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Thanksgiving Table Decor

It's time to style my Thanksgiving table!
My very favorite part of the preparation!

One of the many benefits of having a blog is
I can just look up my old posts 
see what I want to bring back this year
what I want to change up!

I am still loving the overall feel
of the juxtaposition of
a glamour at a farm style table!

Candles and natural  elements
will always have a place at my table!

I keep a large vintage picnic basket
filled with votives
so I can always make any space
twinkle with candle light!

I have found keeping
 a large supply of candles
on hand 
makes using them often so much more doable.
I know if I burn through the ones that are out
I always have so many more!

In the living room
I have replaced my summer succulents
with candles
for a warm glow come Thanksgiving evening.
(My succulents have been happily moved outside
to fill in some planters).

I know I want to use my Slate tiles again
for chargers.

I loved the little chalk boards and easels
I used last year for place cards  …

but I'm also loving
the rustic  torn paper place cards
from years ago.

But I am also entertaining the idea of tiny rosemary wreaths
made from the bounty in my garden right now
with some calligraphy name cards …

I have found a perfect new place to display
our turkey
who has been with Jeff and I since our 
first Thanksgiving 
way back when … in our apartment.

Now to some things I think I will add this year ...

I was smitten at Andrea of the 
use of simple olive branches and twine
with simple white linen napkins.

Last year I made the rounds to some of my favorite blogs
after Thanksgiving
 found this fabulous idea
at one of my dear friends blog
(She was actually one of the two women who inspired me to blog).
Marta of 

She had boxes and label all ready to go to take home left overs!
I am so glad I pinned this last year 
because I am so doing it the is year!
Sending home the gift of food
is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving!

I am off this afternoon to 
for some take out boxes.

Then  to Cost Plus for some
 Thanksgiving left overs labels!

I am so happy to add something new to our traditions
send guests home with some nice packaging!

I love everything about this photo from
my beautiful friend Kim

Kim has me wondering if maybe I do want to cloth 
my farm table this year.
Check out her link for some more of her stylish ideas!

I know I am going to integrate her idea of 
using pears into my Thanksgiving scheme.
Especially as she pointed out
they will integrate perfectly into 
Christmas decor!

I have been chomping at the bit to get to Christmas
while still given giving
Thanksgiving it's due!
So I couldn't be more enthused 
with any ideas that can bring the two together!

Now my friends
 it's off to put these ideas into practice!
It will be a busy one here today!

And of course …
I still have to figure out 
what I'm going to wear!

I wish all of you who celebrate 
this  day of Thanksgiving and gratitude
a most remarkable holiday!

As Always My Friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Dear Tamera,
    Isn't it super having out blog archives to look back on the past year? I cannot remember what I did and so appreciate having that on hand! Your table with the wood is so pretty and I love the mix of candles, the white plates and pumpkins. The slate and the chalkboard name cards are adorable. I like you have also saved little place cards done by my guys many years ago. Those little handwritten cards are precious. I also love the olive branches used by the French Basketeer and those cute take out boxes are such a great idea.
    Thank you for linking to my post. Very sweet of you. I usually come here for inspiration! I will look forward to your final table as I know it will be fabulous. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving with your family. xxoo Kim

  2. Tamera, I love all your ideas, and I can't wait to see your table come together! Very inspirational for me as I am working on my Thanksgiving table today too! xoxo


  3. Wow! Your ideas are gorgeous. I SO love your pumpkin bowls and the gorgeous slate name places.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Sending you Holiday hugs from London.

  4. I made those napkins for FRENCH BASKETEER.......with her SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS!!!!They were GORGEOUS...............
    Your table will be a smash......NO DOUBT!I do not think I have time to even think about the table!!!been up since 6 10 am had A LOT done but just sat down now to breath a bit.My house guest should be arriving any minute now!I haven't seen her in 33 years........just a WEE bit EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!The BOYS room is done.................NEXT PROJeCT has to wait until JANUARY!HAPPY TURKEY DAY to all down SOUTH!XO