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.... { packing for Europe recap .... what worked and what didn't }....

I'm back home now.  I know it is too soon to truly process all that I have done and seen...
but I do already know exactly how
 my packed wardrobe performed...

Never having traveled abroad before...
I spent much time planning and choosing what would make it into my suitcase.

I had my travel wardrobe chosen at least a week before we left...
all I can say about my preplanning...
it truly payed off
for the most part my wardrobe worked perfectly....

My travel outfit never let me down...

chosen for a sharp put together look that would allow me to enter new situations with confidence...
as well as be comfortable for plane rides that were 11 hours plus...and resulting in 24 hours of travel in a day....

my jeans were a stretch skinny with flat front by JAG JEANS
I of cours packed others, but by the end of the trip
I realized I preferred the cut, line and comfort of this pair,
I also found with a quick wash in the hotel sink...they dried easily by morning.

One of my favorite pieces I brought...
 and almost constant companion

and my strong travel accessory  recommendation...
my fedora. 

I am a hat person...
but even if I wasn't...
this hat just kept on giving....

It is a soft felted comfortable it was...
(and an inexpensive purchase from Target... I didn't want to worry about damaging my others)

The soft construction made it easy to wear on the plane.,,
and with an aisle seat...pulling it way down provided for a little more private space in which to rest and tune out.

Another benefit...I just pulled my damp hair up into the hat...
so after a days travel
 I could just take my hair down in the evening...and have full hair full of an instant!

Pulling on the fedora always provided a finishing look to any outfit....

My hat also cut down dramatically on the time it took to get ready!
There were so very many things I wanted to do while in Europe...
spending time primping just wasn't one!

I packed my some of my nautical stripes...
one tunic length for travel days...which provide the comfort ofPJs.
a shorter Breton stripe and I picked up a new red stripe SAINT JAMES in Paris.
this meant I could easily layer depending on weather and destination.

Adding on my accessories...and I could be out all day exploring...
and confident to end up just about anywhere in the day!

My black riding boots
have now walked end to end in Paris...
as well taken me across beaches in Scotland...
making black boots another one of my top accessory recommendations!

My other favorite shoe choice..
.my leopard flat.
Before we left I realized how much wear and tear this shoe would endure...
so I bought these  inexpensive versions at Target...

and got to come home to my good ones still in tact.
I was so glad of this choice many times on our trip....
city walking for days tends to bring some scuffs along the way...
Luckily this version was even more comfortable!

During my final packing I swapped out my short black jacket for this
longer navy jacket .... it had the warmth of a peacoat mixed with the polish of a navy blazer...
making it my favorite Zara find this season!

Pairing it with my chosen basics of 
nautical T's
leopard flats
 adding the panache of an oversized scarf

 I was ready for a day full of touring Paris!
We set out each day in a direction to a chosen destination...never knowing what the day would bring...
 always wanting to be dressed for what ever we might find.

This scarf is by 'Epice is a light weight wool
which makes it perfect to join with all types of fabrics and weather...

A traveler's dream choice...big impact for such a little packing space!

As far as outer jackets...I brought two.
I heeded the advice of my very international and artistic neighbor Gwen
She has a mother from Argentina...
and a father from Denmark who spent his career in the UN.
Travel she has!

Her recommendation...
a coat for everyday warmth
 a dressy coat for cities.

Thank you Gwen!
Your advice was absolutely on target!
Between the two coats
I was able to walk anywhere...
from Scotland's beaches....

and by adding my Burberry collar....
 city Streets the likes of
London, Torino and Paris.

Even exploring castle ruins in the Scottish mist.

Fur collars
are another accessory I loved while traveling (and even now at home).

With most of my pieces sporty in nature due to the touring needs I had...
simply adding the collars and my necklace layers...
 I was again ready for what ever night or day might bring!

My jewelry choices were (for me) minimal as well...
and they served me well everyday!

I choice to bring 
 4 pearl necklaces all in the same wardrobe family.
With jewelry as well as clothes...
I prefer pieces that make up a 'wardrobe'...
this maximizes investment and wearability.

My pearl layers served me well...
again adding glamour and polish and confidence with such ease!
I always, especially when traveling want the biggest style impact...for the least amount of effort.

My antique silk shawl made it into my suitcase...
as well as a lot of romantic notions of 'dressing'...

What I found out on the this trip...
I was more interested in maximizing what I could see and experience...not so much putting together new concept outfits....

That being said...
my shawl did get a night out in Italy...
but it was worth bringing....for the romantic promise I had for any destination....

my faux fur vest was another....
glad to have it....

pairing it with my cashmere tunic length sweater...
made for other very efficient and stylish options.

My oxblood purse
 was another less expensive addition I made to my wardrobe before I left...
not wanting to damage my good leather bags.
My choice was a bag by London Fog...
I was attracted not only by it's size and shape and ability to stay organized...
but it's claim to be water resistant... most faux leather is :) 

But I must say...within several days of carrying it... I wanted to find a chic backpack...
alas I did not...but I realized I only really needed to be carrying a few things inside...
so I just lightened my load...and it functioned very well.

