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....{my 'practice trip'}...

I have been away for the weekend
shopping for vintage finds at the Remnants of the Past antique show...
 on what I am calling 

I have been able to practice leaving my boys at home
I have realized I miss them terribly after 3 days...17 days feels like a lifetime....

I was able to practice balancing...
really experiencing a trip...and still making time to record and blog about it daily.
I found I actually really appreciate the balance.
Awakening write and reflect on what I have seen and experienced.....
really committed the trip to memory...on a much deeper level...

By taking the time to photograph, write and reflect...
I was more able to really
savor and enjoy the journey
For me, an early morning person
getting up early provided the perfect opportunity...
while at the same time it built well appreciated structure in to my trip.

 On a much more practical level...
I learned the relevance of
 proper packing...

I already am chuckling at my enthusiastic packing post from last week...
which only could have been written by someone unfamiliar with the needs of true travel.
I realize I have become quite comfortable with packing all that
I might need into our
and  now traveling without the kids...there is even more closet space :)

I learned this week ....
it doesn't matter 
how long you think through and plan a wardrobe...
if you forget the basics...

For those of you who follow my blog regularly...
you know it has been hot here...for a long time...

I packed for our trip with my wish of cooler temps...
not for the reality of perfect 80+  degree beach weather.
So after all my thoughtful packing and styling of outfits...
I arrived without shorts...or a bathing suit....
but a beautifully styled fall wardrobe...which with the heat was completely unwearable.

Luckily, I had brought some basic pieces and I was able to pull together 
some simple outfits
that truly met most of my traveling needs.

I realized
 my traveling wardrobe
is more successful...
as simplified as the needs of the destinations permit...

as long as they still provide the boost of confidence 
needed to meet new adventures...

as always dear friends...

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. Tamera, you look beautiful as always, and the photos are amazing, especially that first one with the flags. I appreciate what you mean about dressing for the realities of the weather, vs. what we hope it will be. We're still having weird almost 80-degree days here, but I occasionally optimistically dress for fall, resulting in a long, hot, uncomfortable day. Even though I packed basics for our recent NYC trip, I admitted I could have left 1/3 of my suitcase at home.

  2. You certainly look great on your trip...but that is no surprise...since you always look beautiful. I have found myself over the last two and half years telling the audience there will be a blogging break for something happening in my life, and then, I discover what you did....blogging actually helps me to process during that time!! I also like to get up early when it is quiet...there is loud chaos about me even as I write this comment...and write. Blogging helps...thanks for sharing your lessons learned with us!

  3. Tamera, I so love you in red... it reminds me of my oldest daughter who lights up when she wears anything red. These photos are yummy and I am dreaming about an Airstream again. I so know that an Airstream would meet some of my needs now. :-) Such gorgeous photos, I love taking a drive in your world. xo

  4. your beautiful pictures tell a story of a wonderful trip. you look gorgeous in your randomly created late summer outfits! the red scarf and the borsalino like hat are great!

  5. I hope you found lots of wonderful treasures at Remnants!
    No matter the length of my trip, 5 days to 3 weeks, I always just take one 18" Hartmann wheeled carry-on plus a large tote carry-on. It's a challenge, but I edit carefully and never check bags. I've seen too many trips ruined by lost baggage. It's a good idea to practice now.
    Have a great week!

  6. It is hard to leave your kids. I know all about it. I also know that even though it's difficult for US, they usually benefit from learning to be on their own. This whole trip will be a fun experience for EVERYONE. On the fashion side...super cool striped top and gorgeous boho shawl.

  7. Beautiful photographs! Enjoy your adventures in Europe! I can't wait to hear all about it. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Tamera, Tamera, windswept in your magical shawl, and beaming.
    I also especially love your juxtaposition of "closet space" with those sheltering bones.
    Your exhilaration is contagious!

  9. So gorgeous, Tamera. It sounds actually exciting to be "forced" into just a few items to work with. Stunning results, as we can see. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  10. That precious photos Tamera. You look beautiful with all the outfits, but I love the photo with the shawl. But the outfit is also lovely with the red scarf. All great, as always.

  11. The anticipation mounts. I love your idea of a practice trip! If you can look half as put together in Europe as you do here, everyone in the hotel will still be wondering, who is that gorgeous woman...

  12. I enjoy your photos almost as much as your outfits.
    Years ago, we took a trip from Kansas to Alabama. It was really cool here so we took clothes that we would've worn here. When we got to Alabama, we had to buy tee shirts to get us through because it was hot there. I've never forgotten that trip!

  13. Your observation about packing for the weather you WISH for got me! So, so true. Been there done that. The mantra "pack layers" is good to a point but I'm halfway convinced that in the end you'll always end up wearing the things you didn't really anticipate, in ways you hadn't envisioned. At least that's what always happens to me, regardless of how much I plan.

    I love your pre-outfits though. As always, the perfect combination of glamor and ease. xxoo

  14. I am drooling over that last outfit! Perfect!!

  15. Perfect outfit. Beautiful shawl. I have learned to take as little as possible and mix. when I travel.
    It's getting cold here in Northern Europe. Comfortable with something that is windproof and warm. Multiple layers are good, you can always take on and off. It's the surprise of Europe you never know what the weather will be :)

  16. oh adorable you!!! a practice trip, how clever!!!
    I need to read and find out where you are going in Europe, yay!!!
    My favorite place in the world:)
    Love your hair down, so pretty!

  17. You look gorgeous! I love the white pants.

  18. Hello, It's my first visit here! Lovely post today...the photos, the thoughtful writing, all beautiful. I look forward to reading more. Thank you!

  19. These photographs are incredible, the first one could be in Tibet!
    I am so envious of your airstream, I would love to stay in one, they are so beautiful.

  20. Amazing photos as always Tamera! Looking gorgeous.

  21. i wish i knew you were here! i hope you had a great time at remnants! i wasn't able to go this time.