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Working On Creative Courage

With the New Year here
the opportunity for fresh new beginnings
I have been very introspective of late.

Climbing up this hill 
which borders a major street
in our suburban neighborhood
I have to ask myself once again

Why do I do this?

Continually push myself
 out of my comfort zone
to have my creative visions captured
to share.

I know I can dress myself well
 could style myself to be much more popular

But I am driven from within
in a creative quest
that is becoming so much the  stronger.

I realize I have been so influenced 
by so many marvelous women
I have 'met' on instagram.

Women living their artistic lives
creative authenticity
zest for life.

They speak my language
inspire my heart.

I want to be a woman
who can have courage
in being different.

A quiet courage
as in this is me
I like me.

The more I like me 
the more I will like you.

Because I know
that how we see the world
is so often
colored by
how we view ourselves.

I want to respect my own vision
in a calm
"I know I might make you uncomfortable in my differentness
so I will show up 
with even more love to show you".
kind of way.

I think the more we can all learn
being different
doesn't necessarily mean 
bad or scary
the more we can all grow to truly appreciate each other 
our differences.

I want to develop
more authentic creativity
to be a women
comfortable in her own skin

To spend more time 
with the sage that is within
less time being pulled of course
by internal saboteurs.

I truly believe
the more we can shine our own 
internal light
the more
we enable others to
find and share theirs.

I thank
am indebted to
 the woman I have 
that have inspired me to turn up
my own internal light.

If you are on instagram
you can find me  at

if you want to see some of  the women that
inspire my soul

check out …

C_STRUTHERS on instagram HERE
Cassandra lives in Scotland
her blog
Clarity of Mind
can be found online HERE

yokoogibraan on instagram HERE

Yokoo's shop can be found HERE
She is a knitting artist with the most  fabulous design aesthetic
so much more.

and finally ...

accidentalicon on instagram HERE
The Accidental Icon blog
can be found HERE
where she recently wrote about
"Is it really about young versus old?".

They are some of my favorite inspirations this week!
Hope you enjoy these fabulous women as well!

a little bit about this outfit.

The inspirational piece
that I added to what I already owned
the sweater
was my recent Target find
in the Men's department.

I was looking for a graphic piece
to finish a vision…
I knew this was just the perfect piece of whimsy
as soon as I saw it!

jeans-NYD, tulle skirt-Paris Opera gift store, top hat-Costume Castle, denim shirt-Juxtaposition, leopard coat-vintage, bag-Target

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life
shine your own light brightly 
with the world.

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  1. Love it! So original--good for you. How exciting to find that sweater at Target. I love when stuff like that happens to me. My sister wore a top hat in high school in the mid-to-late '70's. She had covered it with quilted appliqués. She's original and artistic, just like you! I'll have to ask if she still has it. -- Marla in the OC

    1. Marla thank you for your comment! I see you live right here in our fabulous OC! I am so intrigued with your sister's hat in high school! Where did she attend high school? What a keepsake if she still has it!

    2. Tamera--I've lived in the OC for almost 20 years but I'm a NorCal native. My sister and I went to high school in the heart of Silicon Valley, although my Dad preferred the old-fashioned "Valley of the Heart's Delight." We grew-up not far from Kim at NorCalStyle, in the Golden Triangle Area. BTW I love that retro cape you wore a few posts back. You are not safe if I see you around town in it! And I feel your garden pain -- mine is also a mess. Planning a Roger's run later this week. Maybe I'll see you there. -- Marla in the OC

    3. So lovely to hear you are a local here in the OC now. I look forward to our paths crossing in real life … Roger's is always one of my favorite destinations!

  2. You are always such an inspiration, Tamera! The top hat is perfect and the message so strong....carry on, friend! You are fabulous!

  3. You do shine in your own very special way, and what you do with a camera is amazing.

  4. What a fantastic outfit, perfect to accompany a piece about individuality and creativity! Quirky, stylish, unique.
    The backdrop here reminds me so much of the UK, which isn't something I ever thought I would say about California... Beautiful! xx

    1. Curtise thank you ever so much for visiting my dear and leaving a gift in words!

      My husband and I were just saying how much our hills remind us of the UK as well right now! We have finally have gotten some regular rains here in SoCal … so our hills hare broken out in the most spectacular vivid greens! but they do have me yearning to return to your fair country my dear!

  5. That sweater is beyond fabulous! I love the whole outfit you've put together here, and have such admiration for your creativity and the courage to express it.

  6. What a fun post - the outfit, the background, your writing. I enjoyed it all.

    Popped by from Vis Monday.

  7. Oh my Tamera - your article today exemplifies exactly what I have been feeling these days. I adore clothes, style and that "different-ness" you mentioned.

    Last night at a L.A. jazz club my husband and I went to, I was the ONLY one in a (sexy animal print) DRESS, a short, form fitting sweater with animal print collar and, semi-high heels.

    When I go out.....anywhere, be it the grocery store or name it, I plan what I'm going to wear. Being retired I don't get a chance to wear my wonderful clothes as much as I want, consequently we're always planning "outings", similar to you and your honey.

    Around the house I never wear sweats either....I wear beautiful "house dresses".....I like my husband to see me looking cute and not frumpy.

    Because you are "different" and people may what? Work it!

