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.... for the love of hats .... and Judith ....

I am joining Judith of the Style Crone today
for her first monthly link gathering of Hat Attack.

I found Judith's blog almost 2 years ago...
and have been a devoted follower ever since.

Judith is often   recognized by Ari Cohen of Advanced Style...
(There is a glorious picture of her on page 202 of Advanced Style the book)
because  of her  fierce hat  loving  personal style...

But it is Judith's heart, grace and courage she shares during her transitions in life...
that have garnered her my utmost respect and  have made her a life changing inspiration for me.

I found dear Judith....

when I had lost myself
 as my days of full time mother of three were coming to a close.
I was going through my own transition...
not as hard as Judith's... 
but a challenging transition for me non the less.

Reading her courage....
helped me find my own...

Seeing her style
helped remind me of my lost passions.

Judith helped me rediscover my love of fashion and accessories.

I actually remember...
reading one of her posts about her love of hats...

and thinking....


I  just remember... I love hats too...

I had become such a stranger to myself...
in my attempt to be a perfect mother...
I had  actually forgotten....
 so much...
about me.

And I  had begun to wonder...
is this what it means to be my age...
to be old...

is it living a life without passion...
without my passions.

Because before I found Judith and the rest of the phenomenal ladies of Advanced Style...

I had begun to believe...
that maybe clothes and accessories...
 and personal style
 were really just for those young in years.

The Advanced Style ladies made me realize...
personal style is for all of us...
and sometimes...
Style gets even gets better with age.

These ladies by sharing their style...
gave me back the rights to mine.

But it was dear Judith...
who showed me dressing with style and passion....
was not frivolous...
but instead...
for me a necessary part of my life....
because ...

dressing with personal style can make my heart happier on happy days...
and give a needed boost on the harder days.

I have in the last 2 years with Judith's inspiration...
got my own style mojo back...

it helped give me the courage to travel to Europe last fall...
something that I had never been able to do before.

I have a renewed sense of fun with fashion and accessories now.
I am back full swing designing now...
 even slowly relaunching my design company...

while  having fun doing personal pieces...
from fanciful nods to a crown...

to a full blown crown I did for myself to celebrate turning 54...
because  Judith and her fabulous Advanced Style friends...
have me excited about getting older...

Judith and her friends have me realizing age must be not only embraced...
but celebrated...
not only to make our own life more joyful...

but to show those who are much younger and coming up behind us...

there is nothing to 
fear about getting older...

but instead...
there can be so much to look forward to...

to every thing there is a season...
and this one too... can be a great one.

So my dear Judith...
I thank you from the bottom of my heart....
you and your blog...
changed my life....

And the message to all of us who blog... and comment...

You never know who's life you will impact...
or who's life you will change.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Style Crone - Hat Attack


  1. Outstanding! There is no other way to describe you, my friend. I admire your confidence and send you love,

    1. Thank you dear friend! I am anxiously awaiting your next post :)) Much love back to you!

  2. What a lovely journey of discovery....
    Honestly I love your courage and admire your style.
    All the best for your new venture.

    1. Thank you my dear for your kind and encouraging words! I so enjoy your blog... and it's message to find joys in the simple things... everyday!

  3. A very inspiring post, and you look ravishing as always; I am going to look up Advanced Style because I have reached that age too ...

    1. Thank you my dear for your kind words. I am so happy to have found your beautiful and entreating blog... your sharing France makes for the best little get aways... especially your post on Honfleur and how you explained it's link to impressionism.

  4. Wow am I glad you found your mojo once more!! You are simply glorious Tamera, the crown makes my heart skip a beat and oh hell, everything you wear is just so beautiful! You look like you're having a ball in all of these pics. I'm so glad you and so many of us bloggers and fans have Judith to thank for showing us how to keep going in good times and bad. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dearest Desiree! You too have been a moxie inspiration with your fierce style and devil may care attitude about other's opinions and... the style freedom that brings. XOXO

  5. Tamera, I am speechless, what a remarkable post! Everything you said, I feel in my heart too. I think many of us started blogging and miraculously connected to the right people to bring out or bring us back to our style and passion for it. Love you so much! xoxoxox

    1. My dear Gabriala... out finding each other when we did... I will never forget... miraculous.... Absolutely!! I love you too!

  6. Style always gets better with age.

  7. Dear Tamera, I am overwhelmed and touched by your kind, sweet and generous words. I love your variety of headwear choices and you wear each creation with regal confidence. I want you to know that you have inspired me as well; your designs, the family that you dearly love, your glamour and your writing keep me coming back for more of all that you have to give.

    Thank you for linking up with Hat Attack. The hat is magnificent and the photo worthy of the cover of a magazine.

    1. Dearest Judith i am so happy you enjoyed the tribute... I truly mean each and every word.

      Much much love to you!


  8. Tamera, in my excitement I went to your blog before I read your comment. I was thrilled that you too wore a Frank Olive and loved the story of how you found your hat. The mysteries of life never fail to inspire!

    1. So well put... the mysteries of life... yes indeed they are truly inspiring!

  9. Judith is a BIG inspiration for me as well- and I can imagine you two getting along famously in real life- both so beautiful, elegant and gracious to the NINES. You look marvelous in a topper, and now I must see what I can do to participate as I adore dear Judith too!

    1. Thank you Bella dear for your kind words! So happy to hear of all of your wonderful successes! You too, are an inspiration....your beauty and creativity, soulfully articulated thoughts and your passion for building community! Thank you for all that you do for our blogging community!

