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Transitioning Into Fall Decor

Even though the weather is still quite warm
here in SoCal
(as in it will probably hit near a 100 degrees this week)
I have begun my transition into fall decor.

I call it fall light.
Right now it is  the simple introduction of some 
natural shades of oranges 
into my blue and white summer palette.

This is the first year I have decided to make small 
relaxed strides
in my seasonal change out
instead of taking it on all at once
 it has been a much more joyful experience.

I am always so delighted
with the simple change of accessory color.

My simple carnation arrangement
trayed with beach rocks and other treasures
has brought me so much joy
every time I walk into the living room
reminding me
that our true Autumn is around the corner.

It was our traditional Labor Day apple picking
that brought back bushels 
of styling freshness.

Not only was apple picking a most lovely way for
the family to spend the day together …

I was able to bring back
some perfect Autumn styling ingredients!

I love fall styling with apples!
It's easy and instantaneous!

For me apples speak to new school year beginnings ...

times spent with family and  friends …

cozy times cuddling inside!

First off this year
 the home grown   dahlias
on my dining table
were replaced with a large 
gorgeous basket filled to the brim with
 fresh picked apples!

Apples made their way to 
announcing this weeks family meal theme …

where tortilla soup was served in cream tureens …

For the place setting 
I simply integrated some brown wicker
into my blue and white scheme
with some  floral linens
to tie the 
transitioning fall decor together.

Apples made it onto the bar
in the most simplest of manners
by just setting them out on the bar trays!

Introducing natural elements
into my decor
is one of my very favorite
instant seasonal style tips!

Mixing apples into vignettes
is instant fall color and mood!

My courtyard is still summer thriving
so I am just introducing
some focal points of falls oranges inside.

I was just smitten with  the colors in these cone flowers
when I saw them
so I bought them right out
found the perfect home for them
by planting them in my vintage coal bucket.

I set a hanging color bowl
in my terra-cotta urn
with no planting involved!

Because I have been decorating seasonally
for So many years by now
I have learned
my very favorite short cuts.

By getting the biggest impact
from the least amount of effort
I am able to truly enjoy
bringing the changing seasons
inside my home
as a reminder

to truly celebrate and enjoy
whatever your season in life is today!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I want to jump into these gorgeous photos and stay awhile. Your photography is incredible Tamera and it looks like we both have Fall decorating on our minds despite this crazy, hot weather :)
    I'm SO looking forward to meeting!!

  2. Beautiful fall updates!! You are inspiring me! :)

  3. Lovely the white pumpkin place settings! I transitioned by decor over Labor you, our climate is warm, but when you enter my home, you have entered Autumn...and I love it! My seasonal decorating has been important to me since our family began!

  4. Beautiful photos that make me yearn for fall. What is the liqueur next to the St. Germaine? I don't recognize it. The label looks vintage.

  5. Beautiful images, as always. Fall light…yes, I agree it really is the change of light (rather than temperature) which marks the changing of the seasons.

  6. Always inspiring, your posts bring out the creative fervor in me. I love the idea of bringing fall home a little at a time.

  7. Nobody does it better than you, Tamera. Gorgeous!

  8. Tamera, really such simple yet changes with impact! Lovely!

    The Arts by Karena
    Living Newport

  9. Your photography is exquisite Tamera. Do you take all your photos? Love your little sitting area surrounded by beautiful flowers. cherie james at

  10. What absolutely gorgeous photos!

    I too live in southern California and I just can't bring myself to decorate for fall when we are still spending a part of each day on the beach. I think I will just move toward Halloween decor in October.

  11. I'm a new blog follower, and I adore your style! You have a true knack for making your house a home :)

  12. Tamera, Loved this. Your home looks so beautiful. I need to get some apples and pears and pretty it up around here! I am just catching up on your posts. Loved the apple picking one. So perfect with the harvest and life changes right? We are figuring it out here as well.. Always love your perspective! Have a lovely weekend! xx Kim

  13. Beautiful photos sharing the start of fall. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing at Wow!

  14. Your post is a work of art that is a feast for the eyes. You have made apples seem so very special in your decor and with your photos.