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Getting Real ... and the Beauty of Accessories

All of you who follow my blog
I love them.

What you might not know about me is 
I don't really like to take much time getting dressed
especially for the everyday.

I want as much style effect 
with as little time invested
as possible.

Truth be told

( see what a good girlfriend I am ... showing you
what I really look like ... sans any extras :)) )

Most days I am more interested in accomplishing what I need to do
than spending time primping.

I also spend much too much of my day
not changing out of my work out clothes.

So I have found having 
a daily uniform
suits my lifestyle.

In the winter here in SoCal
it is consisting of my Jag jeans and my cashmere sweater.

By adding in my accessories
I can quickly and effortlessly
take two basic pieces from the look above ...

to this.

For some holiday shopping 
I did my hair :))
 my makeup 
(I am loving a Chanel red lips)
added a fur vest

either my leopard turban
my favorite fedora

and my vintage necklace

My ankle boots and bag from Target finish off the outfit.

Or instead of the vest

I just throw on my favorite
fur stole my daughter bought for me in Italy
last year  when she studied there.

I had been searching for a 
great new bag and ankle boots for so long...
trying to choose between investment pieces
 couldn't make a decision
or part with that much cash :))

So I bought these 
boots and bag
at Target on a whim
because I needed them that day.

And now I know 
I don't need to search any further.
They serve their purpose very well.

My favorite piece to add to my base 'uniform'
is my 
vintage overcoat.

It was my first vintage purchase...
And I bought it over 30 years ago
when I was attending NYU.

With the weather here in SoCal
I don't get to use it as much as I would love
so it is always an occasion when I can!

So my dear friends
you can see just how much style impact
a few
well chosen accessories 
can add to a daily 'uniform'
Giving great style punch
with so little effort!

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera,
    I love that coat. If you ever decide to part with it. Let this new englander know. Love your blog.

  2. You have great style and you are so right on when it comes to accessories. All the looks are great. So impressed with the Target items, I think I will need to go shopping now. You are always in inspiration. Keep it coming.

  3. I rarely comment. Sorry about that. Just hard to stop and type. Just had to chime in and tell you I LOVE your style. This post was excellent! So smart!! I need to do this more. Just dress up what I already have on rather than avoiding going somewhere to get things done, because I think it will just too much time out of my day to change clothes. This was awesome. Thank you for all your inspiration{s}.

  4. Tamera, this is really a brilliant demonstration of just how much Style one can get from simple pieces. You really are a genius with accessories!!

  5. Tamera this is a fabulous post! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful style tips. You really are a natural when it comes to fashion and I'm someone who definitely needs help with accessories :) I loved all your photos but especially the ones showing your natural beauty...

  6. Best post ever! I think you are so beautiful in the sweatshirt jeans and ruffled hair - that is exactly my at home style - I'm not very good with accessories, on the rare occasion that I do go out, high heels seem to be it for me now!

  7. A Chanel red lip is just FAB !!! So are the accessories (eyewear) LOVE it. Great fun. I think it is always good to have fun with fashion and not take things so overly serious. Fab to see xxx

  8. What a great post! I love how you did this and you just inspired me in so many ways! What a great way to make denim look fashion forward and chic! Good Job!

  9. I SO love the way you put your clothes and accessories together; so creative and talented x

  10. Lovely photos, and extraordinary outfits. I love your look with the coat with fur collar and hat. And I like your photo with no shoes and no accessories.

  11. Tamera you always look so very gorgeous!!
    Scalamandre Giveaway!

  12. You look absolutely fantastic. I love it

  13. Tori and I both just love every thing about this post. First it made us smile and laugh all day. Yes, you are an amazing girlfriend to showing us what you really look like (which is beautiful), I love your natural look. I felt a kindred friendship knowing I'm not the only one who prefers spending (most) of my day in my work out clothes getting things accomplished. But, to see how you take simple to a polished level with such ease was quite inspirational. This should be a youtube special. You are just one amazing, beautiful lady.

  14. It's so true, using what you have and mixing up the pieces creates so many fabulous looks. You always look chic and elegant, Tamera, it's refreshing to know it doesn't take you all day to do it! xxx

  15. Wonderful examples of how to style the basics, Tamera - and you are glorious in all of them (including your no-makeup look!). Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

  16. wonderful post, love both your dressed up look and your casual just you look, Thanks for that

  17. What a delicious post Tamera!
    You really know how to accessorize....loving your look.

  18. Lord have mercy Tamera - you have such a way of "throwing it together" - seriously you are beautiful with or without your accessories - I love your style - Merry Christmas to you! - Pamela

  19. I couldnt even come close to picking a favorite, because they are all just fab!
    Thanks for sharing you sans-accessories look--you are still beautiful! oxo

  20. That coat steals the show. And the hat you are wearing with it. Is the hat vintage too?

    You ability to accessorize, both yourself and your house is incredible.


  21. Here's the deal, though, Tamera. You are indeed a great girlfriend to show us your unadorned state, but you are completely gorgeous to begin with. Everything else is gilding the lily ... but aren't gilded lilies just the best. No matter what you wear, you're marvelous.
    All the looks are toutes glam, and I have to admit, I particularly love the fedora with the fur and wool. So glam noir, and perfect in SO-CAL!

  22. Thank you so much for this post! I love seeing the transformation and steps to achieve the look. I need step by step instructions. ha
    Most times I can't seem to figure out how to get past the stage one look. You make it appearl so simple! I am glad to see how anyone can start off with something basic and, with a little effort and a few accessories, end up looking like the glamorous Tamera. You give us average peeps hope and something to aspire to. :) Happy Holidays!

  23. Thank you for the hair tip; my hair is below my shoulders and getting longer. I'm always trying to figure out how to give it some "lift".....I will try your "do" right now!!!

  24. Such a great post, thanks so much for sharing. I aim for a simple everyday uniform that can be accessorised without too much effort. Too much to do to faff around with a complicated outfit each morning! Really love your sweater and jeans combo + accessories; wonderful inspiration. :)