  10. OMG. Tamera, you are such an inspiration and the poster gal for us women who believe in what we DO! YOU ARE LOVELY! Bravo, and I can see the California Girl in YOU! Fabulous. You work every style and outfit with confidence and grace. Thank you for stopping by today and you are going to the Laguna Art Walk? DO think of me, for I have fond memories of this area during my childhood. Oh, the seaside, how magical is this! Be well, have a fantastic evening! Anita

    1. Anita thank you for your words and thoughts. Even on my hike today... your soulfully artistic post was in my heart. Thank you... indeed I will be thinking of you tonight at the art walk... for you too are such an artistic talent... with a tender and loving soul.

  11. That precious hats and looks beautiful. Your always so elegant and so attractive with your outfits. Everything works fine in you, the sun hats, the panama, the borsalinos, berets, ... You are really special.

    1. Thank you Josep-Maria for your kind words. I enjoyed your post on your vacation tho the beautiful Basque country... I so enjoy seeing pictures of your native Spain.

  12. What a lovely tribute to your friend. She sounds like a wonderful person. And since you are also a wonderful person, you two should stick together.

    You are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside...and that is really saying something!
    Hugs, Adrienne

    1. Yes Adrienne, Judith is a wonderful person. She often reminds me of you in that she is kind, generous in spirit and so very stylish!. Thank you so very much for featuring my earring in your post... they look fabulous on you! Your mention of my shop is so kind and generous... it warmed my heart. xoxo

  13. Dear Tamera, just a three-letter word to sum up my reaction.......WOW !! You really are fabulous!! Love your style and your attitude. How lucky to find you through Judith. I hope you take this as a are the younger sister I always wanted.

    I think I can count on you never to let our sartorial side down.

    Delighted to get to know you.

    Best, M-T

    1. Oh to be Your sister... what an honor! So happy to have found you and your blog full of fashion expertise!

      To making new friends!


  14. Beautiful, beautiful Tamera. Your entrance photo is amazing. I love those huge brimmed hats and can't quite make them work on myself but, wow, you sure can pull it off.
    Also, I just pulled up Adrienne's post and those earrings are a dream come true. i gave up wearing earring many many years ago due to an infection, but I'm seriously headding out today to have them repierced.

    1. Trina thank you for your dear comment! I hope you haven't left already to get repierced... the earrings are clips! Clips properly adjusted are much more comfortable... especially with the comfort pads I add. Clips are able to distribute the weight of the earrings so even large dramatic earrings can be worn with ease!

  15. Judith is a truly beautiful and inspirational woman, and so are you,Tamera! These images show many different sides of you and your style, but elegance and an eye for accessories, including headwear, runs through each and every outfit. I am so pleased that you rediscovered your style and passion, it seems so much a part of who you are. Long may it last! xxxx

    1. Thank you very much dear Curtise ... you are always so kind and generous with your time to comment. I enjoy and appreciate each of your visits from England!

  16. Tamara dear!

    I love seeing this post again; thank you for coming back to visit and no, I'm not on Instagram! I'm barely figuring out how to use certain technologies!!!!!! I love these images of you, and I've been thinking about having my husband take photos of me, but we've just been too busy! You are an inspiration and being 55 this year has been FABULOUS! We go on and let wisdom lead the way. LOVE! Anita

    1. I do hope you can find the time for photos... though I think having my photo taken usually feels awkward and uncomfortable... it has been truly helpful in refining my style. I would love to see more of you and your artistic style!

      If you ever get around to instagram, I think you would truly enjoy it... once learned it is quite simple... and a truly enjoyable creative outlet.

  17. I am not a hat lover myself, but I enjoy looking at hats on others. These are fabulous pics.

    1. Marla with your stunning beauty and features... I have absolutely no doubt... hats would look fabulous on you!!

  18. What a touching tribute to Judith, and to your own discoveries about yourself as you transition through life. I also adore all those hats! You look like a beautiful, graceful queen in that amazing fascinator crown.

    1. Dear Emalina... thank you so for your kind words! Your post of you in the garden today... beauty perfected!

  19. What a beautiful post.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! Thanks for sharing the wonderful shoe exhibit!

  20. Tamera, you have such a grace and eloquence with language. Judith has indeed inspired many, myself included, and your tribute to her is moving and heartfelt. You always seem to write the words that I am thinking. Bless you for that! in hats...perfection! You wear them well, and I am continually finding inspiration in your posts.

    1. Thank you dear Sue for your sweet words... they touch my soul! Yes, Judith has done much for many!

      I enjoyed your post with your perfectly constructed skirt... you are a true craftsman!

  21. Stylish, stunning, well written, so Tamera. Just as Judith's blog has changed you and woken you to find yourself again, your blog has done the same for me! Cheers to to amazing women who have done much for many readers by bearing their souls and awoken my battered one!

  22. What an inspiring tribute -- both to your friend Style Crone AND to the possibilities for recovering ourselves and reaching new heights even at a certain age! I'm new to this corner of the blogging world, having followed the breadcrumbs to Judith's hat party and then onward to yours and other's blogs. What a happy discovery, thanks!

  23. I really enjoyed reading this post - what a lovely tribute to Judith (I love her, too!), to difficult transitions, to getting older and to expressing oneself fully.
    What a boost!

  24. I love the top photo of you in the large hat with sunglasses. Great shot. Wish I looked that great in a hat.