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Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

Hello Monday
Hello Gratitude.

I have put into practice most all of my 
self care tips
that I wrote about HERE 
 this week.

They can never be a perfect solve
but they have done wonders
towards seeing the beauty in each day.

Red lipstick …
definitely helps!

As do sparkly accessories!

For me dressing in clothes I love
is always self care manifested.

As is getting outside with a view
to keep things in perspective!

I was very grateful
we got to visit my darling daughter and Elliot
in La Jolla for dinner last week.

You can see some of their fabulous
engagement photos on Ellis's blog HERE.

We were able to see what a marvelous job
Ellis did setting up their new home.
My heart was happy to see her new home was beautify and cozyl.

But driving away at night …
was still bittersweet.

Life is moving on …
in all directions
whether I want it to or not.

I am so surprised
that I feel like I am dragging my feet as hard as I am 
with embracing this change with joy …

After all this is what I have been preparing her for 
for the last 22 years,
To leave home 
 be loved and loving
with a successful life.

Maybe it's just how final it all seems
with all of my children
truly moving on
with their very own lives.

I am truly grateful though …
that they are able to.

Maybe I just miss the definiteness of purpose
I had every day
raising them.

Always knowing 
what was most important each day …
without a doubt.

I know it is my time now …
to find my next phase of purpose.

I was lucky enough this week 
to attend another one of 
The French Basketeer's
cooking classes.
It was all about fall foods this month.

Andrea's classes are so much more 
than just cooking.
So much more
I will be sharing about them later this week.

I am preparing this week
for visits from old friends
looking forward to seeing 
some new friends as well.

Turning outward …
towards friends
refusing to be consumed
by my own feelings
is a daily process for me.

I feel very blessed in life
to know so many fabulous women.

I am also most grateful to have spent a lovely weekend
with my husband.

We are at that stage of life and parenting
that I couldn't be more grateful
that we made it through some really tough times
still have each other.

As our house has emptied out
it is true
kids move on and out
 you are once again
left alone together.

I am most grateful to have picked so well
twenty eight years ago.
Heres to another twenty eight 
beautiful new roads to travel together!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. As I take a break from painting the sons room..........I am reading your POST thinking.......BINGO.I know EXACTLY what you are speaking about!"NEXT PHASE OF PURPOSE"...........once you figure YOURS out will YOU tell me what MINE is!!!!Still searching............XO

    1. Yes … I am on an all out search for one my dear!!

      So excited to see you this weekend! Can't wait to catch up! Andrea is so busy fluffing everything for your arrival!


  2. This stage of life is bittersweet....I think it feels empty because we have given so much of our energy and time devoted to our children and their upbringing. I struggle with the tendency to S-Mother!
    Fortunately we have two adorable grandchildren to shower with love and attention.
    Women friends are so special and having fun taking care of our homes, gardens and husbands just about rounds it out. It is important to take care of our inner spirits and make time, like you have done, for self care.
    Enjoy your week !

  3. I love your photography. That pizza looks fantastic! Is that a cashmere sweater you are wearing (my favorite for sweaters)? Can you tell me the brand as I love the way it looks on you? Thanks!

    1. Brenda I am wearing a wool 'sweatshirt' from J Crew. Thank you for your kind words and interest.

  4. Yes, that phrase .... "NEXT PHASE OF PURPOSE", really resonated with me too.
    It's really difficult especially when the previous phase was so strongly defined (mine wasn't children but caring for a seriously ill husband). It's hard to know what to do with all that intensity.

  5. Gorgeous photos and sentiments.


  6. Not quite at the empty nest stage, but it's on the horizon. I appreciate your lovely photos and thoughts. Nurturing ourselves and our relationships is what it's all about.