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Homeschool success...a look back...

I have  recently read blogs by young mothers debating the value of homeschooling, as they face the agonizing task of deciding which path to take in educating their own.  I am not here to say everyone should homeschool...because what I absolutely believe...there are many roads to the top of the mountain...and each family must choose the path that works for them.

We  chose the path to home school.

 Friday I had the privilege of having coffee with some dear friends I have known for years...we have all met over the past years.. homeschooling our children. One dear friend, I met when our oldest children were in kindergarten, (they are now both successful college sophomores). We all  met Friday to catch up... as we are now all on a new path of exploring... 'whats next'.  As we were talking the conversation turned to what each of our kids were doing these days...

My friends an I have spent much time over the years, discussing what our children were doing, always hoping that this chosen road we had embarked on would turn out well...knowing in our hearts it was the right choice...but it was a road less traveled without the normal markers of success... I know I for one had to have much faith.. and... respect what I truly be on the path less traveled.

Friday we realized...though not technically done (some of our children are on the end of their high school years) worked...for everybody. As we had coffee and talked we realized each child had found a passion...a calling that made them light up inside... and each child was on a path to make their passion a reality.

But even more importantly... each of these  children have grown up in faith...I can vouch for the character of these children, and  others, who my children have had the privilege of  growing up with... and... calling friend. All of these children... now... all young adults have had the time, love and support to find their heed the call of their own heart...and to grow in a faith based environments...and now all of these children are successfully on a road to becoming the adults they are meant to be.

So in the beauty of looking back with 20/20 vision...homeschooling for all of us was a great success. It was our right path.  Our children have all been able to find a personal calling... an interest  and passion to call their own.  To become young adults who have faith, character... and...direction...  and...isn't that what we all hope our children will find?

Wishing you love and joy
as you find your own right path

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  1. Tamara--I teach college for a living and frequently have students who were homeschooled. I can attest to the solid abilities the majority of them have had and often, they are far better prepared for college work than their public school peers. Often, just as you write, they are also talented in multiple ways.

    Years ago, I had a brother/sister pair who took freshmen composition at the age of 12 & 13. They were very active in theatre in our area and both received an "A" for the course.

  2. I'm so glad that path was so successful for you and your kids. It's beautiful to see the fruit of dedication and love.