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Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

Hello my friends!
There has been a lot going of good things going on here these days
so I thought I would take the time today 
for some
First off
I am ever so grateful to send out my first crown 
As a  returning designer
it was a real moment for me
to walk into Fed Ex
say I needed to send this to

You might have seen me mention on InstaGram
that the ever stylish Haleigh
form my favorite Paris based style blog 
(she is also the official blogger for Lancome)
contacted me that she wanted one of my crowns
I was over joyed with excitement!
My fabulous crown is on it's 
to Paris as I type!

I am also so grateful for the simple pleasure
of our picture perfect weather here 
in SoCal!
We have had  some much needed rain
now some wonderful sun
I just can't wait to get out into my garden!

Speaking of Paris
I had the privilege  of attending another of 
The French Basketeer
cooking classes!
Andrea herself has recently returned from Paris
brought back some fabulous 
French utensils for purchase!
Some of them are almost too pretty for me to use!

This month's class was 
Valentine in theme
was as over the top 
in beauty and taste as always!

But my favorite
each time I attend
is always the company 
of the extraordinary women that come to the classes!
Andrea has a special magic about her
that pulls together  the most amazing people
whether it be at her lavish parties
her remarkable classes.
If you are in the Laguna area
nothing beats a Saturday afternoon 
learning from Andrea!

Everything done by 
the French Basketeer
is always amazing
picture perfect!

Last week Andrea also took her  cooking show
on the road to the  home of the always glamorous
Contessa who writes the 
You can see Contessa's post about the fabulous event

Also in attendance was  the always stylish Jennifer from
you can read her stylish account of the afternoon 

Andrea's  smashing finish to her 
Valentine class!
Nothing says fabulous party
like a sparkling cake
garnished form the garden!

My cooking  classes always end
being picked up by my
ever handsome husband
so we can make sure to 
get  down to  beach in Laguna
for sunset cocktails and dinner.
Making for a perfect all around Saturday in my book!

In closing my gratitude list this week
I have a very grateful heart 
for you my readers
the great response to my newest Wednesday feature.

Last week in an attempt to keep my blog 
transparent and relevant
I started a new weekly feature
where I not only style one garment three ways
but show how I look to begin with
in order to fully share the transformative power of accessories.

I think  many times
we are all shown so many images of only
the young
that looking in the mirror can be a surprise.

Of course
maybe that's just me.

But I am on a mission
to learn to celebrate
the woman
I am today
imperfections and all!

I want to see my wrinkles as a beautiful thing.
I want to see my by now
misshapened feet
as beautiful
in that they have allowed me to do what I have done
continue to get me where I want to go!

I want to look at my hands that are no longer young
 be mesmerized
by all that they have done in this life 
all the potential to do
yet to come.

I have realized
in my idea
of learning to crown ourselves
it is the internal shift that is most important.

A shift in the realization
of being enough
no matter ones age or appearance.

When I take the time 
To Crown Myself
I realize
not only
am I enough
how much 
I have to give.
Giving in and of itself
equals life relevance.

It is with a grateful heart
dear readers
I thank you for following along.
For if we can all learn
to Crown Ourselves
the Ripple Effect
will be enormous!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I am so excited for you that you shipped off a crown to Paris. Wow! Congratulations! The cooking class looks amazing, the drinks look divine (what are they?) and all the color in this post has just given me a mental lift on one cold, icy, slushy, snowy, gray NYC day. Thank you my dear! XO, Jill

    1. Well thank you dear Jill for your sweet words! The drinks are one of Andrea's fabulous champagne cocktails … starting with a sugar rimmed glass add some blood orange puree and fill with champagne. It's a perfect cocktail to have partially prepared when guests arrive. We did this for Ellis's engagement party and simply added ice cold champagne for each guest upon arrival!

      Stay warm my dear! I can't wait to see your latest 'How I Wear My Post' tomorrow! You I love long necklaces!


  2. I hope you have those CROWNS in PRODUCTION...........cause you will become inundated with REQUESTS!The SPARKLERS on the CAKE is OVER the MOON!AS for enjoying WHO you are and embracing the lines,wrinkles,bunions.................I'm ALL for THAT!I think one LOOKS so much better with the LINES OF TIME.It sure BEATS the alternative that EVERYONE CAN SEE.I always think to myself.......doesn't that lady know WE can tell she has had a FACE REPAIR!!??The lines tell a STORY.........and GOD knows WE have stories to SHARE.I look forward to the ACCESSORY POSTS!YOU and I can NEVER have TOO MANY ACCESSORIES!

