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Happy New Year

 The Happiest of New Year 
to all of you dear readers and friends!

I am intentionally beginning my new year
with not one word
but two
because I need the first to 
clear and open my heart for the second ...

I need to actively practice forgiveness
so my heart stays open
and does not become infected with
anger and judgement.

 Forgiveness is an easy word to say
but for me takes 
active daily participation to practice
so much prayer.

I always believe
there are lessons to learn in every situation
no matter the pain.
I now ask God
What am I to learn from this ...
 how can I share this 
in a way which can benefit others.

It has much more productive
than allowing myself to slip down
the preverbal rabbit hole.

 Practicing forgiveness
opens my heart to my second word

It is in gratitude that
happiness can manifest
for until we are truly 
no matter how much we have
we will never be truly happy.

Aas always dear friends

I wish you much love and joy
for this New Year


  1. Tamera, both your words speak to me. Forgiveness can be hard for me as well and I agree, it takes daily work to transform our hurt into something healing. I also have come to realize --as I've gotten older--that gratitude is the key to living a meaningful life. Someone once said it's impossible to emotionally feel gratitude and anger at the same time. And that's always stuck. I think it speaks to the transformative power of gratitude. And in my moments of smallness and worry I try to find my way back to that comforting place. BTW--thank you for your warm words on my blog. Moving down to So Cal seems fraught with unknowns at this point, and it felt so good to hear you welcome me. It really did. Happy New Year to you and your family Tamera!

  2. Bonito post. Me gusta tu blog, tienes un estilo muy personal. Feliz 2014

  3. These words and images provide a wonderful jumping-off point for the new year, and many more to come. XXOO