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....{wearing what i want}....

Growing up...and living in shall I say a
 thin obsessed culture
and not being said...
I am very skilled at dressing to my advantage....

What lines and silhouettes 
are the most flattering...

But sometimes....
I throw out all i know...
and just
  wear what i want

because many times i am more interested in
 how the clothes feel
and the movement they bring...
than 'looking my best'
and in that freedom from pursuing a 'pretty image'
comes a different energy...

a closer connection to creativity....
a release from the cultural stereotypes of only one type of beauty...
and even more...

a release from the pursuit of beauty...

the embracing of just what is...

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your own life



  1. Wonderfully inspiring! Yes, when we let go of what "should" be we are free to find out who we are.

  2. Something I'm trying to teach my daughters. So good.

  3. Those pants just knock me out! They are so beautiful. Love this look.

  4. Well said, Tamera!! I have learned what shapes are the most flattering to me but will often throw that out the window and put on my vintage 80's pegged leather pants because they make me feel happy and it's impossible to be invisible in them!

  5. When we're homeschooling all day and I don't have to go out...I have this very "granola-ish" skirt I love to wear. I look pretty horrible in it but it's my stay at home skirt. It makes me feel cozy and relaxed. I must say...I would NEVER wear it out of the house!!

    1. Oh Sarah, i hear you! this summer when it was so hot hear, I had a dress I wore everyday, and it never left the house :)

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  7. Absolutely true and inspiring Tamera. Who we really are needs the confidence to shine. Love your leopard shoes!!

  8. My heart belongs to those tremendous pants and deep-crowned hat, and this setting is amazing. This freedom and energy and embracing you describe are in fact beauty too - thank you so much for broadening the discussion, xo

  9. What a wonderful look, I can't beliwve you're heading here tomorrow!

  10. ahhh. comfort. it is truly beautiful.

  11. I am reading all your archives and I love your attitude and you do look thin x