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Hello Gratitude

I was most excited this week to meet 
the fabulous La Contessa
of the VintageHen House blog
in person when she traveled down south!

Never have I meant anybody 
who I share such a similar aesthetic
love of larger than life style!

When people speak of true connections being made through blogging
trust me it is so true!
To be able to find like minded souls 
all around the world
is one of the  true gifts of blogging!

Speaking of around the world
I was very honored this week to be on the cover and a featured Skimbaour inside  of the
beautiful Skimbaco online magazine which is produced in Sweden.

Katja of Skimbaco
not only produces the magazine
but also the beautiful Skimbacco Lifestyle site as well.
Katja's mission is to inspire
all of us to live life to the fullest
a sentiment I couldn't be more in line with!

I became familiar with Skimbaco
when my dear friend Adreinne of
 The Rich Life On A Budget
joined the Skimbaco team
to write the fashion articles for Skimbaco!

Speaking of Adrienne ..
I am so excited and grateful 
for my upcoming trip to Napa
that dear Adrienne has arranged
April 15th will be here before I know it
and I can't wait!

I was also so excited this week when
Krista, from
sent me a link to the email the company sent out to their subscribers
featuring yours truly!

Thanks again Krista
you are just the best to work with my dear!

I have been busy this week here at home
beginning the change out of  my home decor
for my summer styling.
I am most excited
that I have been contacted
by a fabulous magazine
who is interested in shooting my
little abode
for publication!
Just the motivation we needed here
to finish/ begin some home reno projects!

As I reflect on my gratitude this week
I realize just how very much my 
life has been touched
by this here little blog.

As wonderful as the external benefits of blogging I have received are
believe me
my heart is most grateful
for each and everyone ...

The truest most important gift I have gained
by writing 
The Blog I Want To Read
is a better understanding
 of myself.

Since this blog
has ended up being as much of an
online journal
as it is a place to share my love of all things style
I have had much opportunity
over the last two plus years 
to reflect on my life
past, present and future.

Next week I will be sharing
part five of my series

What I Have Personally Learned By Blogging

This part five is the most personal writing I have done yet …
 thus the hardest to publish …
but I know by now
that is exactly the point 
 where the greatest  personal growth can occur.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You are both beyond fabulous!
    The trip will be amazing, Adrienne is such a star for organising it all. Say hi to Jennifer for me.

    1. Will do my dear! I look forward to our future encounter my dear …


  2. What fun! You do both have a very similar style. So excited for you about your Napa trip with Adrienne and the other beautiful bloggers. Can't wait to read about it!!

    1. Thank you Susan! I am still mulling over your exquisitely styled vince jacket … great styling ALWAYS makes my heart so happy … especially true life styling!


  3. Tamera I am so very happy and excited for are a true inspiration!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. THANK~ YOU THANK~ YOU!It was so fun to meet in person!As I said, on INSTAGRAM you made my month!I have NEVER met someone who reminds me of ME as much as YOU do!CONGRATULATIONS for THE COVER of the SWEDISH MAGAZINE!!!!THAT is AWESOME!I had to laugh as I refer to my house as my LITTLE ABODE TOO!There is NO BETTER inspiration then when a magazine is coming to shoot your house to get it cleaned and spruced up!Can hardly wait for the issue……………wouldn't it be a HOOT if we were featured in the same ISSUE!My list of our similarities has rolled on to page three!!!!Blogging certainly has become apart of my daily LIFE and I love where it takes me!Garden and be well and it is DATE NIGHT for YOU!ENJOY………………..thanks again!XOXOXO…………Small correction my little site is VINTAGE HEN HOUSE.But it was an ANTIQUE shop!

    1. Fifi said they would be out shooting your house in July too … that certainly would be a fabulous hoot to be in the same issue!! Thank you my dear, for putting in the good word for me! I am so excited for the motivation to get some house projects begun and completed! My dear husband is pulling out our old kitchen sink to make room for our new farm sink as I type! Our little abode is yearning for some upgraded TLC!

      Thank you for the correction … will go back and edit! So happy to hear your mom is well! I look forward to seeing you in Napa!


  5. I just found your blog. Napa is not far from me and we drive through the Napa Valley often on our way to glamp on the Sonoma Coast.

    I love your date night after surfing outfit! How amazing that you surf and with a ponk board. So cute! xxo

    1. Kerrie thank you for your kind words on my posts! I am so happy to 'meet' you as I read through your blogs … kindred spirits we are! Your artistic calm pallet that exists within all of your works … is a soothing oasis to visit! I look forward to many more visits my dear!


  6. Tamera dear-I can feel the joy and excitement in your posts. You have some incredible things going on that enrich every step of your life right now. Cheers to you and cheers to you and Jeff for the surfing date night last week. Looooooove it!
    Happy weekend my friend. Counting down the days!
    xx, Heath

    1. Thank you my dear Heather! Kudos to your dear Scott, for that magnificent table he made! What an art piece!

      I too, am counting down the days until the 15th!!


  7. Tamera: Congratulations on all these amazing accomplishments. Skimbaco could not have selected anyone better for their cover! You really are an inspiration for us. Thanks so much for sharing your life.

    1. My dear … thank you so very much for your kindest of words … a gift they are!


  8. So wonderful Tamera you got to meet the Contessa. Love her. Wow, what gorgeous pictures in both Skimbaco and for Readers. You should be so proud ! Congratulations and exciting about your home being featured. I can't wait to see that either!
    So excited for our getaway!! Have a good weekend! xx Kim

    1. Thank you my dear for your sweet words! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend and a bit of a break from mothering duties!

      So excited to see you soon!


  9. Replies
    1. Thank you Liz! Thank you also for posting the Slomo video … I am so intrigued with the entire concept!


  10. You have had a most wonderful week. Congratulations, and I am looking forward to part five. Happy weekend.

    1. Thank you ever so much Cornelia … for your kind words … and your visit! The happiest of weekends to you as well my dear!


  11. Accolades well deserved, dear Tamera. Nothing like a visit from a magazine to take home renovations into top gear, enjoy your projects.
    Looking forward to your next post in the blogging series.