tamera, Loved this! First I have to say you have amazing style and to finally meet you in person, you are even more lovely! I adore how you accessorize and everything looked fantastic put together. Maybe because all your pieces were fab and you just know how to work it. I am hoping some of your magic rubbed off on me! Everyday, I am now thinking, how would Tamera wear this? Seriously!
    Your collages are so pretty here too! Miss you tons dear friend. xoxo

  12. LOVE THAT PHOTO OF YOU AND ME!WHat a fun surprise to see me looking at me this AM with my coffee!
    Sounds like the BLOGGERS WEEK in NAPA VALLEY was a SUCCESS on every level……..except the sitting back relaxed comfort poses!I will take note!!!

  13. All of you look so lovely!

  14. Wow! I LOVE have you put all your pieces together. Maybe one day you will come to London and "style me". The way you accessorize is fabulous; sassy and confident!

  15. Tamera,
    So glad to see and read so much about your trip! As always your styling was excellent, but remember that sometimes, unfortunately, comfortable doesn't always promise to be stylish! Your confidence shines through and that is what is important. Even photographers have to shoot hundreds of pics to get one good one! The smiles on all of your faces is what is most memorable! Have a great week!

  16. Hi Tamera, love all the photos from your Napa trip. Packing has always been so difficult for me. Your idea if trying outfits on is a great one! Cherie

  17. Hi Tamara, I am following your blog, and it looks like an amazing trip. I love the jewelry you picked as well as some fabulous outfits. The place where you were looks amazing, and I am sure the wine was as well. I like the mixing of leopard and stripes and just that your happiness comes through in your photos. If you have time to visit today, I am at:

    jess :-)

  18. Total homerun, Tamera! I love everything you chose. And, Elizabeth rocked that silk/satin outfit I think. Of course, no one but you and me can wear ALL that jewelry at the same time and look fabulous. Great post! I much prefer Sonoma, but you are slowly changing my mind......

  19. I so enjoyed following all your adventures on insta and now. You looked amazing all weekend long - looking forward to hearing more about it

  20. You looked stunning the entire time we were together. From your airplane outfit to that great sequin pant look - you really know how to pack and look glamorous!
    I miss you lots and lots!
    XOXO, A

  21. You may not have thought some things worked, but you looked glamorous and beautiful every moment of our trip. You're inspiring me to embrace sequins my friend. Miss you so much. XOXO Jennifer

  22. To me you look stunning in all your outfits but we are always our own worst critics. Your amazing accessories take each and every look to another level. Must remember the seated tip.

  23. I think I'm overdue for a girls getaway! It looks like a beautiful place with lovely surroundings. And how fun to meet other bloggers! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  24. So happy you all got together ... been watching this a bit on Facebook! Great parties, better conversations I know. That's what I envy the most about all the big get-togethers. I KNOW the talk was fascinating. Nothing smarter than grown up style-bloggers.
    No one prettier, either. Gorgeous creatures, and you especially.

  25. I am with Ann, I need a girls getaway! You make this look like so much fun. Bloggers getting together in Napa, how perfect. You went to one of my favorite places. I love your packing tips as I am a terrible packer and always seem to bring too much and still leave out what I need. Love your tip about a lounging outfit. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!

  26. How fun you had a get together with fellow bloggers! Looks like a beautiful place to visit and you look fabulous. Love the jewelry and your fantastic pictures.

    blue hue wonderland

  27. Meeting bloggers in a setting of beauty must have been a peak experience. I enjoyed every word and the photos too, of course. I agree with Jennifer. I love how you embrace sequins!!!

  28. you are always SO radiant in your photos! Love this compilation...all fashionable, of course! Those sequin pants..SWOONING over those!
    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle and have a great weekend

  29. How fantastic to mmet dear friend bloggers.
    Nobody accesoorised like you, dear Tamera.
    Thank you so much for being part of the creative adventure of Share-in-Style.

  30. You look mah-ve-lous, dah-ling! Even your lounging clothes look absolutely beautiful!! :)

  31. Love the denim tunic. Where did you find that?

    1. Carollynn the denim tunic is from the Vince line several seasons ago. I have also bought denim tunics from Anthropologie and J Crew as well. I am always on the look out for denim tunics because they make such a great outfit base.