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Persolé… My Newest Accessory Find!

Anybody who follows my blog knows
my huge love of fashion accessories!
So when I find a new one
it's exciting times for me!

And  it's even more exciting to me
when the accessory is  not just beautiful
but serves a purpose as well!

That's exactly what  my new 
Peroslé  does!

Living here in sunny Southern California
sun protection is something
I am always well aware of.

I never, ever
 go out without sun block!

But recently I am even more aware of  not getting any sun exposure
on my face 
as I am using a prescription ointment
to get rid of some nagging dark spots.
So now any sun exposure will slow down the effectiveness
is  to be avoided.

That's why when I was a asked to review 
this beauty from
it couldn't have come at a better time for me
because this product
blocks out 99.7% of harmful UV rays!

And just as important to me
it does so with such beauty!

These umbrellas come in many stylish variations
 I picked the 
Chic Leopard 
because I knew it would style in perfectly
with so much of my wardrobe.

So not only doest this umbrella protect my face 
from our Southern California sun
it does so with chic panache!

Persolés are made of two layers of fabric
so when they are opened
there is a lovely surprise of color and design bursting through!
I just love the leopard layer inside mine
which to me
functions as a beloved neutral
that I so enjoy layering in my wardrobe.

Another one of my favorite things about this fabulous accessory
is how it carries when it's closed...

With this fabulous 
acting as a stowage ring when closed!
Truth be told
 when I opened the box
I didn't even realize the purpose of this gorgeous bracelet
enjoyed wearing  it as such 
for a couple of days
because this Swarvski crystal beauty
integrated perfectly with my collected arm candy!

Once I realized it's intended purpose
I fell in love even more with my

How fabulous it is to slip the bracelet off the umbrella
 onto my wrist 
with my other beauties
while I have the umbrella up!

Then  I just slip it back on when I close the umbrella!

Talk about
 glamorous styling!

Oh how I love great accessories
they are some of the things in life
that make my heart sing!

Accessorizing my wardrobe
are the paints for my style compositions!

This week here in SoCal
I'm so happy that my Persolé umbrella
works perfectly in the rain as well because 
we are finally forecasted for rain!
Which is fantastic news  here
during our almost historical drought!

If your in the market for some extra sun protection 
or even 
a new glamorous umbrella 
head over to their site
 has generous holiday discounts for
Cyber Monday!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


  1. Awesome that Persole and so sexy. Matched perfectly to your outfit. I love it. When I was living in the Southern Hemisphere I have worn
    always an umbrella against the scorching sun but far away from your stylish Persole. I wish you have fun on rainy days too

  2. Thank you dear Mumbai! I am still so curious how your life has taken you so many beautiful places!


    1. Thank you to indicate interest in my life. First I was traveling for business with my husband and since we have more time we
      started to travel for our enjoyment. Like many of your follower and blogger I saw all our 5 beautiful continents and can't decide which one is the most wonderful one. I have seen countries they are now in war and this really breaks my heart and I learned to see our world and their people from a different point of view. I am very grateful for that. Please understand that I want not reveal much more in public. Thank you, dear Tamera.

  3. Love your brown outfit: the leopard print blouse, and the fullness of your trousers. So chic and lovely. Thanks for showing us the umbrella too. Fab!

    Cheers, Rosemary from

  4. I was just complaining I have NO LEOPARD in my wardrobe!!!!!!!!!
    TA DAH..........YOU arrive with a quick solution!I will head over.......soonest!
    THESE PHOTOS.........are PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh Tamara, it is my goal to rock accessories (besides hats) like you! Thanks for the inspiration, although I must ask: what's the difference in a persole and a parasol? Just branding?

  6. Your parasol is gorgeous - as is your entire look! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox

  7. A sun umbrella is a must... I have a few, but I like them a bit bigger (even though it can be quite a hassle to transport on a plane...).Yours is very glam.

  8. I love your outfit, Tamera...this rich, beautiful brown and bronze is gorgeous! I have one of the Perisole's and love it. It is really needed in Texas. They are such beautiful, quality pieces. I highly recommend them. You look lovely!

  9. Such a lovely post! Your photographs were art. xoxo

  10. As always, your fashion sense is impeccable! This is stunning and one of my favorite outfits I've seen you wear. Thanks for sharing. Peace! Cheryl

  11. My dear friend, the hues of this attire is absolutely stunning on you. And talk about the perfect location you chose. Well done! You are definitely the best model and spokeswoman Persole could ever ask for. I'm even tempted to purchase one but I might need to visit SoCal more often. How are they for traveling?

  12. Hi! You are a very beautiful ( and stilish ) lady! I love the way you have matched clothes and look just perfect!

  13. That's a very quirky and cool styling. My favourite are the pants though. So very stylish and a little bit Katharine Hepburn.

  14. Tamera it is so very stylish for an accessory and for protection and so very YOU!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Love your parasol and your handbag, looks so smart, stylish and classy. They both complement your attire well!

  16. Hi Tamera,

    You styled your Persolé is such a stunning way! I love everything about your look. I hope you enjoy using your Persolé as much as I enjoy mine. Aren't they gorgeous accessories? And so useful, too. Love that!
    You look glamorous and chic, as always. xo, A

  17. Fabulous umbrella and I love how you've styled it. I wish I'd had one of those Persolés when we visited Hong Kong and Thailand in October!

  18. You look so elegant in your brown tones. The umbrella is indeed the perfect touch, the leopard print adds the finishing touch. Useful and beautiful, always the perfect combination.

  19. You shine more than any jewel, dear Tamera

  20. Dear Tamera looking gorgeous and styled so well with your Persole! Sun is indeed bad for one's face let alone everywhere else so I see the Persole being used quite extensively in the heat! Have fun!

  21. Wow what stunning photos!! I love that your persole matches your outfit.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up & enter for chance to win a blanket scarf & an amazing mascara.

  22. Dearest Tamera, Parasols (your's is absolutely gorgeous) and sunscreen are absolute necessities. However, to really get rid of brown spots, a photofacial is the only way to go. It is a laser that targets brown or red spots. (I am in the garden all summer so I use it to control my Rosecea.) The Extra bonus is that repeated treatments increase collagen production and hence reduce wrinkles! However, don't do it right before a party, it takes about a week for the brown spots go away.

    Smiles from Charlotte

  23. Such gorgeous images. Some of your images look like they come straight out of the film 'Out of Africa'! Stunning! xx

  24. The engagement party was fabulous beyond words. It is just beautiful . I wish you and your daughter much happiness! Much Love to you and your family Shirley

  25. It seems that you really do have good sense over fashion and fashion accessories. I liked your preferences a lot. Can you suggest me any fashion accessories store as well as some latest fashion wears?

  26. I love that umbrella and must have one. How do I order?