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How I Do My Hair ... Another Good Girlfriend Share

 The question I have received most this year is ...

How do I do my hair?

so in the spirit of
good girlfriend share
just in time for New Years Eve

Here is my step by step process ...

 Supplies are simple

brush - for the preliminary brush out
comb - for the necessary back combing and finishing
bobby pins - for keeping the whole hairstyle in place
Spray - to make sure it stays 

and the best part ...
this is the perfect hair style for dirty hair ...
as a fresh wash is almost impossible to work with!

 A good brush through is the first step.

 Now bend all the way over
 begin to back comb ...
ladies this is where the magic happens
 where you can decide just how high you want your end style to be.

 I find back combing with a comb most effective for some real height.

I try to back comb most in the center of my hair
so that the end tidying process will be smooth.
I usually back comb between 10 - 20 times
depending on the look I am going for.

 Next ... after back combing is complete
and still bent over ...
I pull up both sides of the back hair
trying to just grab the bottom back
keeping the rest free.

 I cross over both back pieces

 and secure with a bobby pin.
the back bottom  is now finished off tidy and in place.

 Now standing back up
 in front of a mirror
if you back combed properly
you should be gasping at the sight of your self
but keep going ...

 Pull up all of the hair ...

 Give it a slight twist together ...

 and gently begin rolling it down ...
Now secure this with a pin.

 With your comb
begin tidying up the front 
by combing over the front
covering up all of the back combed hair.

 Pin these in place
This is where plenty of pins easily accessible is a must.

 You will be combing and pinning
until you have the front smoothed back.

 The last major step is to pull back the sides
and secure with pins as you smooth the hair.

 Now all that is left is a final smooth out ...

 and finally
spray it all in place.

I have my hair layered so I can wear the front layer down
or I can pull all the pieces back if I wish.
Either way the steps are the same.

As with anything
practice makes perfect
 with that being said
each time I do this style
it comes out just a little different
even after all these years
I embrace it!

So there you have it my friends
my second

good girlfriend share

the first was all about the 
styling beauty of accessories you can it find
I am wishing you all
 a fabulous and stylish New Year


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love the leopard coat photo. It is marvelous. Thanks you so much for sharing your updo styling tricks. I am always looking for new ways to wear my hair up. The style looks great on you. Happy New Year!

  2. Your hair (and you!) always looks wonderful, I can never get the right balance between Victorian governess or slovenly bed hair. I must try your tips, it is good of you to share! Happy New Year, gorgeous Tamera! xxx

  3. What a glamorous updo! My hair is too short but I still appreciated the tutorial. :-)

  4. Thanks Tamera, I've been patiently waiting.

  5. I really enjoyed that! I will once again live vicariously through you! My very think and straight hair would be too much to tame if it was long. Hence, the short wash and go look for me! Love your glamorous style, as always. xo B

  6. Love this! I don't think my hair will do it, though. It's very heavy and long. But I could do a modified half-up version, right? Maybe I will give that a try.
    Happy New Year, dear Tamera! Enjoy the evening. XOXO

  7. Tamera dear-This is such a wonderful 'girlfriend share'. I remember asking about your hair style when we met last fall and it is so fun to see this post. You are a master with hair styling! This 'do' is so chic on you. The secret is the backcombing and lots of bobby pins. I haven't put my hair up in french twist for years but I'm thinking it's about time. Love this post Tamera and the gorgeous fashion inspiration of your previous one. Looking forward to seeing you and Jeff at Dorie's party tonight! It will be a bash!
    xx, Heather

  8. Wow, Good Girlfriend, once I've grown the hair I shall try the look! What I admire about you is your ability to combine glamour with a relaxed, comfortable-looking style - most women can do one or the other but not both together! Enjoy tonight and every good wish for the year to come.

  9. WHY have I not been to your blog yet? I love this!!!! So fun!! Wishing you a tres bonne anne de Paris my dear~


  10. You are such a good girlfriend!!! Love it!! my hair is short now...I miss my long times but short is fun too - Happy New Year - Pamela

  11. That was nice of you, Tamera! Interesting too ... sort of missing my long hair right now, like Pamela. Can't wait to see what inspires you in 2014!

  12. Love this tutorial but you make it look easy!! I never knew you back comb it- i might try this because i do an uglier version of this LOL!

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