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Exploring LA's Silverlake

I found the red kimono I was searching for in
Little Tokyo
the first place I wore it was to 
LA's Silverlake.

This was my first time to Silverlake
having heard it was a hip and creative community
I was not disappointed!

Looking for the Casbah store
I had read about in my hip little LA book
we tracked it down to the 
Sunset Junction
which ended up to be a small plaza 
filled with the most interesting of shops
a delightful bar and restaurant!

The people were as intriguing as any of the shops!
I have never seen more individuals
with such succinct and unique personal style in one area of
Southern California!

Even getting coffee was an artful experience!

My favorite find to be sure
The Stella Bar.

It felt like a sliver of Paris
and the closet thing I have found in SoCal
to my very favorite Parisian bar

We took the stairs down
to the airy but moody bar.

Even though it's downstairs
it still has a fresh feeling
as the patio opens up to a private courtyard
where you would forget you were actually sitting on Sunset Boulevard!

It's handcrafted cocktails all the way here too!
It was in Paris a couple of years ago 
that I became aware of the 
new romance and trend 
of the hand crafted cocktail!

Even thoughI a still 
prefer my chardonnay 
I am always so intrigued with 
the crafting of cocktails
and all that goes into 
such beautiful creations!

Jeff ordered the burger
that came plated on a wooden plank
large enough to act as a TV tray
in the cozy bar.

Besides the hip romantic ambiance
my favorite part had to be the people watching!
Again it reminded me of Paris
in that such creative care 
was taken in assembling individual looks
all still with an easy
Southern California vibe!
Living theater with cocktails
was my Stella Bar experience!

Eclectic mixing all the way around!
If you find yourself in Silverlake
The Stella Bar
would be my top pick 
for a Sunday afternoon  lunch and cocktail!

Afterwards there are plenty of shops to explore.

One of the most interesting
The Bar Keeper.

In keeping with the hand crafted cocktail trend
inside is everything 
to make your very own creations come to  life!
Presented in a beautifully 
organized manner
but still complete
with stylish kitsch!

The bar accessories were plentiful
as were 
a large array of bitters 
specialty brews!

We found the Casbah
that led our search.
A lovely tittle
shop complete with a cafe.

As is so often in exploring new areas
my favorite part of the Casbah
was the search
because it led us to one of the most
creatively vital areas I have found in 
Southern California.

With each new fabulous discovery
I am left asking myself

What other grand things
are waiting to be discovered 
in our own backyard!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Looks like a fun day!
    I am enjoying these snippets of California....

  2. Oh, what a stellar day you've had Tamera! Definitely a hood that I would love to fairly shouts ARTIST! Your photos really capture the atmosphere beautifully! Thank you! I'm even kinda craving that burger and fries, LOL.

    1. Thank you Sue … the whole area and everyone there … really did shout art lovers!


  3. Thank you for another great tip. We stayed at The Viceroy in Palm Springs Monday because of your blog...had a grand time.

    1. Catherine … I couldn't be happier to hear you got to stay and enjoy the Viceroy!


  4. You are such a stylish and lovely tour guide, Tamera! The necklace is fabulous! This was a fun visit to your backyard...have a great week!

    1. Pam thank you for your sweet words! If you ever make it out my way … I have a whole list of great places to stay and things to do! After spending two decades child centered … it's so fun to explore whole new communities of new ventures!

  5. Loving your red kimono! Combining the striped shirt, hat and bag with that fabulous kimono is so different. Love it all!

  6. You look wonderful in that kimono - what a great find!

  7. The kimono was a great find and looks awesome! I lived in north Hollywood for 3 years before moving to Oregon, although living in LA was hard it was fun. You help me remember the fun times with these explorative posts. I loved having high tea in old Pasadena and then going to my favorite sneaker shop:)

  8. Special times close to home are some of the best. And, we're always better rested. Traveling via airports makes me so tired. Love your kimono!

  9. What fun you and the HUBSTER are exploring!Looks like your having some fun!

  10. Hi Tamera, FF and La Contessa brought me here and I am loving every twist and turn! Love your fabulous wrap of beads with the comfortable sandals that were made for walking. Brilliant look

  11. love your outfit!!! The red kimono is stunning with the turquoise necklace!