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hello Monday ... hello Gratitude

Hello Monday ... and a very happy birthday to my 
wonderful husband!
We have been together through thick and thin... for 27 years...

We were engaged within three months of meeting ...
and married on the year anniversary of the day we met...

He was with me when my sister died ... only months into our relationship ...
I know I would never have come out of that ....
without Jeff ...
I think my sister knew it too ...
before she went into a coma ...
on the last day we saw her talking...
Jeff and I were leaving for a wedding in San Luis Obispo...
Tracy told Jeff ...
to make sure to always take care of me ...

he has.

Through my sister's death...
and the devastation it had on my family 

to  years as happy newlyweds 

to supporting me when I started my accessory business

through the births and raising of three children

and even supporting me through a facelift
(we were both pretty startled at the aftermath process
but he took loving care of me that whole 
uncomfortable to look at process).

To the now
being the very supportive husband
of a designing and blogging wife ...
which to those of who do ...
you know how much is actually involved :))
No matter if it is a house project
entertaining friends old and new
finding new haunts
taking needed photos
or traveling for inspiration
Jeff is always here.

I am writing this today 
to say happy birthday
to the man I love.

Because over the last few years...
Jeff and I have had a hard run at marriage.
In the midst of parenting ...
it is easy to lose sight of the sacred ...
in the every day ... 
of just being there.

I was reminded of this again today reading
Ann Voscamp's beautiful article on
the romance of boring men here
If you have the time
and want to be reminded of
 the true romance of life
I highly recommend this article...
it had me completely awash in
tears of recognition.

because ...

As hard as the last few years have been on our marriage...
we both stayed
 showed up 
day in and day out

 I must admit
there were days I wondered if we would make it through the storm

but we did.
The sky has cleared here these days

 I am ever so grateful to be married to this man.
He is a man of quiet greatness
always the first to give selflessly.

this Monday
that marks his 49th birthday

I am the most grateful
that my heart has once agin been opened

to see the love and beauty in this man
my husband.

Happy Birthday Jeff

I love you.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. This is beautiful, Tamera! I completely understand the depth of your gratitude. My husband and I have been married for 29 years and we were engaged three months after our meeting!! We have seen each other through many ups and downs. The story of your sister speaking with him is precious. Your Monday posts are so inspiring.

  2. Happy anniversary, Tamera and Jeff!
    Marriage has its peaks and valleys - and when you can stay together - lovingly - through the valleys, that's when you know you belong together for the long haul.
    You are both lovely people, inside and out. Enjoy celebrating your special day and Jeff's upcoming birthday!

  3. Love Ann Voskamp! Happy Birthday Jeff! I think boring is amazing :)

  4. I happened to see one of your comments on a post and I thought I would connect. This was such a wonderful post, your writing is beautiful, very eloquent. I've been married for 28 years in December. Ironically, we got married one year (to the very date) after our very first date. We had known one another for a few years. There have been many peaks and valleys in our marriage, I used to scoff at the "best friend" thing. Now as we near our empty nest as well, I can't think of anyone better that I could have chosen to walk down this path with, especially now that we will have very few distractions.

    Sending a big Happy Birthday to Jeff. I look forward to following your blog. And I want to say that I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister. I lost one of mine 6 years ago and the scars are still fresh.


  5. What a wonderfully written beautiful post. You always write with such heart.

    Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes work. You seem to have figured that out.

    Thanks for sharing that link. I really enjoyed it.

    Happy Birthday to Jeff!


  6. Beautiful, Tamera.
    Happy Birthday to Jeff!
    You're both quite blessed.

  7. Tamera dear-What a touching post and tribute to your wonderful husband. Your sentiments are beautifully expressed and your openness in sharing your life's journey is inspiring. Spending just one afternoon with you and Jeff was enough to know how connected you are to each other. You have built a lovely life together and I'm so happy to hear that you are seeing the sunny skies. Happy Birthday to Jeff!! Have fun celebrating together!
    xx, Heather

  8. Ah this was so moving and so real Tamera, a very Happy Birthday to the now who still makes you smile after all these years.

  9. So beautifully poignant Tamera! Your openness and account of real life, with its twists and turns really has moved me.
    Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Wow! What a dynamic couple...West Coast royalty!! Happy Birthday to your husband and thanks as always for your beautiful transparency. You are a blessing!!

  11. This is so beautiful Tamera, I am sitting here in smiles. I love how you love each other through everything. xoxox