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Thanksgiving Table Styling

 For those of you who follow me on instagram
you know I have been busy decorating here.
I'm chopping at the bit to start the Christmas season ...  officially

While at the same time I want
to honor Thanksgiving
 as we always have.
This year I can appreciate all the more
 a day
dedicated to

So while upstairs
it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanksgiving prep is full force
 I couldn't be happier about it!

Our family has some lovely traditions
my favorite to be sure is 
I excitedly style the tablescape
my husband and daughter
equally excitedly make the meal!

So in my Thanksgiving styling excitement

I want to share with you some
items that will be making it my tablescape this year!

Besides the soup tureens above
( yes, we will be beginning with soup like always
so these pretties will get their yearly outing).

This year I will be opting for a quilted cream tablecloth
to highlight my
slate tile placemats
I am loving the texture and punch of neutral color they will add to the table
as much as
 the novelty of the unexpected
because they are actually roofing tiles.

Every year as the food makes it to the table
I remember the salt and pepper hasn't been filled
even  after all the styling prep.

This year I am making the salt and pepper
a focus of whimsy on the table
because I will have 
collections of individual salt and peppers
for everybody
I will be filling them this week 
just to make sure they are done :))
These sweet woodland creatures are part of
Target's Threshold collection 
 are sure to be pulled out every year now.

The dishes will all be white
 to make sure the Thanksgiving meal 
remains the focus

I have mentioned before that I have been collecting 
white dishes
all year
by the twos
just so each place setting is always a little unique.

Anthropologie has been a great source this year
and right now Crate and Barrel has a lovely collection
by an Italian designer.

I filled in some missing pieces
with a quick trip to HomeGoods this weekend.

 A new addition to the table this year 
will be 
a  collection of 
milk bottles for water
I will fill these up with bottled water and have one
for every two people
to make keeping the water filled it simple.
I first implemented this idea
when Heather from Style Mind Chic 
came to dinner
and it was so successful
I have used it each time since.

Although recently when
came to dinner with her husband
I STILL forgot to fill them before hand 

Note to self
please fill these lovely items
the flurry of hostessing :))

 Milk bottles for water
call out for their counterpart
canning jars for water
Again, wanting a mix of similar items
I am using real canning jars
mixed with inspirations with handles
I will probably even mix in some recently
collected (reusing) jam jars.

 These will mix in beautiful with my
Wine glasses of Mexican bubble glass

Places will once again be marked with
easel placeholders
I will be using the hand written cards
from long ago
just because they still touch my heart with their innocence.

 In the fall and winter
 here at our house
are always an entertaining mainstay
and Lots of them
in a more the merrier use
for not only the table but all around the rooms
My rooms are always lit
to show candles to their best advantage.

I will be finishing everything of with some
natural greenery
Integrating some natural elements is always
one of my favorite ways to finish off
any tablescape
Sometimes for Thanksgiving it's
 from the garden or even the grocery store.

 now for me
comes the fun part.

Putting all of these pieces together
in a way

important day

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I love the way you curate- elegant but plenty of personality. In fact you've just help me focus my kitchen collection. Thankyou!

  2. This post is right on time. I'll have roughly 20 people at my table for Thanksgiving, and although I have my favorite recipes pretty much together, I'm ready to make the setting even better this year. You had TRINA (!!!) at your house? Her teas are to die for; they're absolutely gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday, Dear One. :-)