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Hello Gratitude … and Ellis' Engagement

There has been much to be grateful here this week!

The biggest
Ellis's engagement!

Not only were we so happy about the event
but it was done in the most romantic way ever!

This fabulous photo 
was shot by her fiancé Elliot
who had envisioned this photo
as he set up a most romantic proposal!
he knows and loves my girl well!
No doubt he fits right in here!
Couldn't be happier for him to be joining our family!

I will be forever grateful
he had a photographer
 capture theses magical once in a lifetime moments!

Couldn't help but share this one again!

The next day was celebrated in the best way possible
with brunch with the best friends ever!
Couldn't be happier to 
have the planning expertise of these to loves!

The evening was an engagement dinner
with both families
to join our families 
in the first official event
on the road towards the wedding!

Love his family!
I knew I would
they raised such an incredible young man!

I was grateful to have two of my children
at the breakfast bar this summer …
so I savored the last breakfast
before Ellis's big move to San Diego on Wednesday.

My heart was so happy as her brother
offered to help with the move.
The love between these two makes this momma's heart so full!

I knew Ellis's departure was going to be really bittersweet for me
 since I have been down this road before with her departures
I made sure to prepare with plenty of self care this week as well.

I spent last week editing out belongings
 passing them along
in order to have an organized and calm interior.

I also made sure to have all of my fall decor in place.

 I bought just a couple of finishing touches
like these textured 'rag rugs' and new dish rags
that finish of my kitchen 
perfectly for fall.
I cannot believe how much joy I get
walking into my kitchen now
Sometimes it  can be the simplest additions
that can make my heart sing!

I have come to really enjoy being in my kitchen these days
have come to realize that a shared home cooked meal
is really a way for bonding
quality time spent.

Things have always looked pretty here
but slowing down
 making meals a priority
has been a missing ingredient until now.

I am really grateful to cherish life's small moments.

To finish of the living room for fall
I added some small gourds to my existing succulent filled urns.

Fluffed my center urns
rearranged the shelves.

This morning I returned 
to one of my favorite rituals
coffee and candles before sunrise.

Writing my gratitude list for the week
reminded me even if 
my heart is snagged 
with my daughters moving
I know it is for  the very best all around
taking the time for gratitude
reminds me 
just how great life can be!

Especially when you can spend it in the company 
of good friends and family!

I am off this morning to Laguna Beach
to spend time with the always inspiring

Hello Gratitude
fora beautiful week and all the blessings involved!

Hello Glad!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Gratitude is a necessity in order for us to smile our way through each day. Thanks for the reminders and the beauty of your blog! I also hope February will work out...I look forward to it.

  2. Congratulations are in order for your daughter's engagement!
    How thoughtful he was to hire a photographer to capture that special moment, that photo will be lovely framed as a reminder for years to come. We loved planning the wedding of our son and his lovely wife. It was so much fun. I hope you will enjoy it too as you are so creative and clever. It is bittersweet when they leave the nest but they do come back to visit and who knows there may be some grandchildren in your future!

  3. A lovely post thank you Tamera! I had a giggle over the tea towels. I'm totally the same way!!! :) Ah...I'm feeling all inspired to refresh for autumn! Bless you!

  4. My heart is so grateful I can count YOU as a friend. Beautiful post and beautiful message. What a thinking and planner that future son-in-law is, seriously to have thought of a photographer for this occassion at his age . . . I'm impressed.
    So agree with you about the wonders of spending time in the kitchen, especially surrounded by loved ones. I envy your morning ritual, it seems so surreal and peaceful, I just have a heck of a time pulling myself out of bed that early.
    Have a most wonderful time with your dear friend (the wonderful French Basketeer), someday I seriously want to join the two of you.

  5. wow! he had a photographer there to record the moment? I'm so impressed Tamera! And that shot of him on his knees proposing is unbelievably special...I wished we had a photo of our proposal. now that I think of it. Love these photos my dear. And I always enjoy the peeks into your beautiful home. I'm in awe of those urns!! And the unique surface in your kitchen. Have fun this weekend!

  6. Dear Tamera. Congratulations to the young people. I hope the best for them. It always gives change as children fly from the nest. But it also provides a bit of time and space for ourselves. XX

  7. I think what I love most about this blog could be described this way: Your joy spills over from your blog onto others. That is a gift.

  8. What wonderful news, Tamera! What a beautiful couple! I would love love love to illustrate Ellis as a bride when the time gift to you for sharing your amazing and heartfelt journey through life's seasons....

  9. what a beautiful event you shared with us....but I have never thought about to write a weekly gratitude list...brilliant idea and I will
    do so in the future. Gratitude is a gift to our Universe. Thank you so much and have a wonderful time even the kids have gone.

  10. Beautiful ,romantic evening. Very nice photos .Best regards :)

  11. Congratulations to your lovely Ellis. Her ring is gorgeous! Such a happy time but tearful for Momma's. At least you know that she will always be returning to visit! xxo