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What I Wore 2014

I get very reflective as each year comes to an end.
I have spent the last day going through each of my posts
looking for what I wore
what I liked and why.

During my search I also came across
some of my more meaningful writings

that I will share tomorrow.

But today it's all about the exterior

What I Wore 2014.

Starting with this tunic slip from Free People
that showed up more than even I thought it would!

This tunic slip was the merging piece
for so many outfits
winter or summer!

It worked when it was cool or hot
fancy or plain
it definitely was the cornerstone of my neutral wardrobe!

For more dramatic occasions my 
double skirts came out often!

I layered a Rag and Bone silk parachute skirt
over a pleated Theory skirt
was always so happy with the results!

My favorite version  right now for winter 
has the skirts paired with my fur vest and silk blouse.

My white overalls were once again a favorite of mine
this summer.
Paired with my white Tory Burch blazer
they make for a fresh and modern version of a suit.

Turbans … what can I say!
I love them even more right now
 have a gorgeous cream leather 
in the works in my studio!

Turbans not only offer instant glamour
but such a time saver in the hair department!

I am even more in love with my neutral SoCal color palette
it is such a perfect way to highlight my love for textures!

And it ends up all of my favorite pieces play 
wonderfully with each other!

Speaking of favorite pieces
I think I will always remember
2014 as my year of Birkenstocks
learning never to say never!
Have I ever gotten my moneys worth of wear 
from my SoCal favorite shoe addition!

My favorite apres  surfing look this year!
It might not look like it
but it was a quick change from surfing
to cocktails for a Friday night date!

The weather was hot for so long  here this year
finding cool solves come fall was always a styling challenge.
All the more reason
I was so happy to have so many neutral closet players who worked happily together!

Besides coordinating separates
I still have some beloved closet pieces that are stars on their own
like my DKNY off the shoulder silk maxi that has been with me for years!

This year I added a new spin to it with my
orchid flower crown.

I am infatuated with all things crowns these days
can't wait to debut my new love
here on January 1st!

I'm debuting more than crowns
it's the message I have behind them that's my mission!

Here are some of my favorite stylings this year …

My kimono meets distressed jeans, stripes and glitter kitten heels!
I am always in love with perfectly balanced juxtapositioning!

Like when an army green anorak meets with cashmere and sequins!

A little fresh striping with your fitted silk Chinese and a big dose of all white!

Why here you wouldn't even know I'm known for my neutral pallet love would you?

Just shows how I'm one of those all or nothing types!
I just love the colorful energy of this outfit!

Some more color play to be sure!

I brought all of my brightest brights to Palm Springs this year.
There is something about the heat and the wide open desert
that really calls for the energy of color
 the brighter, more intense
the better!

Just the opposite of my attraction to our beaches here
in the fall and winter
where it seems to call for calm.

My wool J Crew sweatshirt
was the perfect piece to highlight 
my Sea Bliss pieces!

The ease of the sweatshirt
looks completely different
paired with a ball skirt for a casual morning coffee.

I took the skirt a different way
pairing it with denim and my turquoise collections.

My army green anorak was another perfect juxtaposition!

Still loving this vintage cape made by my mother in the 70's
It's completely fresh once again.
I even saw an almost exact version
in the Herme's window when I was in Paris.
It's the perfect backdrop for accessories!

This year I even gave black leather a run …

but black here in SoCal
is still my least favorite color to wear.
I love packing a whole suitcase of all black
when I go to NYC though.

Love this shot  where my husband chose the location
when we were looking for the perfect place to shoot
my wonderful Persole umbrella!

I think working with leopards are like neutrals
they often play beautifully together!

Still loving all things sequin
my love of these will forever remind me of the dear

I will end my look back at 2014
with my favorite shot this year.

Taken at the Mission
on a beautiful Friday summer night
this kimono is my favorite vintage find to date …
so you know 
like so many pieces on my blog …
you will be seeing this one again!

I pride myself in having reoccurring fashion players
here on my blog.
I have a real wardrobe 
 real wardrobes
always do best with 
big doses of creativity 
a few additions and subtractions.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life
this New Year!


  1. Great outfits and oh my, that vintage cape. It looks like today's fashion trend. Happy New Year!

    1. Kim thank you so much! And thanks again for hosting your weekly Wow Us Wednesday … I can't believe it's week 202 already! Your link up brings together so many fabulous decorating sites!

      Wishing you a most abundant New Year!


  2. That cape is 'da bomb' - great outfit.
    And I love the yellow and blue with the ginormous orange earrings.
    So admire your ability to bring such style to all your days.

    1. Thank you my dear for your sweet words! And thank you for visiting from Melbourne! Wishing you a most wonderful New Year! I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous gardens!


