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.... Airstream Spring Break ....

We have returned from a very successful spring break with our airstream.

On the drive up  the hills above Santa Barbara were ablaze with wildflowers.

Our destination the Central Coast...
on the dunes of Pismo....
proved as breathtaking as ever.

We have been coming here for years...
The first time was the very first week we had our airstream...
we came up on a whim...
after I saw this RV park in a travel magazine.

Little did I know at the time it was to make itself into our family history.
After traveling here several times...
we decided to look at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo...
as Ellis was nearing her college decision.

After her choice was made we came up for more campus touring
as she prepared to make her move.

It was here I came back one night devastated and heart broken
 as Ellis moved in...
and on...

But it is also here that I have returned many times since...
healed..and with a grateful heart.

It is here we return once again...
 as my youngest begins his college tours..
and some spring break fun!

Hunter was able to achieve his spring break. 
His time out for days of fun with his dad...
 left me with plenty of time on my own...

to do some of the things I love best...
like hiking off to explore new destinations...
 stumbling onto breath taking views...

exploring the charms of Pismo on foot...

.... and finding jewelry inspirations waiting for me on the beach.

Wardrobe packing for Pismo airstream trips is delightfully simple....especially this trip...
where it was all about Hunter having a good time on spring break!

Packing was as simple as grabbing...
white jeans...
nautical stripes... including my new favorite piece from Anthropologie...
a dress... I have incorporated into a tunic over my jeans...
a denim trench and shirt...
no makeup...
no hair styling...
just my panama and a navy beret....
my pearl and shell necklace...
2 scarves for quick and cozy color 
my  trusty and comfortable leopard flats that got me all through Europe this fall.

These pieces had me covered for all that we did...
completely comfortable and functional
 I always felt polished enough to stop anywhere for dinners.

While Hunter was spending time on campus with his sister....
Jeff and I drove up the coast towards San Simeon...

and were absolutely amazed by the beauty we encountered at every turn....

everywhere we looked....

we found such beauty.

Pismo is one of the rare places in California...
where you can actually drive on the beach...

and trust's a view that never gets old.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by!


  1. Oh, these pictures make me homesick! I lived in various spots between Morro Bay and Pismo Beach for the better part of 20 years. Still miss it...

    1. I certainly enjoyed your travel packing tips... the right handbag does so make a difference! I will know how to pick better for my next trip abroad!

  2. Oh my dreams are made of this.
    Pismo - scene of many of my teenage memories.

    1. Tabitha... I am so very intrigued... how were you there? Are you originally from Scotland or a transplant? Your life stories are always so full of travel and adventure!

  3. Beautiful shots and what a chic nautical look! Tres chic!


    1. My dear... thank you for visiting all the way from Dubai! Enjoyed your use of animal prints!

  4. Beautiful country and a beautiful lady!! Hope you enjoyed every minute!!

    1. Thank you my dear! It was a trip filled with much beauty! Great use of stripes today!

  5. Such a beautiful piece of the world! And your photos bring it right into my home, thank you for this. And you look wonderful without makeup, how do you do it? : > Thanks for sharing all the beauty with Visible Monday.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Patti! i was truly excited to share the beauty I found on this trip! As far as no makeup... guess why they are in black and white... :)

      As always, thanks so for hosting such a great group of women each week!

  6. I love your photography...beautiful shots. These really give you a feel for the place. And no makeup and no hair styling sounds like vacation! Debbie @

    1. Thank you so very much my dear! I must admit, i do love to cut corners any time I can regarding make up and hair.... and my love of hats makes it possible to still 'appear' polished :)

  7. What fantastically beautiful photos of stunning places. You obviously had a wonderful trip! xxxx

    1. Thank you my dear Curtise! As always my dear, it was so very lovely to visit you on your blog! Loved the photo comparison of you and your sis!

  8. I loved this Tamera! I makes me homesick though. I miss Cali sometimes, even though I love Atlanta, I guess I will always be a California girl at heart. xo

    1. Thank you my dear! Yes, once a Cali girl...always a Cali girl!

  9. Your photography is so inspiring and uplifting. I felt as though I were on the road trip with you. I simply love how you find such joy in the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    1. Trina, thank you for your kind compliments! I so enjoyed your Hawaii photos!

  10. So lovely. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I just have a mini vacay looking at those photos. Hope you are feeling refreshed and more alive than ever.

  11. These pictures are amazing! Sounds like a great trip.


  12. Beautiful photos! Hope your trip was a wonderful one!

  13.!! Such a gorgeous travelogue!! I have never been to Pismo but last spring we took the 101 drive and were in awe of nature's bounty! In NY, we are not very used to open spaces and blue waters. Thanks for a Monday morning bliss;-) And can I tell you look like a star in the nautical look! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  14. Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places to visit. Glad you had a great time.

    Please stop by my site at when you have some time. I'm giving away a signature bracelet seen on celebrities by Henri Lou.


  15. Chic outfits, chic wheels and chic woman! It looks like you had a marvelous time.

  16. The photos and landscapes are breathtaking.You are so blessed.

  17. Gorgeous photos. How wonderful that you could breathe in this beauty and then share it with us. Looking forward to the inspiration that transforms, through creativity, into your jewelry.

  18. Looks like you're having an amazing time, I'm so glad! Gorgeous images.

  19. Besides being a seriously gorgeous woman, you have to be one of the most organized women I've ever seen! Your Airstream pics look like House Beautiful took them ... we had one when I was a little girl and it was always stuffed to the gills with necessities when we traveled, and in a constant clutter! I'm all admiration of your personal style and taste, your travel-planning skills and your talent at photography!
    Hope you have many more wonderful trips.

  20. Such a beautiful place. Maybe someday I'll see it in person... my daughter has informed me that she's going to go to school in Cali. What a special place, too, with such strong memories. I'm so glad that you and your family have it. xo, ab

  21. The central coast is gorgeous and your photos capture it all so beautifully Tamera. Your glimpses of seaweed on the beach or a curious cow come alive. i like seeing this place through your lens.
    Having some fun catching up with blogs today now that we are back in town.
    xx, Heather

  22. What an incredible experience! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  23. Stunning photos, Tamera!! I'm still hoping that we can meet up on the sands of Pismo some day when you are up for a visit! :)

  24. You make me want to jump in the car and head north!