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The Montage Laguna Beach and a Perfect New Years Day!

I celebrated New Years Day 
at one of my favorite places in the world

The Montage Laguna Beach
with three of my favorite people in the world.

The Montage's raised bed herb gardens
are truly a gardener's inspiration and come with an ocean view.
I think I may be adding an inspired trellis
to my garden this spring.

If you ever find yourself in
 Laguna Beach, California
I do believe my top recommendation would have to be
 the Montage Laguna Beach.
This hotel has been built in the character of the iconic Laguna Beach
giving it tremendous visual literacy
as well as top notch luxury.

Whether you come for overnight stays
 for a meal at one of their 3 spectacular restaurants
  to enjoy yoga on the beach
with spa treatments …
or simply want 
 perfect walks on the beach ...

The Montage has it all
and with
with views that are hard to beat any where in the world!

We lunched outside on the  Mosaic restaurant's patio.
where the vistas are breathtaking at  almost 180 degree views
especially as the property is set up on the cliff.

Since I knew a great lunch at the Montage
has to be followed 
with a stroll along the ocean
My large straw hat 
provided the perfect sun protection
(it was nearing 80 degrees here in SoCal on New Years day)
as well as a big dose of
 beach  walk glamour.

My sweater is a silk cotton by Vince
I layered two skirts … the pleated skirt is by Theory
The parachute top skirt is by Rag and Bone
sandals - Anthropologie
straw basket -via the antique market
necklace and bracelets - Tamera Beardsley Design

A fun and joyous time with my family
at the
 Montage Laguna Beach
was an absolute perfect way to begin the New Year!

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a gorgeous outfit. Winter beach chic!
    I love Laguna...really love it there. If I wasn't so attached to Sonoma Valley, I would move there in a heartbeat even if it meant I had to live in a shack.
    Someday I would love to stay at Montage for a night or parents and I used to stay at Surf and Sand when I was kid. I think I told you that. Love that place, too.
    I didn't notice when I met your son last year how much he looks like you. You can really see it in the photos! Darling kids you have and so polite and friendly, too.
    xoxo, A

  2. I could weep, look at the colour of that sky. It is pitch black till 9.00am here then we get a grey sky then it's dark at 3.30pm. Gales are blowing and our storm doors are shut all day - this is just incredible and you lunched ----------------outside!

  3. This just looks like an amazing way to bring in a new look gorgeous, your family is precious, and those red flowers up against the blue, blue water and die for!! You made a great choice and your smile speaks volumes! Happy weekend!

  4. Simply stunning! I've not been there but it will be on my list of "must do" now. The weather looks outstanding! Your large sun hat is perfection. As always you look glamorous and chic darling!! Have a great weekend.

  5. Love those selfies! A happy and beautiful family portrait Tamera! I have fond memories of Laguna Beach, many, many years ago. The Montage looks fabulous!!

  6. Oh, it's so beautiful and makes me want to go back to Laguna Beach, even if just for a day. I love your layered skirt look...truly inspired!

  7. I could use a walk in the sand with the sun shining....we have grey skies and rain.
    What's not to love about a family outing on a gorgeous beach?
    Your new year looks grand from here.

  8. lovely picture galleries. I wish to see the place you mentioned. It is a beautiful family you have and you look glorious - white is beautiful.

  9. what a beautiful post and family, it all looks lovely x

  10. What a stunning location - all that blue sea and sky, simply gorgeous! And your lovely family, all smiles, are the perfect people to share it with. Looking beautiful, Tamera. xxx

  11. Happy New Year !
    Your blog is visually beautiful and the content is heart-warming -- Best to you and your family in 2014!

  12. Tamera. I understand the heart break you are experiencing with your son. I have not only gone through this with my son, who has since come back around, but my daughter as well (Our relationship has been up and down for almost 30 years). Like you, I often have asked myself what did I do wrong to cause my children to go against everything good they were taught. They chose paths in life that are dangerous and self-defeating; not taking into consideration the long-term effects their irresponsible decisions have, not only on them, but, on those who love them. Your son is young and hopefully he will long for you and your family over time and come back around. Sometimes it can take a long time. Never give up hope. Best to you and your family. I enjoy your blog and look forward to it.