    2. Thanks Tamera - I had an old link attached to my username (I've up-dated it now). No longer a Melbournian - I've headed north to warmer climes - I'm a Queenslander now!

  3. I think the fact that I want to pin every picture shows how much I loved your looks and your blog in 2014. You truly are talented and it all!

    1. Thank you dear Pam for your visit and your lovely words! I am so looking forward to finally meeting you in person in a couple of months!

      Wishing you and yours a most blessed New Year!


  4. That cape is stunning and your jewellery is always so bold and beautiful.

    All the very best in 2015!


    1. Thank you dear Suzanne! Always so very lovely for your visit! I am leaving here … to visit you … it's been far too long!

      Wishing you a most abundant New Year my dear!


  5. So many gorgeous photos of beautiful outfits, Tamera. As much as neutrals are something of a trademark for you, I do love the dramatic splashes of rich colour and fabulous print too. Happy new year to you and your family! xxx

    1. Oh my dear Curtise … So wonderful for your visit! I have been thinking of you since yesterday … and was on my way over to visit You! Great hearts think alike!

      Wishing you and yours an abundant New Year! (Now I'm off to visit You!)


  6. GREAT RE~CAP!!!!I adore that DKNY need to make those and SELL THEM!It has been a fun and magical year finding YOU!Come end of JANUARY 2014 was when the WELL STYLED LIFE had lunch with me at NEIMAN'S and said to me,"DO YOU READ TAMARA BEARDSLEY?"WELL,YOU SHOULD!"I was hooked from the first POST...................
    I look forward to your JANUARY FIRST POST!
    One more thing the KIMONO SHOT is FABULOUS................make it into a POSTER for YOUR STUDIO!

    1. Hello my dearest Contessa! I can't believe it has only been a year since we have know each other … I guess with so much in common … it's bound to seem like we have known each other for ages! My life would be less glamorous … without you in it!

      Sending you love and blessings for the New Year!


  7. You look divine in everything! Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I do love you in those long maxi's. I am too timid (& I don't have a photographer) to post pics of myself. I feel like it's too too.
    But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE yours !!!
    Happy New Year, Tamera. Do not change one whit !!

    1. Marsha thank you darling … for your visit and your ever so kind words!

      I do so wish you would post pics of yourself gorgeous self! You would be surprised how liberating it can be!

      Wishing you a most fabulous New Year my dear!


  9. Happy New Year, Tamera!! It's so fun to look back over how style evolves and changes. You look gorgeous in every shot, and take "casual elegance" to a whole 'nother level!

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Femme! Happy New Year to you as well! I have it on my wish list for the coming year … to finally meet you in person! We live too close and have way to much in common … to go another year this way!


  10. Dear Tamera, loving your neutral palette after finally finding the perfect nude lippy from Bobbi Brown. Also your love of colour against the desert backdrop is beautiful. It is lovely to see all the outfits and combinations you put together! It gives me inspiration! Happy 2015 to you and yours! Still thinking of that blog! Love and light, Catherine xx

    1. Dearest Catherine how wonderful to have you visit .. and from so far! Happy to hear you found the perfect nude lippy … it does tie a neutral look together wonderfully!

      My dear you know how much I hope you do a blog! I will be your first follower for sure … just let me know my dear! Blogging does take a bit of time … but the rewards are priceless … like 'meeting' wonderful souls like yourself!

      Sending you love my dear.


  11. This post is like eye candy! Such beautiful pairings and chic style. You look simply stunning. Happy New Year! xo

    1. Hey gorgeous! So wonderful to have you visit! Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to seeing you in the coming year! we need to make it happen … again!


  12. Happy New Year! I love your sequin top and all your outfits esp the cape by your mum in the 70s! So chic!! Am at the beach and luffing resort life sick! Best for 2015 is 1.30 pm on the 1st here xxxx ps thanks for the shout out x

  13. You are adorable and your blog always gives me a lift. Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year fabulous woman ! more creativity in next time :)

  15. Dearest Tamera,
    You look fabulous no matter what you where because of you style and panache!!
    It was such a pleasure to get to meet and know you this year at Andrea's!
    Happy New Year to you and Jeff!
    The Arts by Karena

  16. fabulous and all so expressive of YOU

    Many happy positive energies your way for the coming year


  17. Wow! Tamera, your sense of style is amazing, you are such an original. I also wanted to leave a comment on your New Year's post because it might be one of my favorites but I couldn't see the comment link. Hmm might be my computer. But thank you for sharing such a wise and beautiful post to begin the year. The idea of crowning ourselves is a lovely metaphor and I (like so many others) fell in love with the crown you made. It's the mix of materials that you used.the cotton was genius.
    I hope you did something fun for new years eve. My parents just left after being here a week and I had such a beautiful time just hanging out (and eating too much good food) although we did work on some exciting things around the house.
    hugs to you,