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.... hello Monday.... hello gratitude ....

Hello Monday...
hello to excitement over a
lady's night jewelry party
I'm doing this week...
with a few of my very favorite ladies.

With a twist from the normal jewelry party....
this one has nothing to do about selling jewelry....
rather I will be
 sharing some of my tips on
 how to...
make your own stunning  and personal pieces....
with just some basic techniques and tips...
( and of course photos will be taken to be shared )

No propre ladies night would be complete without a choice cocktail, now would it.

Hello to gratitude
for being able to share my passion.

Hello to making an intentional effort to enjoying the summer season....
and the bounty it has to offer.
Hello to taking the time to savor and enjoy summer...
and not wish it away in an attempt to get to my favorite fall... faster.

Hello gratitude
for learning to appreciate the seasons of life.

Hello to trying to navigate the normal changes of this stage....
and learning to embrace what I can't change....
but rather dig deeper to uncover what gifts this season can bring...

Hello gratitude
for having the opportunity to find the gifts in life...
no matter how they come packaged.

Hello to taking the time and intent to appreciate what is before me...
Hello to wasting no time...
wanting things to be different....
but rather...
celebrating the abundance that is my life.

Hello to seeing with the most loving eyes...
the people that are in my life....

and using those same eyes to see myself...
with love.

hello gratitude
for getting up every morning...
to a new day...
and new opportunities...
to do things better.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by

What are you grateful for this Monday ?


  1. Hi Tamera! You look like a young Stevie Nicks in that photo. I love your thoughts on digging a little deeper to see the gifts in this season.


  2. I bet you ladies have a wonderful evening!
    Lovely post and thoughtful words as always, Tamera.

    Thank you,
    Lady of Style


  4. Oh how I wish I was at that party...I would love to learn from you Tamera. Your jewelry is fabulous! Hello to gratitude for inspiring women like you!!

  5. Hello, to making an impact on others lives.Hello, to sharing your inner most thoughts that inspire me with your bravery, you passion, your love of life and kindness. Hello to a marvelous evening with your friends, party like no one is watching! Hello, dear Tamera! Thank you! xo B

  6. Hello, to enriching others lives through your beautiful, heartfelt words and pictures. Hello to being jealous that I do not live next door to you and can intrude on a wonderful Ladies Night out. Hello to feeling grateful for the life and friends I have, thanks for reminding my of this.

  7. Hello, to a beautiful woman, inside and out.
    So grateful for finding you in this little blog world we have.
    xo, A

  8. Wow, I wish I could crash this party!!
    It sounds like a lovely time will be had by all.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post and for the reminder to say Hello and embrace life to the full.



    I just got back home to Minnesota yesterday from a visit in Southern California with my family!!!!

    I wanted to pop on over to thank you for the PINTEREST photos AND for visiting my new little blog. Many thanks and I am now back on a regular blogging schedule. I look forward to more of your posts; wishing you a wonderful, fun day! Anita

  10. Hello there Tamara! SO good to see you today! Well, my family is spread out now, but most of them lived in Pico Rivera, Whittier, and now they live in various parts of Orange County; I was recently in Garden Grove, but my husband's family still lives in Whittier. It was SO FUN to go back to see the different landscape and reconnect with family. Where do you live? Anita

  11. Hello Lovelyness, full of appreciation of the most beautiful things. I've missed you! xoxox

  12. Beautiful pictures. You are a great photographer and the way you make your picture galleries and your block is really good very creative as your jewelry and your cake :)