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... what I wore apple picking ...

Last week our family all went apple picking...
as has become a Labor Day tradition for us.
I wrote about here
explaining why this years apple picking was so monumental to me...
learning as a mother about 
 holding  on and letting go.

Being as it was such an important event to me...
What I wore was also important to me...

but only because
 I wanted to be completely present...
not spending time uncomfortable
 wishing I had chosen a different outfit...

and it was HOT...
which ruled out the most obvious wardrobe choices for fall apple picking.

Now usually I have a personal rule to always know what I am going to wear
 before an important occasion...
Sometimes I even take an outfit out 'for a test drive'... before an important occasion
just to make sure it feels right... and is fun to wear.

But this time...
mainly because of the very hot weather...
I did not...
 I could feel panic starting to set in...
with only an hour before we were all set to  leave.

I so didn't want to mess up this day of having everybody together...
by feeling completely at odds with what I was wearing.

So I began (in a dressing panic that I can still feel)
  picking items I knew I wanted...

Boots being top on the list...
as picking is really out in the fields...
which meant my red sun hat would be perfect..
... now my long denim skirt will work...
adding in a denim tunic...

... finishing everything off with 
armfuls of my primitive bracelets and my
  carpenters bag.

I finally had an outfit that I was happy with...
and it functioned perfectly...
form apple picking... to lunch and some shopping.

A wardrobe crisis had been narrowly averted just in the knick of time :))

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You look ready for anything in that outfit.
    Love all the colorful arm action going on here with your denim...very "Primitive Glamour"

  2. What wonderful fun! Elegant apple picking attire.

  3. Snazzy for apple pickin' : )

    I love all the colours on your bracelets and hat. The hat is spectacular.


  4. Darling outfit Tamera, great for lots of other occasions as well!

    2013 Artists Series

  5. I adore everything about this post, Tamera...the idea of being able to pick apples, the seasonal feel to it, and, of course, your outfit and jewelry...loved every minute of it!!!

  6. I imagine you were the best dressed apple picker there! I love the hat, I have a thing for red!😃

  7. After all your deliberations, you chose the perfect outfit for apple picking, from the top of your magnificently be-hatted head, to the tip of your cute booted toes!
    LOVE those bangles too. xxxxx

  8. That outfit is perfect and fantabulous and you look amazing and I love you. So, so gorgeous! xoxoxo

  9. Wonderful look and attitude for the best moments in life. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxo

  10. Isn't it weird how critical the outfit is?!! You described it perfectly here, and the discomfort that can arise if it's not just what you're feeling for the moment. I wish it were different...but then again, maybe that's part of who we are and what we have to share. The boots immediately caught my attention, just the right amount of wear. Then adding the denim with those magnificent bracelets (!!!), and finally a great hat. Well done. :-) I'm sure those apples were delicious. XXOO

  11. Oh WOW, what a fabulous look! The bracelets are the perfect exclamation point of color.

  12. Love this idea for an apple picking hat. Large brim, perfect for keeping sun off your face in the orchard.

  13. I enjoyed reading this post so much, and the photos are lovely as is your outfit! Sara

  14. I love, love, love this post! Partly because I loved the original apple-picking post and I like the chance to read it again. But also because I think it really gets that mix of showing What we Wear and the backstory, always at least as interesting, of Why and How we Wear it. And if I can squeeze in one more reason: because you look fabulous and your photos, layout, etc. are so scrumptious. Thank you!

  15. I have seen many colour of that hat, but none quite worn as spectacular! What a stunning post!

  16. Oh I adore these autumnal photos, you in that lovely orchard looking ravishing in that incredible hat!

  17. I love the hat and cowboy boots, colorful bracelets, bag ... oh just the whole ensemble.
    I had my first apple picking experience a couple of years ago and it was so much fun.

  18. I adore the ethnic details of your accessories and the denim background does them justice.
    Definitely an artistic result.I hope I don't sound too serious. I simply love everything about this post.

  19. Love, love, love and dreams, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Glorious dear Tamera.

  20. What an artistic woman you are. So happy I have discovered your blog. You are a true inspiration for me and Mimi.

  21. Love, love, love the bracelets and boots. I am a boots woman; especially worn in boots like yours. The whole outfit is perfect on you, capping it off with a great hat.

  22. So cute, you cottin' pickin' little apple picker! Adorbs! Trust you ... picking fruit, looking still like a supermodel.
    All that beauty, and thoughtful presence as well. Lovely.

  23. Fabulous bracelets. Gorgeous photos. Uniquely written post. Where have you been all my blog-life?

  24. Oh Tamera, you look stunning! I love the arm candy, yes indeed, fabulous bracelets. And I'm definitely going to use your carpenter's bag for inspiration for one of my own handbags! Last week, we went to a local winery for sangria and appies...I changed three times. I totally get you wanting to be comfortable, dressed for the occasion and adorable to boot!

  25. You look great! I can't wait to go apple picking!

  26. FUN!
    Come visit me today and support this single mom Alissa by liking her page pretty please????

  27. Perfect apple pickin' garb! I so wish we had apple orchards here!