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Self Care ... After the Holidays

What a difference in perspective a week can make.
Last week at this time I was saying good bye to my  two oldest both bound for their colleges.
Besides grieving for my son's college departure for the first time...

I was feeling overwhelmed with their rooms left behind...
the remains of Christmas clutter...
finances that hadn't been sorted through...
my room buried under disorganization...
a body feeling the result of excess and lack of attention....
business goals I wanted to finish before my trip to the ALT conference...

Needless to say I wasn't in a 'good' place...

So I realized what I most desperately needed was some

Self Care.

I could feel I was on a very slippery slope...
one that if wasn't quickly addressed could send me down 
a very dark road... a path I know all too well...

So I reorganized my priorities...
lowered my self expectations...
 decided to treat myself with kindness.

The first on my self care list...

to clean and organize my room.

I am someone who thrives on order.
When  where I live has visual order and beauty...
it calms my mind.... I feel more gratitude and optimism.

After conquering my room...
with that feeling of accomplishment and order...
I was happy to finish restyling my living room for the New Year...

Having some areas tidy and happy...
enabled me to live with the messes in rooms left behind....
I will attend to them a different time...
when I have more distance...

Each day I have made it a priority to
get outside and simply walk in nature.

For me this isn't just a physical need
but helps my mind and soul
to connect to something higher

to be able to get away and find more clarity 
in what really needs to be accomplished now...
and what can move down on the list.

I have realized many of the business goals I wanted to accomplish before ALT
were unrealistic...
so much so...
I even considered not going...
but now I realize how important it is for me right now....
just to show up.
I don't have to accomplish

This weekI took myself to my favorite spot...
and hiked.... counting my blessings.... experiencing life's beauty.
I am now back to my morning ritual of silent coffee and candles before the sun comes up...
relishing in the solitude... setting my thoughts for the day.

I am back today refreshed and hopeful.
I know there is a long road ahead...

but I am beginning to trust myself...

to be kind
 to myself.

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you care for yourselves
so you may better care for others


  1. So true...I felt so overwhelmed after Christmas, our wedding, and two moves for the married ones...but now that I have re-focused on me and the order I also need, things are calm once again. It is critical we take some timefor ourselves.

  2. Loved this.

    It's raining today in antigua and I thought I'd take some time to catch up on blogs. I can hear the waves in the background and strangers laughing on the beach. You have a great way of focusing on the moment.


  3. I love that you are taking care of yourself! Good for you! So glad you are hopeful. That's powerful. As always, I love your pictures. And... I think I need you to come help me decorate my house... ! :) xo, ab

  4. I just started reading your blog and...I LOVE IT!!!!! WE are in very similar places in life. My son just left & I felt depleted after the holidays...but now, I am going to have some "self-care" this weekend. Thank you!

  5. I thrive in an organized space as well. I've even been cleaning windows of all things! Quiet time in the morning with candles sounds like a perfect way to start the day.
    Have a beautiful weekend, gorgeous!

  6. Such a lovely post Tamera! Cluttered surroundings definitely affect the way you feel and can be rather overwhelming (speaking from personal experience). If we listen to our hearts and our bodies, we know what we need to take care of ourselves. The photos are beautiful.

  7. Your photos are gorgeous and your words are thoughtful and wise, Tamera. I am impressed with your ability to know what you need AND ensure that you include it in your life. I always think I know what I need to do and SHOULD do, but actually getting started on doing it is the hard part...
    Congratulations on avoiding dark paths and stepping towards the light! xxxxx

  8. Your beautiful bedroom calms MY mind. I imagine your home as one of the most beautiful in the world. I am so glad you are taking care of yourself. I think many women have a hard time carving out a little time for themselves. I make sure I have time in the morning to get up before everyone else, and savor my coffee and the real newspaper (still).

  9. What a lovely blog. I love your gorgeous surroundings and the honesty with which you approach real life. I so agree-organizing, beautifying and clearing my space also clears my mind and soul.
    Glad you are feeling good. We are just back from the holidays in London and Paris-which was pretty magical- but I did come home feeling a little jet-lagged, holiday lagged and feeling energized again has taken some time.
    Happy 2013 and I look forward to more loveliness on your blog.
    Cheers, Heather

  10. Always inspiring and soulful here. Have a great week coming up Tamera!

  11. Hello there, funky lady!!!
    Well, never having had children, all I can think is YEAH, time to be myself, do my own thang!!!
    But, it isn't as easy as that, that much I do know, just by listening and reading...
    Thank you for popping by my blog and introducing yourself!
    A quick nosy and I can see that mother is just one of many roles you have.Awesome and funky and rather glamourous make another! X

  12. I have been doing the same, cleaning, organizing, exercising, eating better. It makes the world more cheerful when the things we can control are in control! You go girl! Proud of your choices and your gentleness with YOU!

  13. Such a beautiful post Tamera. I feel we are on the same path. I started to clean this last week and even cleaned the fridge. It was very cleansing to clean out that fridge. :-) I can't wait to hear about ALT... and how awesome that you did not let anything keep you from going. You have inspired me to clean more and deeper. xo

  14. I feel like (for me, at least) there is always a bit of a dark time after the holiday season, after we've thrown caution to the wind for a month or so and now have to get back to facing all the things we let slide. It's hard but necessary to face all that STUFF, but the best way to tackle it is exactly what you're doing.

    The hardest part is beginning, and small steps seem like so little but they do help. Can't eat the elephant all at once. :)

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