Christmas Countdown

Hello my friends!
It's the final week of Christmas countdown
here at my house it all seems to be going way too fast!

So I thought I'd pop in here 
share some of my favorite
holiday styling!

I just love this potpourri recipe
it's an instant way to put 
holiday in the air!

It's also a quick way to bring back 
cozy Christmas feelings of yesteryear!

I love to garnish my plants 
with a quick dose of finishing holiday color.

Last year it was all red glass balls
this year 
I have gone more natural
finished all my plants with red apples!

Filling jars
votive candles
then adding water
makes for the most beautiful
illuminating arrangements.

Massing these is almost an instant
holiday centerpiece
 sprinkle them around for Christmas ambiance!

I also love to keep greens in vases
for any impromptu  gatherings!
They bring instant holiday style to any 
table or occasion!

Even filling vases with greens
can make for a festive look
for not much money!

But my very favorite holiday tip this year
is to remember

"life (or the holiday) doesn't have to be perfect
to be wonderful!

With so much pressure coming to  do up the holidays
we can forget 
the holidays can be a double edged sword for many of us.
What our holidays look like change
just as life and families do.

It's so important to celebrate the good that we do have.

So I am here to remind us all
that grace and self compassion
are also  important aspects of a loving memorable holiday.

To truly give to others
we need to make sure 
we first respect our own needs
We nourish others best from the  overflow of our own heart.

It is my wish for us all
that we can slow down 
 truly savor the small moments 
of the holidays …
because in the end
they are always the most important memories.

Wishing you all the most wonderful 
soulful holidays
no matter where in the world you are….

or what holidays speak to your heart.

I send you love.

As always my dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life
find your holiday meaning.


  1. I love the beautiful ornaments in the pots of greens and the cranberries. They are nice way of pulling in nature. Your decorating style is always so inspiring-thanks so much for sharing your ideas. All the best to you and your family as we sneak closer and closer to Christmas!

    1. Holli thank you for your kind words! I so enjoyed your post with your encounter with the monk … I have also been trying to remind myself to slow down … and enjoy life's moments.

      Sending warm holiday wishes your way!


  2. Thank you Tamera!
    For you and your family I wish the same, a joyful, meaningful, and peaceful holiday

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Karena thank you for your visit and lovely words my dear friend.

      Sending warm holiday hugs your way!


  3. love all your theming. Gorgeous sunset, happy Christmas x

    1. Thank you darling! Always so lovely when you visit my dear Faux!

      Sending big holiday hugs your way … for you and yours!


      PS … loved the IG photo of the visit with Santa … truly a magical age … and boy!

  4. That is a very gorgeous sunset shot.

    1. Thank you for your visit my dear! So lovely to "meet" a fellow gardener!

  5. Gorgeous! Thank you Tamera...really needed the stunning images, Annette's quote, and your touch of Christmas today! Blessings for a special day on Thursday!

    1. My dear Pam … You are most welcome! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending warm holiday hugs to you and yours!


  6. Merry Christmas Tamera and the very best for 2015. I've not blogged for a while, nor visited your blog for a while, and got an urge to do so this morning. I always come away feeling uplifted and inspired by your world, images and words.

    1. Thank you dear Valerie! Such a dear compliment … for that is exactly what I aspire to here on my blog. Thank you for your gift of words.

      So lovely to have you visit! Sending warm holiday hugs to you in London!


  7. I love it all but mostly the cranberries with greens and votive candles! Beautiful! and of course your inspiring words! Merry Christmas to you and your family....

  8. So many great ideas and a wonderful heartfelt sentiment.

    Happy Holidays!


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