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Taking The Train to La Jolla

This week I decided to have a mini getaway
 take the train down to San Diego to visit my daughter.
It was so much more fun than I even imagined.

Even though our train station is only 
ten minutes from our house
it had been years since our kids were little
 the boys were completely intrigued with trains
that I have been on one.

I myself have always loved train travel.
When I went to study International Business at NYU
I took one all across country by myself.

This time
it was a short ride down south.
I upgraded to business class
 enjoyed every minute of my travel!

The seats were large with expansive room between.
My car was so empty
it provided the perfect opportunity
to finish my makeup and accessorize
while having my coffee and being treated to  most spectacular views!


I said this on instagram as well
but if you ever find yourself in South Orange County California
I highly recommend  taking Amtraks Surfliner down to San Diego.
Sometimes the train seems like it truly just out of the surf line.
This train has double decks
so the views are from a perspective you rarely have access to!

Long washes of beaches
are broken up with beautiful beach towns 
like San Clemente.

Being November the beaches 
are pretty much empty
except various spots populated by surfers braving the cold waters.

Ellis picked me up in Solana Beach
the closest stop to our destination of 
picturesque La Jolla!

As soon as we arrived
we parked along the cliffs
and were off in search of a brunch with a view!

We were directed to La Valencia
and made our way to the top.

Little did we know at the time 
we had stumbled into the iconic
Pink Lady
which has been an iconic part of La Jolla
since 1926.

I told Ellis I always head to a gorgeous hotel
to ask the concierge for what I was looking for.
It was another beautiful hotel concierge
that actually directed us to La Valencia.

It was an amazing brunch 
with mimosas and great conversations!

I was so impressed with the property
I think I might need to go back 
for a longer stay!

We walked all the beautiful main streets of La Jolla
taking in the beautiful sights
as well as being on a quest
to find the perfect  invitations 
for the up coming engagement party!

We were wonderfully successful in the Kate Spade Store.

The time flew by
and a quick bite was had 
before it was time to catch my train once again!
But we were ever so happy with our quaint little find
with yet another perfect view!
I am always All about the View!

I am just so excited about train travel now!
I can't wait to plan my next day excursion!
It was not only so simple and easy
no security of traffic to deal with ...

The views were so incredible
the journey truly was a destination!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I share your train travel with great passion. It is the most comfortable art to travel and at the same time seeing much more than drive with a car. I used trains nearly in every country I have been and the most luxurious was the Palace of the wheel which has shown me
    the beauty of Rajastan but I also enjoyed the experience travel with the public trains in parts of South America which were sometimes very crowded with always kind and helpful natives.

    1. First, dear Mumbai … I wish you had a blog my dear! Your life sounds like such a beautiful adventure! I am so curious what in life has taken you to so very many wonderful parts of the world.

      Second, I just looked up The Palace of the Wheels … and almost cried at the beauty of it all! I had no idea anything so regal still existed!! It seems I know so very little of the world … but I am so eager to learn!

      Thank you ever so much for stopping by and commenting … and sharing some of your beautiful life! I am all the richer for it!


  2. When I lived in California, I would ride the train to see football games. It is a real treat. I went from Union Station. Business Class, is a real treat. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

    1. How wonderful to take the train from Union Station … it is such a romantic station and a destination in it's own. I think it will be my next day excursion!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your fondness for train travel. I am most happy to share the beauty I found. I feel like train travel has opened up a whole new window to my life!

  3. As a native san diegan I appreciate your visits as that will always be where I'm from. The pink lady is a very fond memory for me as is George's on the cove, another view you should check out next time! La Jolla has always been a reminder from my youth to be free and in the moment, it was where I first went skinny dipping in the ocean and also where I had a bad crash on my bicycle as I tried to hold hands with my boyfriend as we barreled down a huge hill.
    I just took the train from portland to seattle and it was a blast, completely opposite of air travel. One of these days I'll do the starlight from Portland to San diego.

    1. Krista thank you for the recommendation for George's on the cove! I will definitely look for it, the next time I return to beautiful La Jolla! It sounds as though you have so many life filed memories from this stunning city!

      Taking the train from Portland to Seattle does sound so fun … I can only imagine the exquisite scenery! Taking the Starlight up the coast is most definitely on my train wish list as well!

      Thank you so much for stopping by … and sharing your appreciation of train travel, but love of your beautiful city of San Diego!

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! And so much fun...a train trip like this would be very inviting...have a great weekend, Tamera!

    1. Thank you Pam … it was a simple and very fun trip!

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear!


  5. What gorgeous photos! I love train travel too, and we may have to give that one a try.

    1. Thank you Susan! Oh you definitely should! Once you get past Irvine … there is So much beautiful ocean to sea! It truly is a remarkable ride!

      Have a wonderful weekend my dear!



    1. Sissy my dear, i did get off at Solana Beach, as it's the closest to La Jolla, but it wasn't until my return that we saw Cedros Street! I can't wait to go back and explore … You are so right it is filled with so many great places to visit! Thanks doe the reminder!

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


  7. How fun to take the train down Tamera! I love La Jolla and the La V is one of my fave places to have lunch outside. I also love the La Jolla Goodwill near Sur La Table on Girard for finding great home stuff to entertain with etc. I also left a comment on your last post about a restaurant in San Diego I think you would love next time you come down here. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I made this trip once with my daughters thinking it would be a great adventure and it was!

  9. I love train travel too. Your pictures are gorgeous...our son wife and two grandchildren have been visiting San Diego at a conference and are heading to Disneyland before returning home. They have mentioned how beautiful the weather is sunny and warm. We have winds and rain up here so I appreciate your snippets of sunshine. Thank you!
    I hope you will share the engagement party with us as you really know how to is all those lovely details that you are so good at.

  10. Me too, loving the train. This trip looks magnificent, Tamera - the ocean is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

  11. Hello...coming over from Visible Monday... :)
    I definitely feel a pang of jealousy looking at these wonderful, summery pictures of Orange County. I'm here in very rainy and cold London wishing I was in California.

  12. Train travel is a favorite of mine, and your photos of your travels are magnificent. As are you, in your hat with dazzling smile. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack. I appreciate your participation over the months. It always warms my heart to see you pop up on my screen in your always fabulous headwear.