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Thanksgiving Table Recap

Hello my friends!
I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving
 had a lovely holiday.
We certainly did here!
My husband and daughter love doing all the cooking
which means
 my time goes into creating 
the tablescape!

Last Christmas  I started doing holiday recaps
 as notes to myself 
and a way to share
 what worked for the holiday
notes on what I wanted to do different next year.

So in continuing that tradition
I'm sharing my Thanksgiving table recap!

I was so happy with not only the outcome of my table
but the process to get there as well!

I first reviewed my last few Thanksgiving tables
to remind myself of what worked and what I have done before.

Then I visited some wonderful blogs
for inspiration
as well as a quick jaunt through Pinterest.

When I had decided on the feeling I wanted this year
I then just started pulling pieces from my collections that conveyed the vibe I was after.

I decided with our unseasonably warm weather
(even for SoCal)
I wanted to celebrate the sunny weather
with a big nod to our SoCal area.

The best way to do that …

using  tiny citrus from my garden!

I also knew I wanted to keep the table feeling fresh 

Candles are always a must on my tablescapes.
So I chose to put together a couple of rustic holders
in which I used small canning jars as votes.

To add a little quirk to the arrangement
I simply swapped out one candle 
for a lovely sculptural succulent.

My center was clean, simple and dramatic
just exactly the feeling I was after!

I worked in  kumquats to each place setting
by juxtaposing 
this natural element and twine
with washed 'silk' feel napkins
that I made out of remnant material from the fabric store.

I made the table cloth the same way.
I wanted to work in some fresh 
natural stripe
to pull in the color of the citrus leaves
and dress up our farm table for the occasion.

I just love the playing off  of rustic and the glam of the napkin's sheen
mixed with a big punch of citrus!

Using my slate tiles as placemats
was something I just loved from my last year's table!

I love the texture and the grounding effect of the stone tile.

Especially seeing the composition repeated 
for each pacesetting.

I loved the whimsy the different salt and pepper sets brought to the table.

I also once again used my repurposed milk bottles
at every other  place setting 
to have extra water on the table.
I hate breaking up good conversations to get up for waters.

My easel collection
with tiny chalk board place cards
also made a  lovely reappearance this year.

My favorite new addition this year

Take home boxes for leftovers!
I searched high and low for craft colored boxes
on Tuesday.
I never found any.
But I did find some white bakery boxes at Surfas
simply folded them inside out 
for the perfect boxes I was looking for!

I finished them off with Thanksgiving stickers 
from Cost Plus.

I will definitely be repeating this idea next year!
It's one of those ideas that 
I can't believe we never did before!
The boxes were a huge hit
there was no more mad scramble to package up

Next year I think I will finish off the boxes
by tying them with twine and slipping in the citrus from the places settings

That way I will be sending home the people I love
with a beautifully wrapped gift
filled with the gift of a meal shared!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh Tamera, what an absolutely lovely and inviting scene! You have such an eye for detail and texture. I love the fun salt & peppers!

  2. you have done a good job on table setting. I like the glasses beside other little things where you paid a lot of personal attention and the idea with the take home boxes are brilliant.

  3. Tamera, Gorgeous! First let me say I love, love, love the dishes and how you mixed them, the votives in small jars, the stripe tablecloth, the slates, and the tiny citrus. All together look so California, fresh and pretty! I have to get to Cost Plus to find more of those cute stickers. The boxes must have been nice to send home. No tupperware to return and all that.. I hope you got to enjoy the day and relax a little today after it all. I know I did! Thank you again for all your kind words about my table. xo Kim

  4. How beautiful.
    Your Thanksgiving table sings love, gratitude and charm.
    Tamera, I have been in love with your rustic candelabras since the first moment I landed in your world.
    Did someone make them for you?
    Our decorating styles are quite similar...I soar when I visit you.
    Thank you...thank you.

  5. Lovely.
    Great idea on the take out boxes!!!

    Off to the next P A R T Y........which is coming UP soon!!!!!!!!You have a busy month............XO

  7. So pretty and heartfelt! I especially love the different sets of salt and pepper shakers :)

  8. Stylin' up a storm!
    Love the little kumquats with the silky serviettes.

  9. Hello dear Tamera, I know for a fact that for many of you my Amerrican friends Thanksgiving is even more important than Christmas.
    Wonderful table setting

  10. Great ideas and table styling! Everything looked wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  11. love all the great ideas I get from you. I feel like I`m cheating :)


  12. You are such a talented designer. I love the unexpected surprises on this Thanksgiving table! Wow! Great job and thanks for sharing it with us, it is truly beautiful. XO, Jill

  13. How did I miss this post? I love what you did with your table setting, absolutely gorgeous! Love the creamy colored linens with the slate and chalkboard placecards--and those boxes are a great idea. So charming with the stickers. You're such an original Tamera!