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Sunny Saturday In Laguna Beach

It was a picture perfect Saturday
here in SoCal this week
which made heading out to Laguna Beach even more of a treat!

First stop was the
 Laguna Beach Farmers Market
where I wanted to pick up a little garnish 
for a hostess gift.

Blouse -vintage YSL,  jacket and jeans-almost vintage, leather flats-Lili Pulitzer, basket
 French Basketeer, floral brooches - Tamera Beardsley -DIY HERE

Jeff and I then made a quick stop at 
Las Brisas 
for a cocktail 
to take in the world class view!

Next it was on to 
where Jeff dropped me off 
for another of Andrea's amazing
cooking classes.

Appetizers were at the ready ...

Knowing that  learning how to make different versions of
champagne cocktails
 was on the agenda
I brought some Rondel gold in a galvanized bucket
garnished with eucalyptus 
to class!

Andrea had so many great ideas for
champagne cocktails
that I know I will be incorporating 
many of them in an upcoming
engagement party 
for my daughter and her wonderful fiancé!

Pears were poached …

and turned into holiday treats!

We were shown how to 
candy petals and flowers
as well as taught too many things to list!

Learning new skills
with wonderful women
at such a phenomenal property
is always a magical experience for me.

Desserts were masterly prepared.
There was something to see and learn
around every corner.
But my favorite part of the class 
is always spending quality time
with marvelous women
friends old and new!
Andrea has a gift of gathering the most amazing people
generously sharing her talents!

Jeff came back to pick me up at the end of class
so we could finish our beautiful Saturday
with a sunset dinner
at the beautiful
 Deck Restaurant.

Time spent with my husband 
at sunset
is always a gift to my soul
a powerful reminder that

Life is Good.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a lovely post, Tamera! Like going on a vacation! Loved the picture where you are laughing...had to Pin it!

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I was laughing because my husband, who does my photos … is always telling me to take my hands off my hips and do something with them! As long as I have been doing photos … I am still pretty uncomfortable … especially with shoots like this one … that take place on busy streets!

      Thank you so much for visiting! Wishing you a wonderful new week!


  2. Beautiful outfit and your class looks amazing (and delicious!). Wasn't it just a splendid weekend weather-wise, though?

    1. It truly was splendid, picture perfect weather! You and I still need to meet up my dear! Let me know when Jeff and I can come up to your area … maybe we could meet for lunch some weekend, when your time permits!


  3. Well you are always just picture perfect, but I love the pic of you laughing too!! Did you know that is the old (original) Laguna Beach Post Office? I'd love to be going through those doors for my mail! With all the arctic cold, I just love being here in this gorgeous weather, and having so many fantastic ladies here for the cooking class. It was a treat to have lunch under the loggia. I love that you and Jeff finished the day with a sunset dinner...perfect!! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday my dear~~ xxooA

    1. Andrea, thank you once again for such a magical cooking class! Spending a spectacular sunny November Saturday, learning and lunching under the loggia … was a particularly perfect SoCal day! Thank you for your generous and sharing spirit! My friends and I had a most marvelous time!

      I have always wondered about the building …and always been so intrigued as to how such a magnificent door came to be there. Thank you for sharing some of Laguna's history. The more time I spend in Laguna … the more I am smitten your town!

      Wishing you a wonderful new week my dear!


  4. First off I spied those old doors as I dashed into town to grab some lunch for a few of us a month ago!I HAVE VERY SIMILAR DOORS at HOME!They come from INDIA.
    Second.........LAS BRISAS.........OMG!That use to be our hang out when I was a 20 something!!I did look for it as I drove to Laguna but did not see this last trip.Assumed it was NO MORE!
    Third,How could YOU EAT after eating the lunch at class??!!!!I suppose you sat sipping a cocktail and nibbled and watched your husband EAT!Sounds like a VERY FULL DAY to me.........I ADORE the jacket ADORE.........and the Flowers sticking out of ANDREA"S BASKET is SUBLIME...........OVER the TOP PERFECTION(!ANDREA......I would like that basket TOO!!!!!!)Must stop by and place an ORDER!As for the HUSBAND and his photos.........THEY are a SMASH.........I asked my Husband to take a photo of me last night as we were headed out to a P A R T Y..............out of focus, too far away.............cut out the adorable dog at my feet........etc etc etc.

  5. So happy for your visit here dear Contessa! How lucky for you to have doors like these at your stunning home! I really must invite myself up for a stay … the more I see and hear about your house … the more absolutely intrigued I am!!

    I myself spent quite some time at Las Brisias in my 20's as well. For all we know our paths crossed many a time there! The restaurant is definitely still there … with it's iconic view … but alas it feels like it was many years ago that the owners have put any money in for upkeep. but we all still return for the stellar view!

    Yes, the pink basket of our dear French Basketeer is always such a happy pop of color to bring out … you do need one! I must order the cashmere wrap like yours … now that I know of your high recommendation! It was most lovely talking with you yesterday!

    Wishing you a beautiful new week my dear friend!


  6. Oh that sunset!!!!!!!
    It all looks so lovely.
    And congrats on the engagement!
    What fun wedding planning.
    We could do with some of that vit D sunshine here in ol' Blighty!

    1. Thank you for the engagement wishes my dear!

      I must say once again, your hand embroidery designs are exquisite … such artistry!

      You live in one of my daughter and I, favorite cities … sun or no sun!

      Wishing you a lovely new week … and sending you some SoCal sunshine to be sure!


  7. You had me at "colors', the rest was all icing on the cake!!! Love!!!

    1. Why thank you my dear! I so appreciate you stopping by!

      Wishing you a beautiful new week!


  8. This proves it..... we all can wear distressed jeans!

    1. Yes, you are quite right my dear! Especially when like my pair here … the distressed parts are backed with the loveliest calico patches underneath!

      Thank you so much for stopping for a visit!


  9. I LOVE your distressed jean outfit! Mixing the floral jacket with the lace is fabulous! Am so glad to see you in distressed jeans- my favorite. Repeating the floral with your bag and your shoes is fantastic!!!! I wish I could see your shoes - they look adorable. Such a happy outfit!