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Hello Gratitude … Hello Balance

Hello to another week 
with a heart full of gratitude!

I am most grateful this week 
for how things are progressing
with my transition from full time mother
to my  return to the business world once again.

Many wonderful opportunities are coming my way
so many in fact
I am having to step back 
 continually examine
just how I want my life to be
in the coming months and years.

Right now my life feels like a fresh start
I have the priceless luxury
of deciding just what I want my life to be.
At my age
I see time as the greatest gift and resource
 I want to spend mine well.

I want to live a balanced life.
A life filled with beauty
 for me 
time spent  outside moving
is a priority I must maintain
as much for my body and mind
as well as my soul.

Quality time with family
is also a must for me.
I have invested the last 27 years
in my marriage
raising my family
 I will continue
to value this time 
Even more so now
when family time comes in fleeting moments
I am ever so grateful for the opportunities.

I am grateful for more time spent with my husband
realizing once again
just what a marvelous and creative team
we do make.

I have realized this week
as much as I crave
a successful career
I must proceed 
with self compassion

I must realize
I do my best
but will never be able to get all things done
in a perfect
linear order.

I must learn to practice self grace
when my to do list
is not finished
I chose instead
to spend quality time
with my family.

I must still the critical voice within
that wants so 
to focus
on the undone

a new adult voice
that is calm
reassures me
is the goal
is a continual
of choices

that must be embraced daily
with grace 
self compassion.

I must embrace a more gentle path
 remind myself
process over product.
It is the journey
that must be embraced daily
to appreciate the beauty along the way
to the destination.

I must trust my inner intuition
small steps plus intention
will always meet with success
not always quickly
speed is not required
when the journey
is one of balance and beauty.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Such lovely words. I think of my husband and I as a creative team, too. I think the four of us would have such a great time together if we lived nearby.
    I am going to a workshop this Sunday taught by a life coach friend of mine. The topic is about that horrible little inner voice that tortures us all day, every day. I am hoping to share some useful information about how to better manage our negative thinking on the blog afterwards.
    Balance is a never-ending challenge for me. When one area is great, it seems another suffers. Have you ever done a Wheel of Life? I blogged about it was a tool I used, given to me by a life coach I worked with in my 30s. I will send you a link to it via your email. It helps you see what areas of your life could use a little attention.
    Can't wait to see you and the others in less than 19 days! XOXO

    1. Adrienne, I know the four of us would have a great time … we need to plan an RV trip half way!!

      I will look forward to your info share about the pesky critical inner voice on your blog! I so appreciated your dressing for Napa advice on your blog today! Expertly done my friend!!

      Balance is certainly an elusive goal to be sure! I used to think I had the answer … only to see it vanish the next day … again and again. I now realize for me it is a daily quest! I will look forward to the Wheel of Life … sounds very intriguing!

      I am also counting down excitedly to our trip!


  2. Great words for reflection.

    Balance is what we all strive for but so very few of us feel we ever manage to achieve for a great length of time.


    1. So true Suzanne … it certainly is an elusive visitor in my life!


  3. It really is about Balance, isn't it? I write in a journal every day (cheaper than a therapist) and today I had to remind myself that my self worth is not about a paycheck. For years I worked minimum wage jobs while holding down the household, caring for kids, pets, plants EVERYTHING and I often felt so guilty that I wasn't contributing more financially. It's taken me a long time to realize that maybe we didn't have much of a posh lifestyle but my contributions were priceless. Love that you are nurturing the Beauty in your life. It's nice to know that you are going through some of the same Life things that I am. Sisterly Hug, Tamera.

    1. Connie, I still work for minimum wage, but that's just who I am, I never had any call to a career.

  4. I am so excited for you, have so many opportunities to ponder over. I would love to have such a challenge. You have shown us that you have wisdom and balance...I am certain your decisions will be the right ones. I am at a stage where I am so ready for change...but the right "change" has not presented itself 60 there will not be that many opportunities left to reflect on. I am happy to be living life one day at a time with passion and joy!

    1. Pam, living life one day at a time with passion and joy is always the quest :))


  5. What a gift you have with words. Your simple wording of "a priceless luxury of deciding what you want your life to be" brought me to tears of gratitude. There's not too many women that have this priceless luxury and gift and I wanted to run right over and give Par a hug of gratitude for this gift. I don't think I thank him enough for this. And the realization you brought on how choosing to best use our greatest gift of time, now that was also tug at my heartstring. Thank you for enlightening my day, you dear friend. I've also realized during this past year just how much fun the two us (Par and I) can have together. I'm really thinking the six of us (You, Jeff, Adrienne and her hubby) need to do a lake Powel trip.

  6. 27 years - wow.
    I am your opposite, no children and and have never wanted career and still don't but yet I identify with you in so many ways.

  7. Tamera dear, I was thinking about balance myself this morning. You have such a beautiful way of layering your thoughts on the subject. I'm loving these photos of an afternoon at the beach with you and Jeff. You are so right, what a team you two make.
    Love it! Happy weekend my lovely friend.
    xx, Heather

  8. Tamera,thoughtful reflections , achieving balance in our lives takes time and practice and as you wisely say an ability to let go of what may once have been so important is no Time with our grown children is to be cherished as they establish their own lives, so often in another city.(my eldest son leaves for Europe today). Enjoy the business opportunities , your talent has earned them, but always leave enough time for you. xx Jill

  9. Beautiful thoughts. Stellar photos of beads in the sand, you in the surf!

    Balance.. the movable equation between variables. Probability of perfect balance is predicated upon amongst several, the number of variables .. Not one's ability.

    That's my definition!

  10. I really love your blog. You are truly authentic and beautiful. I suspect that if you are blogging twenty years from now you will have the same goals. They are really the only goals worth having. I have them as I move into my 69th year. Cheers!

  11. When I first discovered your blog via the "How I wear it..." series, I thought you were just a another beautiful southern Californian, with the perfect life, in the perfect location. Sorry, but we do all judge, even when we try not to, but as I read more, I found a surprising depth and honesty and sweetness, that is lacking from my day to day life. I am grateful for you and that I discovered your blog. I wish you much success in your journey and adventure called life.

  12. Such a beautiful new post Tamara! Thank you for your lovely comment and have a great week!

    Alena | meet me stylish

  13. BEAUTIFUL words…………..and isn't it true that nagging "UNDONE" that keeps us wrapped up in a knot!WISE WORDS……..hope I can incorporate some of that into MY LIFE!