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Christmas Wrap Up 2014

Another Christmas season has come to a close
so today I am doing my annual 
Christmas wrap up!
You can see last year's post here.

As I said at the beginning of the season
I went for a much more simple decor style this year
leaving all my ornaments in their boxes
opting  for  more natural decor.

I garnished with cranberries, apples and greenery
wherever I could!

In the living room I used my crystal candles
on slate boards
trimmed with tins of cranberries and branches.

I even kept my couch pillows there simple 
which for me was definitely something new!

My paper whites
which we realized must be a Narcissus 
lasted the whole season!
The blooms have lasted over 2 weeks!
The regular paper whites 
seem to only last a few days.
I had no idea until this year 
the difference in the quality and type of bulbs.

We even changed up the type our type of Christmas tree this year
opting for a grafted Blue Noble.

Since I was choosing to only use garland this year
I wanted a tree with distinguished branches
to really show case the garland.

It was an attempt that looked 
good enough in person
but I don't think I will repeat this choice.
The branches were so sparse you could always see through the tree.
The tree was also much bluer in our house than I had anticipated.
But all in all 
it was a beautiful tree
which is still fresh at the end of the season.

I of course brought out my 
Vintage Brooch Christmas Necklace
for the season!

It paired perfectly with a navy blue sparkly maxi
for Christmas Eve dinner.

Our outside spaces were decorated for the holidays
but our rain kept them infrequently used.
No complaints here about rain
each storm was a gift to out drougb parched state!

I left my champagne glasses from the Engagement Party
dressed for Christmas!

My collection of vintage glassware grew a we bit this season.

My backyard lemons were so bountiful
they made for a perfect impromptu centerpiece for 
Christmas Day!

I carried my natural Christmas style 
all the way through to my wrapping as well.

It was fun to see how everyones presents
coordinated so beautifully.

As much as I enjoying styling the holidays
I realize 
my favorite part of the season
are the moments of togetherness shared.

I now see the season as a perfect framework
for these shared  almost fleeting moments.
With my kids having lives of there own
I am so grateful with time spent together
sometimes cringe thinking how I used to take this for granted.

Anymore to me it's not the presents or the decorations that are important.
I see now that
they are really just markers on the path
to making  magical memories
of time shared together
 now the true gifts to my heart.

It's being somewhere
at the same time
 committing that moment to memory
in a kind of joining of hearts
in memory and tradition 
to be pulled out 
year after year.

A swirling mixture  of memory
that gets sweeter each year
with memories of the past shading the moments of today
while at the same time
laying the way for traditions of tomorrow.

For me the Christmas holidays
provide moments where
I can touch the past
 feel the present
knowing all the while
through my children
I am investing in Christmas's to come.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. It looks like it was gorgeous...what a talented and creative woman you are...of course, that necklace is stunning!

  2. I know you will laugh at this since my home is decorated to the max, but I seriously crave your simplicity, it's so inviting and peaceful. Your words . . . "the Christmas holidays provide moments where you can touch the past and feel the present" are the most true and heartfelt words. As I sit each early morning (my alone time) by my lit Christmas tree, that is exactly what I do . . .just think of the past and smile at the present. Happy week to you, my dear friend.

  3. What a wonderful home - so inviting and warm! And you are gorgeous too, I love your brooch necklace. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. Hello Ms. Beardsley - loving that chunky necklace and all of your holiday images!

    Popped by from Vis Monday.

  5. I love the simple decor you chose this year. And the lemons...what a wonderful California touch!

  6. We have been in the middle of a house remodel. We kept our decor simple, as well. A tree and just a few favorite ornaments. My Grandmothers Navitvity and a sprinkling of lights. Most of the house is still in boxes. Up until 2 days before my family arrived I feared that a sprinkle of drywall dust would be my "glittering" and my Golden Retriever who drags in leaves from our yard on his tail would be the only greenery this home would see! I scurried and worried. And did the minimal. Gifts had simple homemade tags, no ribbon, no matching papers. Do you know what? It was perfect. WE, the family that gathered was all that was really needed. The food, the decor, the gifts all faded in the background. The sound of laughter, conversation, music and prayers of thanksgiving was all that was needed. Simple, yes, simple is best. I love that you did simple and elegant and most importantly celebrated sweet memories and those yet to be made! xoxo Barb

  7. I love your nature themed Christmas, the simplicity is what shines through. Our decorations quite simple this year, with a newish , very active puppy, nothing at floor level was the order of the day.You are as elegant as ever with your stunning Christmas necklace .Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  8. A swirling mix of memory...always your sentiments are gift wrapped and so sweetly stated, my friend.
    Your style is a feast for my eyes.
    Last year, I filled our home with natural cedar garland. This year, I kept it very simple and traditional. I took time to focus on some of the most nostalgic pieces of Christmas and displayed them in places to be touched and revisited. My mother and father found joy as they saw her handmade gifts of flourish from the past. With the "Grands" running around the house, I took our family room into a little candy cane tube light whimsy. My three year old grand daughter was so cute! Her comments and compliments flew! "Grandma, I just LOVE your lights this year! They look like candy canes, don't they?" "I love your sweater!" "It's black, isn't it?" "Tell me about your snowman!" "I love the Christmas tree he is holding!" My heart melted when she walked up to the Christmas tree and placed her hand upon her first year hand print ornament. I placed it at her level intentionally. She said, "Grandma! This is me on your tree!" "Yes it is, Holland Grace, and yes you may touch, and hold if you wish." "We are making memories!"
    Seasons Blessings to you and your loves, Tamera!

  9. What wonderful pictures and prose embracing the spirit of Christmas. As a fellow Californian, I especially love the bowl of lemons. I use oranges myself! Happy New Year!

  10. How beautifully said, Tamera. I feel your heart in reading your words. And, yes, sharing is what it is all about, even welcoming new people into your life and infusing them with your spirit. Love abounds !!

  11. All beautifully done Tamera!! Wishing you all the best in 2015! Come and see my message to friends!!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. I don't know what's more stunning, the decorations or your statement necklace!