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... summer wardrobe recap ...

Today was the first day back for my high school senior...

The summer has been edited from my house...
both figuratively...
and literally.

My summer decor has been boxed...
waiting for it's trip to storage to be swapped out for 
my long awaited fall decor.

As my interior style  has been reduced to a neutral pallet...
and before I jump in fully to my fall styling...
I am spending today reflecting back on my favorites of this years 
summer style...

beginning with my favorites of ....
what I wore this summer.

I still am in love with
nautical stripes... and summer whites... and of course...
 my summer panama hats.

This silk patio dress served me so very well this summer...
so much just seeing it brings back so many happy summer memories.

My antique rattan version of a clutch..
(I know it is not truly a clutch... but it fills in just like one)
is still one of my favorite finds in downtown LA this summer.
It made it out almost every time I needed a summer evening bag.

I am still absolutely in love with my
floral headbands...
I have no doubt I will be able to work this piece into some fall ensembles...
as I made sure when I was designing it...
to include some antique velvet flowers to insure it's fit into any season styling.
( I have a DIY for your own floral headband here).

My foray into working turbans into my wardrobe...
is something that I also have immense fondness for...
and will be designing some fall/winter versions to be sure.

I originally did some versions to be worn at home...
in lieu of having to 'do' my hair...
but found they were great stylish answers after mountain bike rides and work outs...
a perfect stylish solve for walks on the beach...
They kept my hair in place...
and I stilled looked perfectly put together for shopping at Crystal Cove.

I did some secondary versions (top left corner)
that were larger and out of stretch velvet...
that were a perfect summer solve for hot summer nights out.

My fox stole is something I long to wear. again...
with the heat recently...
it has only been a decorative piece in my room...
but it will be my first go to piece once weather permits...
I have so many ideas...
I have even recently found  matching cuffs...
I can't wait to style these pieces!!

So with summer's end...
comes my favorite season...

let the fall wardrobe styling begin!

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Aaahhh...I can feel summer's warmth and the kiss of a sea breeze in this post. Although I too love autumn best, as I've aged, I find myself wanting each season {save winter} to slow down allowing me to really savor it's magic and beauty. It's posts like yours that really put me into a that state of appreciation Tamera. Thank you!

    1. Sue... thank you for your heartfelt comment... each one is a gift to my soul!

  2. You have a signature summer look, Tamera - white, fabulous sunglasses, jewellery and headwear, and a huge happy smile! Lovely. xxxx

    1. Dear Curtise... thank you so very much! Your concise description of my style is much appreciated... as I have been myself been trying to put words to my style. You have summed my summer style up perfectly! Many thanks!!!

  3. Looks like the perfect summer styling to me! Great job, Tamera! I am ready to autumnize my house as well!!

    1. Thank you Pam! Hope your teaching weeks are improving!!

  4. You're the very epitome of effortless summer glamour in your beautiful, cool flowing outfits Tamera! Thanks so much for this round up, there are a couple of outfits I must've missed first time around, including your brilliant trick of hanging that stunning shawl over the back your fur, what an inspiring idea, of is it all in one? Plus I love your off the shoulder dress and those floral headbands and turbans. You have the timeless style of a Hollywood icon.

    1. Emalina thank you so for your very kind words... which are so very appreciated by me. I adore your personal style and passion for dressing! You do your Grandmother great honor my dear!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear! So how is fall approaching in Canada?

  6. So many gorgeous summer looks! Your headwear photos are divine and loving your turbans. You are a constant 'hat attack.'

    1. Judith... thank you so very much for the headwear compliments... coming from the Queen of Hats.. I am honored!

  7. Wonderful style in a warm heart, that is you, my dear Tamera.
    Love and sunshine.

  8. Your looks are absolutely adorable! As one who spent their summer in cotton Japanese gardener's pants and an assortment of thrifted tops, I appreciate your stylish approach to life. Living vicariously here!

  9. Wow.. You do reflecting the summer :) gorgeous style .

    You're new reader :)

  10. You are a glorious woman, ya know that? Hats on and off, you have such a vibrancy and panache. I adore you.

  11. Afraid I can't add anything much to the chorus of commenters above, but I will echo their words -- what a gorgeous collection of looks that really manifest a consistently vibrant style.

  12. Dear Tamera you are always so chic! I would love to learn how to make turbans!

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