The things I packed...but didn't use...

my Instyler...I barely do my hair at home...I certainly din't need to bring it traveling. 
high heels.... I did once use a mid heel...but a high heel was never an option for this trip.
my sequin pants... I never wore them, but like the shawl, I was still glad I had the option...
you never know :)
white jeans-3 pairs - my timing just didn't work, and they obviously dirtied too easily. Next time I will leave my Southern California staple at home :)

So there you have Europe wardrobe recap....

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. You looked oh so chic and more you were having the time of your life!!

  2. Very impressive. I used to be a flight attendant so I KNOW how challenging this can be. Welcome back!

  3. You looked fabulous, even after years of travelling I never get it right a
    and always always go on a dark depressive downer when i'm away as I feel such a mess.

  4. Nautical stripes are always so chic, imho, and you look fabulous in them Tamera! And I love your fedora, and all the ways you came to enjoy it while traveling -- I am going to remember that tip : > Thanks so much for sharing your travel wardrobe and ideas with Visible Monday.

  5. You are one classy lady!! Loved every minute of this post and the final picture near the bikes is my favorite! You look so great in this hat. Glad your trip was a success.

  6. You look fabulous in every situation, Tamera! You really did a great job with the travel wardrobe.

  7. Awesome Tamera. I love reading about your choices and how you put it all together. It is like being in your sweet mind for a few moments. xo

  8. I love those fur pieces too. I picked one up recently from Etsy for $20 and it is amazing how many things it works with.

  9. Now, on the plane, what do you do with your hat when you are sitting in your seat? Doesn't the hat bump into the seat back? Do tell!

  10. Great summary, Tamera! I especially love the 4th picture, showing you with hat and sunglasses.
    Congrats on your multiple wardrobe successes!

  11. What an interesting and informative post, Tamera, not to mention your, as always, beautiful photos. Tomorrow I shall be packing for a trip to Havana. Choosing the correct footwear, both for comfort and style, is always the greatest problem for me. They also add the most weight to my suitcase. Now I shall try to emulate your high standards!

  12. You are the chicest traveler ever! Really, I would probably mistake you for a European woman if I saw you on the streets in Italy or Paris.
    xo, A

  13. I love your post mamma :) the chalkboard pictures are incredible! looks just like a magazine.


  14. Hi Tamera! I'm glad you enjoyed Europe, but now if I'm not too nosey..what beauties did you bring back home?

  15. dear tamara,
    what a great choise! you alway had been dressed not only perfectly but also in your very unique style.
    your daughter is a beauty!

  16. Reading this post was very interesting for me. I've packed for many travels abroad, but never with the attention to accessories that pull it all together. Honestly, I usually don't accessorize because I feel like I just don't know what I'm doing. If I put a scarf on, I feel silly, then take it off before I go out. I'm the same way with hats and hairstyles. I tell myself that I have a style and it's "natural." And sometimes I don't mind natural. But really its more "uneducated." Your post was like a lesson plan. I especially was glad to see your Target recommendations because that is more my price range. You can be like my creativity / fashion mentor. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in Europe. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful memories!

  17. Great tips. I tend to pack TOO light. I will add some special pieces (like the fur or shawl) when we head to Milan and Paris in January.


  18. Really love your hat and scarves!

  19. Welcome back home, Tamera. Sounds like everything was a success - especially your travel wardrobe! Very good for a first time, I hear. It's been fun following you along through pictures.

  20. Hats add so much to life and travel, and you said it all in your summary. It sounds like you had a glorious trip and thanks for offering a review of what worked for you during your journey. You glamour shows through in every photo! Makes me want to plan a trip to Paris tomorrow and use your information as a guide. Welcome home and have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  21. Wow! Looks like you had a FAB time and your choice of outfits were fab.
    TYSM for you comments over at mine also x

  22. I loved this wardrobe debriefing. Your choice of accessories and styling combinations, especially the fur collar and pearls and fedora, made each outfit so unique. I laughed - too bad you didn't get to wear the sequin pants or heels, but I really understand how you were happy they were there. You look in stellar in all your wardrobe picks. Will you be doing this kind of trip again in the near future? I wonder...

  23. Love this post and pictures!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  24. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  25. Your outfits were fabulous, but I have to say, the fur collars are my favorite. Absolutely beautiful.

  26. I have greatly enjoyed reading about your marvelous travel wardrobe. Your accessories sure elevate an outfit to a whole other level. Very inspirational.

  27. Great post and your trip sounds incredible. You made me long to go back to Europe as you hit some of the locations we have enjoyed. Sigh. I will keep dreaming!

  28. Tamera, I've been lurking but loving the pictures from your trip. Your travel wardrobe is awesome, and you look stunning as always. I'm so happy that Target purchases worked for long trips - I will be checking out your recommendations. I so wish I could wear hats, and love your fedora.