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... hello Monday ... hello Gratitude ...

 Hello Monday...
Hello gratitude to spending time with family and friends....
Hello to an amazing Art Walk in Laguna Beach with my husband.

Hello to gratitude for living where we do...

and having opportunities to savor and enjoy
a Southern California summer.

Hello gratitude for this view on a trail I have hiked for over 17 years...
some years were spent pushing a stroller up these hills...
 many years were spent hiking daily with my three...
when we homeschooled...
we even saw two double rainbows up here.
There were years I hiked with dear friends...who have since moved away.

Today the footsteps are my own...
and I still love this cresting view on this hike...
it always holds the promise of what beauty lies ahead...

These days I hike somedays with ghosts of the past...
but more and more...
it is the realizations of a beautiful present...and hopes for the future..
that are my hiking companions ...

Hello gratitude for these hikes... because no matter my companion...
they are always balm for my soul.

Hello gratitude for Ari Seth Cohen 
and his shining the light on such stylish women.
Doing a tribute post to dear Judith of the Style Crone here
(that is our dear Judith in the bottom right corner...
 you will find her on page 202 of this delightful book)

Left me completely inspired by all of the women...

and off I went to get the book... finally!

I am particularly  inspired by Tziporah Salamon 
and her view of dressing as an art form.

Hello gratitude for inspiration from all of these wonderfully stylish ladies!

Inspiration enough to pull together a new outfit to drop off orders at the post office.
I was grateful for the reminder style shouldn't be reserved for only special occasions.
I was truly inspired all weekend to be more creative in pulling together new outfits
 from what I already own...

Hello Monday...
and this is what my closets look like in the creative aftermath.
When I am spurred in the  moment to try new compositions...

If I am in a creative zone of dressing...
I am truly a try it and drop it , if it doesn't work... and on quickly to another choice...
I have to work quick...
to outrun my critical voice who tends to stagnate creativity sometimes...
with over thinking or frustration.
So today... I am very grateful  for the time to put everything back in order :).

Hello Monday... and Hello Gratitude to a brand new week 
full of opportunity and promise!

as always my dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love, love, love this look Tamera! I also would like to live in your closet! I am so happy to see many embrace Judith...she is amazing and so inspirational!!

    1. Thank you Pam for your always kind and supportive comments. I so enjoyed your guest post today... on being worth it. Great Job!

  2. Lovely post Tamera and love how your closet looks after you've been through it; a gorgeous image of creativity at it's best. You certainly do live in a wonderful part of the world. Continue to enjoy your summer. Love from London xx

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Talk about living in a wonderful part of the world... I just love London... really all of the UK!

  3. That most beautiful pictures! I love your outfit with toasted colors. The skirt is wonderful and the blouse is beautiful. Shoes and jewelry are spectacular.

    1. Thank you Josep-Maria for your always kind comments! I enjoyed your roundup in coral!

  4. Love your closet! Mine looks the same way when I'm stylin'...your outfit is fantastic!

    1. Thank you Margy... I am glad I'm not the only one whose closet looks like this after a burst of styling!

      Your latest tunic creation as yet another masterpiece! You are such a talent!

  5. Tamera, your photos are so lovely. You really capture that Southern California beach feel to well. Love your creative dressing!

    1. Thank you! Your Paris pictures were such a treat... has me yearning to return myself!

  6. Tamera. You are so darn glamorous.

  7. love your pictures, stunning. love CA so much.

    1. Thank you Marla... there is truly so much to love about CA!

  8. Thank you so much for the mention, Tamera, and for your kind words. I think I have a skirt almost exactly like the one you wear today and my bedroom looks very similar to your closet when I'm putting an ensemble together. So reassuring to know that this is a part of creativity and will remind myself of that the next time I create piles of possible choices.

    Your outfit today is smashing, as usual. I love the shape of your hat.

    1. Judith I am happy that it is just not me who generates piles of choices when I am styling an outfit!

      What an exciting idea you mentioned in your post... fashion trucks in Denver... WOW! I hope that idea makes it to SOCAL!

  9. Tamara I am so inspired by your style and attitude of joy and gratitude.
    Following right now! I miss living in Southern California when I see these pics!

    2013 Designer Series

    1. Thank you Karen! I see you studied at UCSD in La Jolla, one of SOCAL's most spectacular areas.

      I am so happy to have found your truly enjoyed your Jane of "The Empress of the Eye" interview!

  10. What a gorgeous post from start to finish. And that ensemble to run errands is splendid! I just love it on you.
    xo, A

    1. Thank you very much Adrienne! I loved the phoot of neon inspiration you posted on the Facebook page of HIWM. I had never seen neon used with a predomination of neutrals... I can't wait to try this measured use of neon out. Thank you got sharing the inspiration!

  11. You live in the most beautiful place, Tamera, I can see why you absolutely love it.
    I don't seem to recall you wearing earthy tones very often on your blog, but the soft natural palette really suits you, what a lovely outfit. xxxxx

    1. Thank you dear Curtise... I am always so grateful for your visits all the way from England! Hope you have the most enchanting holiday! So enjoyed today's post about our wonderful blogging community!

  12. Great post and I can recognize much of what you write and I really like the picture of your wardrobe :) You look so good in the new colors - beautiful...

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie! Congratulations on your 3 year blogging anniversary! I do so enjoy the glimpses into life in Denmark... and your heart!

  13. Oh my you look just like Grace Kelly in that amazing white coat, so beautiful!