    1. Thank for the kind words regarding my crowns my dear!

      I am definitely all for celebrating who we are where we are! But I personally am also all for doing what ever makes you feel better about yourself during the aging process! I have definitely had not only 'face repair' but also have a maintenance program as well! I think we each have to make our own choices regarding this process, and I for one work hard not to judge anyone on either side … if women divide among themselves … how will we ever push forward together. I personally have every intent of being the very best version of myself … I am not trying to look younger than my age … just trying to look my best.

      Loved you post on your French Food Camp my dear! Your home and hostessing skill were the topic of so much praise! And Jill, what a most charming young women! Wouldn't it be so wonderful if one of your gorgeous sons snapped her up … and made her part of the family! She is just such a doll and already at 23 a woman of the world! As always my dear friend thank you for your visit and comment!


  3. The crown is enroute to Paris! How exciting! Who knows where this will lead you? Wouldn't it be fabulous if it was used in a Lancôme ad? Oh and I am so envious of your cooking class at Contessa's home with all those lovely ladies....
    Everything looks so beautiful.

    1. My dearest hostess … thank you for your kind words and sentiment!

      I so enjoyed your walking post my dear! I look forward to seeing more of your stunning locale!


  4. Beautiful thoughts, and winging their way to me when I am struggling to get out and about due to an increase in disability, feeling my life is being wasted. I need to learn to accept myself, and celebrate myself despite my disabiltiies, which bring their own rewards.
    I need to stop looking at the grass on the other side of the fence!
    How exciting about your crown purchase...the first of many. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Jazzy Jack thank you for your meaningful comment my dear! It sounds like you are on the right path of embracing and celebrating where you are right now. Here's to admiring our own green grass!

      Sending you hugs of love and comfort!


  5. Amen! My friend. I'm praying this ripple effect happens and to every woman.

    1. Thank you darling! Here's to putting out as many ripples as we can … and more importantly … getting others to join in a wave!
      Big hugs dear friend!


  6. Huge congrats on the crown!! I can imagine your excitement and well earned pride!! I wholeheartedly agree about how Andrea manages to assemble the most fascinating women, you among them ♥️ I hope we can see each other again soon and catch up in person. xoxo

    1. So lovely to have you visit my friend! Thank you ever so much for your crown comment! Yes, Andrea is a most fabulous gather of amazing women! I am honored to among you all! Big hugs to you!


  7. Your Crown is off to Paris...fabulous, Tamera...Congratulations...I have to say I love the box, a great branding tool, it looks fabulous!
    Oh, I so agree with you...let's put an end to this continue knocking of ourselves and our inevitable signs of ageing we are all beautiful, let us work on our minds and our beauty will shine through...I love everything you say here and your skin positively glows with happiness, you inspire me my gorgeous crown designer. xx

    1. Dearest Catherine, thank you for your compliment regarding my crown box … so meaningful coming from you my dear! I have also started putting my hand written notes in an envelope … thanks to you! When I opened the card from you that arrived inside your luxurious cashmere wrap box … it was such a thrill to take your hand written note out of the most wonderful silver envelope! A true gift!

      Thank you also for your lovely example of embracing the beauty that comes with each stage of aging. Wonderful advice you have "let us work on our minds and our beauty will shine through". Yours certainly does my dear! It's what I use to teach my daughter … you are a shiny person … your soul shines and radiate right through you … in the most exquisite way! Much love to you my dear! I am ever so grateful to have found you!


  8. How exciting that a piece you've so lovingly created is off to such a glamorous part of the world! The pictures of Valentine's cooking are so beautiful as is the weather down there. I am grateful to you...your love of life and sentiments make me feel proud to be a woman. Thanks!

    1. Awww Holli, thank you ever so much for your heartfelt comment! It touches my heart!


  9. Congratulations, Tamera! Sending a crown to wonderful. I am so sad we will not meet in San Antonio. My LA trip has my schedule in the hands of the client sending me there. Susan and I might try a Friday night meet up. If you want to know more, please email me at I love everything you are doing!

  10. Congrats Tamera! what an incredible role model you are! Sincerely, Luciana.

  11. First , dear Tamera,Congratulation.... so great your crown made it till Paris. 2nd...the Valentine pics are so pinky and look good enough to eat. I believe it is a pity for everybody who can not take part at the Basketeer afternoon. 3rd...your gratitude list shows how much you already have gained in your life ...and that's the biggest crown you can ever make.