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French Basketeers - Fall Foods French Style

I had the privilege this weekend of 
attending Andrea of the 
French Basketeer's
 fall cooking class.

I have enjoyed each of Andrea's 
seasonal cooking classes
fall has definitely been my favorite!
Most likely because it is one of my favorite
SoCal seasons.

My biggest surprise in the fall class
was learning I could be cooking with all of the gorgeous
pumpkins and squash
I have only been using for
 styling decor 
up until now!

A phenomenal 
Butternut Squash Crostini
was made.
One so fabulous 
I have already made it for my family
along with the rest of
Andrea's perfect fall menu!

During class I make sure to take detailed notes
because Andrea truly knows where 
to find the best of everything ingredient and utensil wise
whether it be in her beloved France or here locally stateside.

Perfect food pairings are always demonstrated …

as well as learning new to me
cooking techniques.

But it is always Andrea's food styling tricks
that get my styling heart a fluttering!

My favorite
her use of a hallowed out Fairytale Pumpkin
turned soup tureen!

Her tip on notching out the lid
made the perfect space for the ladle
for dramatic at table service ...

for her incredible Provencal Pumpkin Soup!

Many different pumpkins were tasted and tested
I was smitten with their
always stylish and useful presence!

As much as I love learning about stylish seasonal cooking
my favorite part of
the French Basketeer's Cooking Classes
is always sharing  the resulting meal
with such fabulous women!

Andrea is a masterful gatherer of people
 I believe that has resulted
in the most amazing women
coming to her monthly classes!

I look forward each month
to spending time with Andrea in her kitchen
as well as meeting new women
 reconnecting with other 
class returnes like myself!

You can also always 
count on the absolute most wonderful deserts
after all
it is a French cooking class!

I left the class 
with a warm heart
for the women there
as well as the desire to cook for my family and friends this season!

Thank you Andrea for sharing you gifts
of style and taste!

I can't wait for next month's holiday class!
Sure to be another highlight of my month!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Wow, my mouth is watering... your photos are gorgeous!
    I am so excited about her upcoming party this weekend and look forward to meeting you!
    I just discovered your blog, fortunately just in time :)
    I'm sure her friends are just as superb as her cooking!
    Can't wait!!!!!

  2. I do believe I am hungry all over again for this meal we shared... Glad you loved the food and the company, it was such fun...and absolutely such a great group. Most of all I am thrilled that you have made some of these dishes for your family!

  3. i have always wanted to attend a class like this! Your product looks so good! I am currently taking a class and was going to write about it on Thursday...maybe cooking will be the next one!

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous!! This looks like it was a fabulous class!

  5. Tamera and Andrea, you know how much I wish I was still in Southern California to attend all of these amazing gatherings of great women! I can taste and smell the luscious scent of every dish! Miss you!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. LOVELY...........THIS FRENCH DAME and I share the same stemware........almost!The food looks delicious..............the table even more so!Your photos are BEAUTIFUL as ALWAYS............XO
    I got a lovely comment from one of your READERS today!

  7. That looks A - mazing!
    My mum and dad often remark that when they were children , they never ate pumpkin at the family dinner table.
    Pumpkin was considered "food for the cows" in the 50's.
    Thank goodness Australian cooks got over that prejudice by the 70's, coz I LOVE pumpkin (especially with Persian Feta and a drizzle of garlic vinaigrette on toasted herby bread).

  8. Gorgeous!
    One day I will fly and dine with the lovelies of SoCal!
    ...a dream come true!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Such fabulous looking delights that I know are delicious!! You are indeed fortunate to live so close to Andrea. I so wish I could attend her cooking classes. I love the seasonal cooking with all the squashes. Perhaps she will write a cookbook so we can all get just a small taste of what you're enjoying.
    Enjoy your week my friend.