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.... { tasting flight}....

.... for the first time in my life....

.... I have definitely caught 
the travel bug.....



  1. Now, if we could figure out a way to make the Airstream a Gulfstream ... Thank you for sharing this happy time - xoxoxo

    1. Oh my dream is still to spend a night in an airstream, I love them to bits!

  2. Oh I am just the opposite, sans husband or children I spent my single days travelling the globe until I was 35, feeling a bit lost to be honest, now I'm a two holidays a year woman, I am so over travelling. I am so glad you had wonderful trip.

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip my friend. I adore traveling, but don't do it as much as I used to. Your pictures were fabulous!!

  4. Oh boy, and I wonder where it will take you next! With your eye for fashion, it must be a burst of fashion energy that you have when you see other cultures and what they do with clothing, shoes, accessories. I'm not a fashion maven but I do notice all of the small details...of course...while I am oogling the food! So glad you enjoyed your trips. We're seriously considering going somewhere for Xmas next year...I hope I follow through!

  5. Congratulations! I've found something to love everywhere I've travelled, and return home with a renewed appreciation of my own circumstances, and impatience to plan my next adventure.

  6. Thank you for your excellent input to a travel wardrobe. I'll remember that for next time. I hope you had a nice trip. Have followed you and your beautiful clothes.