    You, the Style Crone, Ari's women in Advanced Style and the Idiosycratic Fashionistas have all given me more courage to wear my clothes and haters be damned!

    1. Dear Catherine thank you for sharing your love of dressing and appreciating it for the creative and artistic endeavor it can be. You know I am going to say it once again … I wish you had a blog so you could share your wonderful ensembles!

      Thank you for your gift of words regarding being one of the women … influencing you to wear your clothes … and with all ripple effects … I am sure there are many you too … are giving creative courage to do so also!

      Thank you again Catherine … for stopping by to share your love of style! xoxo

  8. You're a little bit kooky......and I LOVE it!

    1. Why thank you my dear! So enjoy your "poof and it's gone". Looked for a place to comment …. Hugs to you on the loos of your dear boy! xox

    2. Thanks Tamera - it's been very sad. We miss him very much.
      Sorry I don't have any comments on poof - i just wanted it to be a low maintenance kinda thing.
      My other blog has comments though.

  9. Loving the doggy sweater and tulle! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

    1. Thank you Patti! thank you once again for hosting Visible Monday!

  10. Tally ho, Tamera! I love this outfit. It feels so warped-English countryside: a dog on your top instead of by the fire, tulle instead of jodhpurs, California instead of England. A style hunt of epic proportions. It's exactly right.

    1. Why thank you my dear! You are as creative with words … as you are with your ensembles and art! You are always a fresh breeze of creative whimsy! xox

  11. Super cool outfit and bravo for finding the cute sweater in the men's department. I need to check that out. Love the post and I am going to check out the others.

    1. Thank you Kim! I hope you enjoy the others as much as I do!

  12. A very relevant post in particular when thinking of Joan Didion's (an icon of female individual style if there ever was one in America) fabulous photograph for Céline. As always a greatly enjoyable post Tamera, regards, Luciana from Edmonton.

    1. Luciana thank you very much for your comment my dear! Yes, I have heard much about Celine's choice to highlight Joan Didion in their new campaign. Thank you for mentioning it … as I want to learn more of both!

  13. This is by far the most original way of wearing a tulle skirt, and the most spectacular. I am taking serious style inspiration from you today as I spend the entire weekend deliberating a tulle skirt. Now I know. I have to have it. It shouts me. Lovely adorable outfit!!!

    1. Nicolene thank you so very much! Oh Yes … I highly recommend a tulle skirt … you will so enjoy it's wearing!

      Thank you for your visit my dear!

  14. Your top hat is incredibly awesome!

    1. Why thank you my dear! I enjoyed reading about your TV interview in China! Big congrats!

  15. Good for you, daring to be different in a world were so many strive to be and look the same. Love you in your top hat, tulle and puppy jumper.Will check out Cassandra , she seems fascinating.

    1. Thank you Jill! I do think you will appreciate Cassandra … she is fascinating and such a world traveler as well!

  16. I love that you are over the TOP creative...So inspiring. Please keep shining your bright light! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you my dear for your kindness! wishing you a beautiful new week!

  17. Thanks for this post! I love your style and applaud your confidence; I think that's what adds to it! Someday, you'll have to do a post on your I would love to see it :) I love the lip colour you're wearing (along with the entire outfit). Have a great day!

    1. Why thank you Holli! I applaud your confidence in your greying process! As I said in my comment … it is so nicely timed! It's looking beautiful!

  18. I have that TOP HAT in a beige!Does that SURPRISE YOU?
    I just found ACCIDENTAL DAME the other day................
    LOOKING GOOD.........XX

    1. Oh a top hat in beige … be still my heart! I am always on a look out for one … and one that fits even makes the search harder!

      Happy new week my friend!

  19. OMG. How fabulous are you? Top hat and all!

    1. Thank you Jenny! And what a beautiful Golden Globe wrap up you did! Kudos!

  20. You are an absolute vision Tamera and I love your creativity!!
    I so love that you share your vision with us all!

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

    1. Thank you dear Karena! Thank you also for sharing Wiseman's Inner Spaces on your blog! What a fascinating interview you had with him! My morning is now charged with aesthetic inspiration!

  21. the first pic is like in a look great and confident. Keep on working on your authentic creativity . It's your life and it seems you have a lot of joy and fun.

    1. Thank you dearest Mumbai! I have also been in remiss in my thanking you for the lovely holiday wishes! Thank you … I was so touched by your thoughtfulness! Hope your New Year is off to a beautiful start!

  22. You are a gorgeous vision! You inspire me as you explore your creativity and share your process. I have always loved differences, which as you say, helps us stretch and grow! Brava!

    1. Thank you ever so much dear Judith! Your words are always a gift to my soul! Now I am off to visit your latest gown installment … because you are always a true inspire to me as well!

  23. Amen, sister!!!
    you're bright and inspiring and love your attitude so much than would love to embrace you through the miles that separate us!!

    1. Thank you ever so mud my dear! I so appreciate your true zest for personal style! xo

  24. Tamera, your joy for life is so inspiring. You encourage my thoughts to the outer most corners of my mind. To stretch those things that limit us is the only way to reach higher ground.
    You look wonderful on the crest of that hill. Representing both the richness of history and your openness for what is new and exciting.

    1. My dear Joni … thank you for such a beautiful gift of words! They touch my heart!

      Big congrats on the new job! You are certainly looking like it agrees with you! xo