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Always Ready For A Walk On The Beach

It was a quiet weekend for me here this weekend.
My kids were both out of town
 my husband has been working 
the USGA Senior Amateur Tournament 
at his golf course.

Saturday I was lucky enough
to do another of
the French Basketeers
cooking classes!

This month Andrea showed us how to make
homemade pasta from scratch.

Which resulted in this beautiful meal!

Andrea lives in Laguna Beach
so when driving home
the beach began it's siren song for me ...

I was ready for an impromptu 
beach walk ...

on one of my favorite beaches …

because I always travel with everything I need 
for walks on the beach
so much more.

Now that my car serves mainly just me …
I keep it stocked with 
my own needs.

Baskets in the back
that came from my big Suburban
that my children grew up in
 eventually all learned to drive in …
are now replaced 
with things I keep at the ready
for my spontaneous fun and necessities!

I shopped all over to find a perfect
beach walk backpack.

I wanted a canvas with leather hardware
in a neutral color
that could carry my beach necessities down
 strong enough to bring back
all the found treasures from my beach walks.

I keep a pair of  necessary flip-flops packed inside.

With a packable canvas hat 
and sunblock 
means I am always prepared for the sun.

I had a beautiful Pendleton blanket already
that was always looking for a perfect purpose.

My hiking stick always travels with me
so hiking needs are at the ready as well.

I have recently added a new
 French Basketeer 
addition ...

which I keep filled with my reusable bags
I brought back from Italy.

Alos inside 
my favorite new discovery 
cotton produce bags!

I had been looking for a solve
for bringing home farmer's market produce
that didn't involve plastic bags
 I found it 
with these great bags that come in two sizes
they can be tossed in the washer when need be!

I also have my original feed bags
tucked in baskets
if I need a more substantial carrier
as these unzip and become the most fabulous totes!

I keep miscellaneous needs
like wipes, waters and even 
a facial wash for apres surfing or heavy duty hikes
all packed tidily in the lidded baskets

I so enjoy driving my car
when it's packed with everything I might need
in my day.

Whether I need to be set for grocery shopping at the market
have the blissful opportunity
for a walk on the beach
I'm ready!

Having a car packed
for what ever might come along
is something I learned
while raising my children …

Now my car is packed for new and different adventures
for my
'next chapter'.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, I love that you are ready for any opportunity to take a walk on the beach. When recently asked by a friend if I had emergency gear in my car, I thought and replied, "Yes, makeup". I think perhaps I need to rethink emergency. Have a lovely day and I hope you find many opportunities to get out and walk on the beach.

    1. Thank you Judy for your kind words!You have also reminded me to check that my emergency kit is up to date! So lovely to have you visit here!


  2. The food looks yummy...but a quiet walk on the beach is what sounds most DELICIOUS! Looks like a lovely weekend, Tamera!

    1. Yes Pam … few things more delicious than a walk on the beach! Hope you are enjoying your week my dear!


  3. I love your sense of organization in style (inspiration for me)!!! I also love the variety...lidded and open baskets, the awesome leather-trimmed backpack, cotton bags...there is no one size fits all for organization! Enjoyed the class so much, apart from the heat...your week is surely off to a beautiful start~

    1. Andrea … your French Basketeer baskets are always so useful and beautiful! I think organization … is always a necessary component of great personal style … and your beautiful offerings make it so much easier!

      I so enjoyed your class my dear! We made homemade pasta for our Monday Family dinner! I just loved how interactive pasta making is … I had both of my kids in the kitchen helping! Thank you for your continual kitchen inspiration! Can't wait for next months class!


  4. You make me want to reorganize the cargo area in my vehicle - only you can make that glamorous! Fun read today, thank you!

    1. Thank you for visiting my dear! Can't believe you already have to pull in succulents because of your Denver weather! Your weather sounds delightful as we are sweltering in above 100's here in SoCal!

  5. This cooking class looks amazing Tamera! I love your beach images and I always adore a walk on the beach myself. When I lived in LA my car was beach ready too (towels, sunscreen, waters and a little black skirt and dancing shoes-just in case-I was in my 20's;). Scott and I packed up a picnic basket for some wine tasting last weekend and it was so much fun. Having a well-stocked car is a must in my book. I love your tips-you are prepared for everything in this new chapter!
    Happy Monday my friend!

    1. Wine tasting with a picnic … sounds amazing! Jeff and I will have to give that a try again … such a lovely idea!

      Your tales of your car packed with dancing shoes and a little black skirt … reminds me of how you were able to fashion vacation evening attire … even when your luggage was lost I think that is a perfect6 example of your Style Mind Chic!

      Hope you are enjoying your week my friend!


  6. Tamara, I am so happy to hear that you and Andrea are spending such great fun and quality time together! Your beach outfitted car is perfect for Southern California!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. So lovely to have your visit my friend! Hope your recovery is swift!


  7. Organization is the mother of calm. Your beautiful photos evoke exactly that. And you, my dear, are the Queen of organizing space well!

    1. I completely agree my friend … that organization is the mother of calm … and so necessary for true personal style! Hope all is well with both you and Sienna!


  8. Tamera, such perfect organisation, with such style. Glad you are enjoying your new found cooking skills, the produce looks so delicious,
    as did your beach walk.

    1. Jill I am always delighted with your visits from Tazmania! I'm off to check out your blog … to see what you've been up to my dear!


  9. Lovely ideas and lovely presentation! You have such style! I long to be closer to the beach...sigh!

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