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And So It Begins ...

Wedding plans are beginning here.


It is now time to focus 
on the main event.

We have already been shopping venues
like the  Villa's open house
where these pictures were taken.

If the Villa 
had been in our price range
it would have definitely 
been my first pick.

Maybe this is the crux
of my slow to build enthusiasm
for the main event.

I want it to be so perfect
but then the reality 
of a budget comes into play.

We even have in my mind
a good budget …
but I can see how easily 
it would be for me to loose my mind
with wanting all of the extras …

but then 
I remind myself
I have always been a consummate
do it your selfer
never afraid of the work involved
 trust that I can pull off 
a gorgeous wedding 
for my precious daughter.

Maybe I should write a mission statement 
to remind myself
what is important 
in the day.

To remind myself
a wedding
 is a sacred moment

When two lives 
are joined as one

The coming together
of two families
 both watching their children leave
the family
to begin one of their own.

To remember
a wedding is also always
such a powerful reminder
of the 
 beauty of true love.

I want to remember what a gift it is
that my daughter
has found
her one true love
I couldn't be prouder of the choice 
she has made
the man that Elliot is.
This momma is ever so grateful
to see her daughter
be loved so well.

So this weekend
when Ellis and I 
take the train 
 to the big wedding convention 
in San Diego
I will remember

a wedding
is a sacred day
of two lives coming together
to be celebrated
with the ones you love.

I will not be thrown off
by all of the visual noises and choices
I will keep my eye on the prize
and goal
a sacred moment

Now we just need to find the venue.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy a
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, I'm sure you will put together a lovely event! You are so creative and have such a wonderful feel for the details. What people will ultimately remember is the love, warmth and laughter, and yes, this moment of a new family being created. It's so easy to get caught up in all of the hoopla and "upsell" and it's smart of you to stay focused on the meaning of this celebration.

    1. Susan thank you for your warm words my dear! Very much appreciated! Yes, it is the hoopla and 'upsell' I hope to avoid! Weddings seem to have become such 'big business' … I am most concerned with keeping 'sacred soul' … in her wedding … and capturing all the magical moments along the way as well! xo

  2. I love your idea of the mission statement. That is such a wonderful way of staying on track with what is truly important. Best wishes as you plan this beautiful, meaningful event!

    1. Thank you Julia! I appreciate your words! I think I need to print out my mission statement … I think it could be so easy to be pulled off track! All the best to you! xo

  3. Oh Tamera.
    I feel so honored to be here!
    I have no doubt that Ellis and Elliott's day will be a beautiful reflection of their love.
    Styling on the wings of love is your signature, my friend!

    1. Oh Lynne! Thank you so for your gift of words!! How beautiful is … "Styling on the wings of love is your signature"! Thank you … I will tuck this gem in my heart! xo

  4. So beautifully said. Your mind and heart are in the perfect place right now. When the day finally arrives I can guarantee your guest will feel the love and compassion that went into this magical day, and that alone makes the venue and event memorable. Savor every moment of planning and get in as many giggles and laughter as possible. Much love to you.

    1. Trina thank you ever so much for your beautiful words! They are a gift! Yes, I do want to savor the journey my friend! Much love back to you! xo

      PS … You know I am always open to your tips for this journey!

  5. Thirty-six years ago my husband and I married and had a "do-it-yourself" wedding that cost less than $1,000. this past August we were apart on our anniversary as I was caring for our grandchildren. Throughout the day, my husband posted photos of our wedding on Facebook. There were many, many comments about what a fun wedding it was. And it was... And we're still married! Stormy Smith

    1. Stormy Smith thank you for sharing your beautiful story! Such a true testament … that it is the soul involved in the wedding … not how much is spent. Big congrats on a most successful wedding day and marriage! xo

  6. Such lovely sentiments, Tamera...a wedding is about two people and their lives coming together...and your daughter's wedding will be perfect because there is so much love...enjoy the wedding convention...simplicity is the key and always has style, don't you think?

    1. Catherine it is always so lovely to have you visit my dear! Yes, simplicity does always have style … and a timeless elegance as well! Happy weekend to you! The photo that you shared on Facebook, of yourself in Geneva … wearing your fabulous cashmere wrap … was the perfect capture of simple, timeless elegance! xo

  7. I am confident that your exquisite taste and gift for detail will ensure that your daughters wedding will be absolutely stunning!
    It is a wonderful event when two people pledge their love together surrounded by friends and family. I look forward to seeing more images of the wedding and plans.

  8. With the sentiment you're sharing're already on the right track! What beautiful words...that is the true gift to your daughter and her fiance. I am looking forward to the story and pictures you will share here!

  9. Tamera I have absolutely no doubt that no matter the venue, you will make this a most wonderful wedding event for your precious daughter!! Have a great weekend.

    The Arts by Karena New Feature

  10. Tamera, I think if your French Basketeer friend you post about would let you use her house and outdoor patio that would make a venue as beautiful and similar as the pix you show here if it fit your number of guests.

  11. Mission statement- great idea!!! I use one for my life because I am a magpie and easily distracted.
    If you involve others in the DIY, you will save money, and create beauty and memories in the process. It's the process that can bog you down. Some of the best weddings I've seen have been lead by the personality and loves of the people marrying. Quirky and humorous is as good or better than the wedding by machine!
    Anyway, I KNOW you will do wonders. Just do what you always naturally do and it will be glorious. BTW I thought the first photo was of the engagemenr party you created. It is in sync with your style! Wishing you joy and peace as you style your wedding and your life. xo JJ

  12. The Villa does look amazing, and, perhaps inspired by it, you will make your daughter's wedding the most beautiful and memorable possible. Your mission statement is perfect, and I know the wedding will be too. What a very special time for you, Tamera.

  13. My mind is just spinning thinking about how beautiful this wedding will be. With your awesome esthetic and the gorgeous Ellis. Your heart and your mind and your lovely soul are all in the right place.

  14. Congratulations. Beautifully written and extraordinary photos!

  15. How absolutely beautiful, creative, and clever... I got lost looking at all of these pictures, and truly enjoyed seeing all the magical things you did!