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my session week 2...

     This last week I focused on what I learned from my session week one...showing up in peace...and reflecting back love....this focus led to such a better week.   I remembered I did not have to take other's pain as my own, but could be available if my help was wanted. With such powerful insights being given in my sessions...for week two... I made sure to take notes.

Having set the ground work last week in what help I was seeking....this week was all about practical specific situations...that I won't share.
But in that information came some powerful building blocks
to better relationships...

WhenI initially went in last week I was unclear where I wanted to start working...
after talking for a while it became clear, I wanted and needed to work on some key relationships...first.
I realized I needed and wanted
to be the change I wanted to see in my family.
I'm not saying we are so bad off...
rather I know we can become better.
I want to learn how to love on my family better
to spend more time in seeing the good....
not nagging the bad.

When I was pregnant and for years when my kids were little
I educated myself on the job ahead...always.
over the last years I must have become complacent...
I haven't continued in my education...
and over the last year...I have been able to see the cracks resulting from the lack of serious investment
So now I am focusing on
being a better version of my self
in my quest 
be a better parent.

some notes from week 2
4 things a parent must provide

1. unconditional love
2. situations to develop self esteem
3. loving structure
4. consistency 

my homework this week:

notecards to remember these four
to show up in peace
not take other's pain as my own.

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Learning along with you, Tamera. Thank you for sharing your lessons. And thank you so much for your caring and kind email. I sat down to respond and then somehow I erased it... but I will get back to you. I have a lot of thoughts I need to organize. :)

  2. good work tamera. I have been in therapy for years and years, and my issue is Co-dependency, which breeds from growing up with an addict.
    this is such introspective work, and we can all learn from your sharings. i'm glad you are posting about this..
    investment and intention are key, with marriage and raising our kids, it's like we are in "school" the rest of our lives b/c relationships are take work, time, and nurture, and we need to learn how to grow and help and improve them all the time!

  3. I love your list! What an awesome thing to do for a reminder of how we are to be :) Your heart is lovely..and you are an awesome mama!