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Welcoming My Newest Chapter … A New Mission Statement

I realized this week it has been so long since
I have written.

It was a busy month here with
two graduations
some local traveling
the Fourth of July.

It has been a beautiful whirlwind of activity.

But it's good to home.

I need some grounding time 
in the garden
to reflect
on this newest chapter
that has begun.

With my youngest graduating
from high school
my full time mothering days
are far behind me.

The 'proverbial empty nest'
that has been approaching for years
has come.

And I am here now to
 welcome it's arrival
a far, far cry
from four years ago
when the process began.

I realize now
the idea of 
'an empty nest'
has more to do with my personal focus
than who is actually living in the house.

It is a refocusing of an outlook.

Realizing that all of my children are of adult age now
with lives to fulfill on their own
whether it be under the same roof or not.

They have their own souls
 life lessons to learn.

As do I.

I have completed some 
really important chapters in my life
now it is onto the new!

I finally couldn't be happier 
with this newest chapter to be opened.

At my age
at this point in my life
it is time to ask my self

"What legacy do I want to leave behind?"

"How can I make these years count?"

What other  healthful choices do I need
 to integrate into my life
so this body that is my vehicle
for life
can be maximized for the years to come.

I know I want to leave 
a legacy of love and encouragement.

I know by now
 at times
 life is hard on us all
really do matter.

I know now I have no desire to 'retire'
but rather 
design a life

where work and play
are intermingled
in  passionate creativity.

I know as this newest chapter opens
it is time to write a new
life mission statement.

Being at an age 
where there is  reality of an end 
is the perfect reminder
to relish each day.

How can I make each day count?
To remember to focus on a bigger picture
not to lose days and years
on lists and tasks
is an always elusive
pursuit of perfect.

I know I want to encourage 
and others

That there can be so much good 
yet to come at this  stage.

I am old enough to realize
there too will be loss
but I want to summon the courage
to be brave
be all in
 in life
just as I was in parenting.

I want to wake up excited each day
for the opportunity
to style my life with
with love and joy
always be reminded
to look for ways
to be of help
where I can.

I welcome my newest life chapter
with open arms
an open heart.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you design and style 
your life


  1. This post made me smile. Hooray for you!! And your garden looks like the perfect oasis. I love what you said about looking for a way to mingle work and play.

  2. Thank you dear Susan! Yes, I am making finding more joy in life … at the top of my new Life Mission Statement!

  3. you welcome your new chapter with open arms and mind and that's great and you will be rewarded with a bright and happy future. Well,
    you need not to be young.....just happy. All my best wishes

    1. Mumbai, thank you very much for your kind words and warm wishes!

  4. Your words have certainly resonated with me , I am doing much soul searching at present , an unexpected change in my working status.
    Like you not ready to retire, love your idea of a new Life Mission Statement. Enjoy your new chapter, have no doubt it will be a joyous time for you, take time in that stunning garden of yours. Thank you , dear Tamera, your timing was perfect. x

    1. Jill my dear, thanks so for visiting! I hope you are able to find only the best in the change in your working status!

      I am excited at the prospect of writing a new Life Mission Statement. Working on one for my business … made b=me realize … I really wanted one for the next chapter of my life as well … using both to focus and seize what is important to do!

      Sending you love … and all the very best!

  5. How can I make each day count? Love that!!

  6. Tamera!
    This post is filled with such passion and motivation!
    You are a blessing to me and all who visit here!
    Happy "new chapter" !

    1. Lynne thank you so very much my dear, for your very kind words!

      Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing such family love and joy!

      much love

  7. Tamera your positive, uplifting outlook and attitude will make the next chapter even better than ever!
    You also have quite a nice slice of paradise there to enjoy it in!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Thank you very much dear Karena! I appreciate your kind words my friend!